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A 2D sandbox adventure from two Fable devs. · By PixelCount Studios

How does this relation/romance System works exactly?

A topic by shivuchan created Jun 20, 2017 Views: 1,056 Replies: 2
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Hi there,  I've some specific questions if you don't mind.

1 - How will you find the one you'll marry in the game?

2 - Is it like Stardew Valley where you have to build a relation slowly or like Fable which was simpler?

3 - Can you interact with your Children/Wife/Family also?

4 - After your Main  Hero dies you can apparently continue with your children but how does this romance system works for them then? Are there Unique Characters for each Generation in the game like in Rune Factory?


It's been 11 days now and still not a single reply to my questions :(.

I wish you still good luck with this game! It looks very interesting.


So sorry...we have been busy shifting over to our new forums and prepping for the road ahead. I haven't been checking :/

Answers (sort of)...

1. As anywhere...befriend and win their hearts :-)

2. I would say halfway between, but you will need to be aware of their happiness and mood towards you. Some people will be harder to woo than others. Your reputation and wealth can help here :)

3. Yes you can get them to work for you, give them tools to aid their learning, and even send them off on well as show them affection.

4. It will work the same as it does for everyone...each NPC is an individual with their own lives and likes / hates / characterisitcs...and it is up to you if you want to try learn about them and romance them.