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A topic by David Lindsey Pittman created Sep 13, 2020 Views: 142 Replies: 2
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Loosely inspired by John-Charles Holmes's "CYBER COURIER 19XX" cart (and with his permission)...

...I'm making a spinoff of my 2015 cyberpunk stealth game NEON STRUCT (

The year is 1985, and you play a cyborg employed at a family-owned courier service. Your cybernetically-enhanced legs make you the best at the job, but a mega corporation is threatening the future of the business and your career. Take jobs to earn money to pay to recharge yourself to take more jobs to earn more money to pay more to recharge yourself again to take yet more jobs...

NEON STRUCT: Carrion Carrier is a first-person game with a focus on fast movement and resource management under intense time pressure.

I've been (and will be) mainly sharing progress on this Twitter thread, where I can embed larger GIFs:

I've put a beta build up for testing:

Calling it done, with a few days to spare for bug fixes or early feedback: