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A topic by kramff created Dec 02, 2015 Views: 297
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Bine (working title)

Playable prototype with simple graphics

This project started out as an attempt to make a simple tile-based puzzle game but I got sidetracked with level editor and multiplayer features. Right now, you can edit the map concurrent with other players.


  • WASD: Move around in normal mode
  • 1: Enter level editor
  • WASD QE: Move around in level editor
  • Left click / Right click: Add / Remove tiles
  • Sidebar buttons: Only the Create Area and Remove Area buttons work correctly on multiplayer so far.

There's not a ton to see right now but I'll be updating the page and this log as I go!

Future plans:

  • Graphical content
  • In-editor scripting, for creating game logic
  • Separate levels, and allow player to choose between local and server-based levels
  • Moving areas, and having the player be pushed by / ride on top of these areas
  • NPC's with basic scripting features
Lets see where this goes!