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Zither VST and DWP

The instrument of the Austrain instrument Zither in digital format. · By SpaghettiLord1010

An instrument I am interested in

A topic by SpiRec created Sep 25, 2020 Views: 172 Replies: 8
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As an Austrian I am interested in learning to play that instrument on my laptop. Unfortunately at the moment I can't afford your implementation, though it is on sale. However my main concern is that you have to use it in Direct Wave Player, and I am not sure whether I can get that player for free, and what the free version is capable of. Maybe you can add other possibilities of usage or a standalone version in the future.

Developer (4 edits)

I'll try my best to make it more available, the player has all the capabilities of the full version except the features of exporting wavebanks and you can get Direct wave as a native vst, you can however download and install fl studio for free and you can load the fl studio vst on your host, then open the instrument in fl and you should be able to just make music as if it was directly on your host!

You can mail me to this mail and I'll happily help you out with the setup.

I'm working on some other means of using it, in the meanwhile I've put up all the samples I've recorded.


At the time of writing this, I just figured out and finished building my own vst which you can load natively into your DAW without needing Direct Wave, it's free too! It has a few limitations but it sounds great nonetheless!

OK, thank you! I'll try that all out. Sounds very promising.


Yeah, or should work like a charm! If you're having any problems, please report here so I can help you out!

Have fun with it!

Listed for VST download ... Um, where is it? "Zither VST and DWP" - Download ... Or VST only in the DEMO section? Then correct the description ...


As written in the description, the vst is kind of like a demo version, yes. 

I'm sorry if this wasn't clear but I'm trying to get the samples to work in other samplers too. But right now I do not own Kontakt but I will try to get it asap to put the samples into Kontakt too.

Nonetheless I hope that you can get some enjoyment out of this.

Be sure to ask if you need any assistance.

Sorry for the late reply ... No thanks, it's okay. 


No worries, have a ton of fun with the instrument!

Happy Holidays!