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SE Basic IV 4.2 Cordelia

A Classic BASIC interpreter for the Z80 instruction set. · By Source Solutions, Inc.

Release 200715 (Morton) Locked

A topic by Source Solutions, Inc. created Sep 28, 2020 Views: 16
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This release includes these features, enhancements, bug fixes and changes:

  • Fifteen function key macros for common commands.
  • Support for loading keyboard maps at boot.
  • US keyboard maps for rev2.1 and rev4.1 devkits.
  • Chloe keyboard maps for rev2.1 and rev4.1 devkits.
  • Printing character codes $07 to $1F now functions as in Microsoft BASIC.
  • New JSTATE system variable for reading the joystick.
  • New MSTATE system variable for reading the mouse.
  • Added delay before error message printing on BREAK and NEW.
  • Sets correct speed on Prism hardware.
  • DB9 port defaults to Kempston (K-stick).
  • Keyboard-mappable joystick switched off.
  • Mouse initialized on boot.
  • Key delay now closer to PC-BASIC.
  • Raster interrupts enabled by default on scan line 201.
  • Default IM2 routine at $00FF.
  • New congfig.sys option sc= switches scan-doubler on or off for Uno hardware. This may improve the image on some monitors. If no image is displayed, use the other setting.
  • Japanese localization.
  • Lithuanian localization.
  • Updated code pages.
  • Boot ROM now explicitly sets all hardware settings.
  • Composite output is now NTSC compliant.
  • Source cleanup.
  • Added Linux target.
  • Fixed LIST bug.
  • Restored line cursor in auto-listing.
  • Fixed editor bugs; duplicate cursor, missing bell, edit non-existent line.