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Maxin and the sword | The Hyperdrive Project | and More

A topic by Retrocade Media created Jun 20, 2017 Views: 118
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Lets start with The Hyperdrive Project. Its dead. When I started work on it, it was a game that I would enjoy playing, but now that's changed. My taste in games in different. I may at some point revive it, but its going to be some time before I decide to pick it back up. As for Maxin and the sword, I just started work on it. I have a small tech demo, but nothing else, so nothing will be out for a minute. I am going to be redoing some of the art that I have, and once I have something reasonable to show, I will upload screenshots. As for what the game is, I have some basic ideas and small bits of plot. I am swinging between a Castlevania: Symphony of the night style of game, or a Castlevania 1 style of game. That is all I have for now. Check me out on social media: