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You are Hungry [First Game]

A topic by Electric Game Workshop created Jun 18, 2017 Views: 127 Replies: 2
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 Hello Everybody. I'm new at game development and I had to start somewhere, so I decided to use this Idea I had cooked up for some time. I'm working on this alone and on my free time too. It will be a simple story driven game, because it's less hard to screw it up. I hope you guys give me support on the making... Even if haven't made a title card or even something to show any of you... Ups...


 The main character is a young adult named James, who has just graduated from High School and is going with his friends to the family's Vacation House in the woods, which has a severe lack of evil books and plagues in it. Has times passes and the trip starts, James and his friends begin to feel that something is very strange about the people that they meet on the way and also the house.

Sounds intriguing :) Good luck!

Bedroom scenario finished.

Corridors, garage and lounge room are semi-finished, details still need to ber add.

Walking animation for main character made.