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hi, should i use godot?

A topic by Jonah-H created 16 days ago Views: 134 Replies: 4
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i have been using unity since late June and i was wondering if godot was any better

ps. i started learning game dev with unity 


As with anything else, you must try it for yourself and decide.

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For me unity is simple and easy but it's your choice really

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Having recently had a proper look at Godot after a year or so of working in Unity, I think the answer is that it depends massively on where your skillsets are. Godot has a lot to recommend it: the editor presents a much tidier and consistent interface than Unity, because GDScript is purpose-built for the job it's much more integrated with the game world than Unity's C#, cross-platform support is much better, and of course you can go digging into the engine source. On the other hand, there's a real lack of a tutorial pathway, and critically (for me) the Asset Store equivalent has (practically) nothing in the way of audio, 2D sprites or 3D models to get you going, and instead an expectation that you will learn (or already know) an external tool, such as Krita or Blender, as well as Godot.


Unity and Godot are both excellent tools. The choice is more about style and what you need for your project. If you're new to game development I recommend sticking with Unity since that's what you started with and there are more tutorials available for Unity.