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SynthVR (alpha)

A modular synthesizer environment for VR. · By 42tones

HTC Vive controller support?

A topic by greensheep created 72 days ago Views: 92 Replies: 5
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Hi,  great project - I have long wished I could combine my synths with VR - looking forward to getting my bleeps on!   

I'm using HTC Vive original - the app loads and I can see the menus.  I can see the controllers and use them to hover/highlight menu options, but none of the buttons on the controller select an item.  I see you support Index but does this mean the vive controllers aren't supported? or is it a problem with my setup?




Hi there! Glad to hear you're excited to get bleeping.

Unfortunately HTC Vive is not supported yet. It will be (SteamVR in general is supported), but it will take a little longer until I get my hands on a Vive headset and can do some testing.

Until then consider subscribing the Discord release channel or here on Itch - That way you can get notified when Vive gets supported!

thanks for the quick response - have subscribed and will keep in touch!

also should say if you would like assistance testing for vive, let me know.  I have a background in software development and a passion for VR & synthesis & generative music so happy to help out.

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Headsets that use the Vive wands are almost 25% of VR headsets on Steam according to the Hardware Survey, basically tied in 1st place with the Oculus Rift S.   Big potential audience (myself included)!


Happy to say that Vive support is coming for the next release this weekend!