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Follow members & privacy settings will be releasing some new features that make things a bit more social. You may have noticed a “Follow” button started appearing on some pages of the site. You’ll find it on user profile pages and game pages on the top right. If you’ve been using collections you might also see it after you add a game to a collection.

Try following some of your favorite developers and your friends to get ready for the new set of features.

Because is making it easier for your followers to browse through your public actions on the site, there’s a new privacy section on the User settings page that lets you disable any timeline events from being generated by your account:


If you don’t want people to see when you do things like add a game to a collection, upload new screenshots, upload new files, create a new game, or rate a game then you should untick this option. 

The new social features will be coming out a week from now.


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how do i add my friends?

Admin doesn't have a friends list or chat system. It's currently focused on following developers and keeping track of their creations.