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Introduce yourself! Sticky

A topic by tesselode created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 36,592 Replies: 931
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Hey everyone! My name is Lee and i'm a 22 years old programmer. I've been learning game dev for over 3 years now, i've won a couple of game jams (Including global game jam of the last year).

I'm currently working on a game called "Biomind".

Its still in its early stages of developpment. 

I'm really enjoying this community!!

wow a game jam winner! I haven't joined a game jam yet, despite working on games for a while, thats pretty cool. welcome to itch! hope you continue to enjoy the community!

Hello, I'm Marian, 28 years old, experienced and currently full-time working as a designer/web-developer, new to game dev.  

Just a few weeks ago I've released my first game Laser Asteroids.

If your interested what I'm working on now, please visit me at twitter:  @marian_pekar


Welcome to the site! the game looks fun! cant wait to check it out later! hope you have a good time here!

Y'ello - Jamin from Superstring here. 

In the day, I work for a publisher on AAA Brand Management, whilst evenings and weekends I beaver away on Headspun, which - it just so happens - I've just created a home for here in itchio. 

I'm big into narrative games and anything which pushes the envelope of the medium in interesting ways. 

Looking forward to having a chinwag with you all. 


chinwag thats the first time i've heard that term. XD but welcome to the site! i'm actually really into narrative games as well, problem being, i suck at making stories. but im looking forward to seeing the projects you put out!

Wanted to take a minute to introduce Redonkulous Gaming, for those who are already not familiar with us:

You can find us at and our mission is best summed up by our tagline: Indie Gaming, Developer Interviews, & Exclusive Content - By Gamers, for Gamers

We do our best to connect gamers to the developers to enhance the overall gaming experience. We have new content daily and we are always looking to partner with developers to tell their story and give gamers a synopsis of the game.

Contact us:








Twitch: ReDoNk56, Calijp 


Our NEW Partner Network with a list of publishers and other resources we use will be listed for the developer's convenience!

Our NEW Steam Community Hub:

Hello there.

I am an avid Java programmer from Turkey and i have coded projects available @

Please check my output and feel free to ask any questions.



I'm Pikadude No. 1, and I love games, cuteness, fairies, and especially games that have cute fairies. I've made a bunch of Web things and put them up at, and I'll be working to bring some of them over to - currently none of them have cute fairies, which is a serious flaw that I will fix as a 2018 goal. ❤️ I dream of influencing the world into being a friendlier place through my games - wish me luck!

hello and welcome XD looking forward to the games about cute fairies 


hi my name is PhillyPotato i make games on Game Maker Studio 2 and i mess around on unity 3d (i hate unity 2d games. 3d is much better in my opinion)


Hey I'm PKtora, 

I'm a graphic designer who recently got into game development for fun via the construct 3 engine. I'm working on a run n' gun platformer called Aquacat, and whole project is an excuse for me to get good at pixel art, lol.


ey man, pixel art is tough, so i definitely respect you putting in the work to improve. anyways welcome to itch! 

Hi. I'm a game player. My favorite games are roll the ball, neighborhood from hell, etc. You can guess that I like light and simple games. You can play those games with me at the address . nice to meet you!


Hi there! My name is Danny (nickname : danny065). I m a full time indie developer from Jakarta, Indonesia. I was using Unity to creating my games, and I have one game right now here. If you have time, please download my game and leave a comment.... (Anyway, I apologies for my bad English).


Hello everyone I'm Steven from Shock Site Gaming News. I spend  a great deal of time covering indie games rather than making them. I'm looking forward to reviewing as many games as possible and I'd love to take looks at your guy's games. 

could you please check out my output?

Of course I'd love to check out your works. Anythting specific you want me to cover?

Thank you. My works are not so advanced, but i would like a general feedback.

Okay I'll see what I can do

I won't tell you to check out my games just yet, but when I have some things further developed and/or more stable, I totally will. :P

Hi, when you have time, please review my game. It's an atypical visual novel made with prerendered graphics. This is going to be a free game at least in its first version (kinetic novel). The focus is on story, surprising plot twists, quite a large cast of characters, extraordinary/supernatural events/powers. I am working on  this every day for several hours and I hope to finish the kinetic version by the end of this year. Thanks!


Sure I'll check it out.

Except developing I try to give my opinion on other people's games. Mostly on small games that don't have much popularity. But my games don't get much of reviews and if they do, they are mostly hypocritical and with no criticism. I would love to have someone to criticize my game. This is just an early version but if you'd give it  a try would be great.


I'm just new here but i really liked this website! 

Ohh, yeah i forgot. I'm Nurhan, Unity gamer developer ( self-employeed) and i made 2 games. And i currently study Android for my job career. I made a games since 2015 and make Apps since 2017. Also i made a self-novel about a girl who has a horrible past and a strange power that can transform her into a demons!. 

I also enjoy, reading manga and novels (Mystery and science fiction) , watching Anime (Japanese and Chinese) and Dramas (Japanese). I'm big fan of Agatha Criste books and watched all her dramas and films. My favorite film "Murder on the orient express" and my best drama "Then, there were none". 

This is my community page: 

This is my page:

My games:

1- 3D theme park: ( Google play, Windows, Mac)

2- Dead Elixir Game: (Mac, Windows, Linux) 


hello and welcome to itch! sounds like we like many similar things! sounds like the type of novel that i would read XD but honestly, your work seems impressive and i cant wait to check it out. hope you enjoy your stay at itch! 


ohh thanks for ur words :D :D i didnt really complete my novel yet. but you can see my work in my profile and gave me ur feedback! :D, i appreciate your opinion 

How did you forget +90% of your content...

J.K. ahahahaahhaa

Hi my name is Davis. Nice to meet you all.

I wan tot tell you I like creating small nugget worlds for a living. Almost like a novel for games. And I only spend 3 months on each project. Right now I have one project in my portfolio. Like The Unspoken Valley 4.3

While back I was very crazy on the internet in 2017 because my doctor didn't help me with my schizophrenia. I am more calm and relaxed and professional than ever. I have new doctor to help with my illness. I am not a monster you know I am a person who has scary thoughts at times.Creating worlds get's my mind out of crazy and stupid things even though I am a art nerd. hehe

What about you? :)

I like this idea of creating small worlds instead of "games" per say. :)

I see . . . Sounds pretty interesting. I'll definitely add this to my queue of things to check out. You wouldn't believe the size of my back catalog right now.


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Hey there. I just recently joined and thought to stop by and pop a 'hello world'. I'm a game dev from Croatia. I've been using Unity for over 12 years. I'm currently exploring Godot Engine. I will be releasing a demo of my upcoming game soon (page is still a draft until i get some proper screenshots and gameplay video).

Hello and welcome to the community! really happy to have someone with your experience here! dang 12 years! im actually switching over to unity soon enough, so maybe a little bit of that expertise can rub off on me. XD

Thanks! Don't hesitate to ask if you need guidance. What engine have you been using so far?

Blender's built in game engine actually! Its been my engine of choice since I first learned how to code. However, I decided its about time I graduated to a REAL game engine. And I chose unity as my next choice since a lot of the stuff I learned in blender could easily be carried over. 

Awesome! Take a look at Godot Engine. It's completely free (open-source) and no royalty cut if you succeed. It also deals with some nuances that Unity has (moderately advanced stuff). Offers 4 languages (visual script, gdscript, C# and C++). Visual script is like blueprints in unreal. gdscript is their own dynamic language (much like python + javascript kinda thing), C# - well, no need to explain this and C++ - they call it GDNative. It's their own system that allows you to create custom nodes (base entity in godot) in C++ without recompiling the entire engine .

I will most definetly take a look at it. I think ill stick with unity as my next engine (if only because i got a bunch of books as gifts on how to use blender and unity together from friends and family) but godot seems pretty cool and I think id love to learn it on the side. 


Fair enough. Unity is a great engine, you will have tons of fun.

Thanks! ^^

Looks like you've been using Unity since its first days. I'm curious to know what made you wanna try a new engine and why Godot specifically?


Yeah. I tried Unity when it was v 2.3 (mac only). The reason I switched was because my team switched projects and I ended up on Unreal. Having used Unreal for a while, I got the impression it is way too bloated and an overkill for most of the thing you want to do. Searching for free alternatives. 

I found Godot which blew me away with its scene/node paradigm. It's very light (barely 40MB). Took me around 10 hours to go thru the docs and about 4 hours to make my first game. The thing I like the most about it is that EVERYTHING is a scene (think unity PREFAB, NOT unity scene) and can be instantiated as a node (think unity gameObject) within another scene. Also, scenes can be inherited (unity prefabs can't) and you can nest scenes (can't nest prefabs without losing connection of nested prefabs). Another thing is that it supports 4 coding languages: VisualScript, GDScript, C# and C++.

Also, it's open-source and has no 'success fee' (like Unity's 100k or Epic's 5% cut).

I haven't tried Godot but I've seen some videos + your opinion on it and it looks great. I've been using Unity since I started, a bit more than 2 years ago and I never thought to switch to another engine. Maybe because it took me some months to understand it in depth. I had knowledge in C# before finding out about Unity and it was just great for me because it used putted in use all my previous knowledge. Do you suggest me to give it a try and maybe switch over or I should stick with Unity? I mean, is it easy to start using another engine after you get used to one?

An about the fee, I think that Godot is fairly new and it is looking for more users and it will have a fee later on... Just my personal opinion.

Since Godot is open source - it will probably never have a fee.  Whether you should switch is entirely up to you. I would definitely suggest to at least give Godot a try (a week, maybe two) and see if you like the scene/node paradigm. Two years of Unity is enough to get to a point where something starts annoying you (e.g. we've been waiting for nested prefabs for years).  But, don't force yourself. I had good reasons and I don't regret doing it. Who knows, I might go back to Unity if professional (9 - 17h) work requires me to.

Alright man, thank you for your opinion ;)

Late to the party but maybe I will have the pleasure and someone will still be interested to read it. I'm a 18 years old developer from Albania. I've been developing games for like 2 years but I published my first game 1 year ago and you can check it out in my old profile. I've been using Unity since I started but before that I was into programming and I also made a some models with Blender. Than I realized I could put my character into live by combining it with programming. My games are improved a lot since then. I'm currently working on a huge project and I think it will be great if it get's a bit of attention. I could say for sure that marketing is not my thing hahahahaha.

Hi there , Adwit here from Bangladesh!  

Being a full time student and a game developer is a hard thing but I am loving the vibe here and the community, so I hopeful of the future. I use Construct 2, so if anybody wants to collaborate or just uses construct as well, then hit me up. I would love to know about your work and learn something new.

Discord: adwitr#1164 and you can find me on my instagram as well.

well im Lee the Klingon gamer YT creator (hate that term) I record gameplay of new indie games on the Switch PS4 and PC

I play all Indie games in rotation review them when im ready and feel the games done and get the word out on my small 5k almost channel 

livestream every day when I can come say  hi 

Hi there everybody!

Let me briefly introduce myself! I'm Elias Luukkanen from Finland and I compose music as my profession. I especially work for video games and animations. If you are interested, check out some works of mine at my website:

I have heard about for a long time, but never really came here before. But now I decided to come in and meet game creators, gamers and more

Looking forward to discuss and perhaps collaborate! :)

Hello Everyone!   My name is MR Games, an indie game developer and all around tech software developer.  But you can call me Steve.   :D  ... I'm working on a 3D baseball type of game currently and it's going quite well and a lot of fun.  I generally like sports/ physics-based games mostly though not only.   I built my own 2D/3D game engine over OpenGL ES 2.x+  for mobile devices primarily, with custom rendering pipeline, before I decided to give Unity a try and think I'll stick with it for a while due to ease of use, large community, etc.     Looking to get this game released soon on   Hopefully soon really is soon.

Hello everyone, my name is Jaime, I am an indie dev who likes action shooters. I am currently working on a monster arena game where the goal is to survive waves of monsters with your weapons at disposal and stealth skills. There are still more levels that I cam currently working on and weapons. I have released a second update to the game so just wanted to spread the word and become part of the community.

The game was built using Unreal Engine 4 in around 1 year. It has been fun. This is my first and the current goal is to keep improving it and myself.

Hi folks! My name is Gary Alfonso - also known as Gary The Bard.

I started my artistic journey as a Music Composer, but I'm now tackling my childhood dream of becoming a game developer. I've created and released two completely solo Indie Game Projects. Both are platformers of the artsy kind.

I have aspirations to make RPGs and VR games, but for the time being - I'm focusing on builder smaller, artistic games, until I have the resources and abilities to tackle some of my more ambitious ideas. 

Check out my games folks!!



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My name is William, I make 2D and 3D (Mainly 2D) games for MoredGenis Games.

I make little games for people to play and I make most of them free unless they are SUPER good and have a good game page and even when I do I make sales a lot so that people can get them for cheaper than their cheap price is. I have my own company called MoredGenis Games and we are currently looking for a team willing to be for free. Check out my profile for more. I am trying to port my flash game to PS4 if I can but I am sure it is impossible. I also make tools and operating systems which I make available for free.

Hey, just wanted to introduce myself and point you towards a game I'm working on. Here's a should video so you can see what I do. If you like what you see please check out the devlog I'm putting together:

I’m Electofunk, I exist and I’m bad at it. I run this thing called ‘Jude’s dumb dare’ in which I make a game over a week and then me y mis amigos play that game on ‘the youtubes’ for other people’s entertainment. I make games in unity using c# and I’m amazed that I haven’t been banned from for making bad games. My page is ici.


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Hi ! I'm Adrien. I'm and  passionated by independant and old school game. I'm a french independant  graphic designer and made pixel art for hobby or personnal projects.  I'm here to combinate this open  community exchange, the passion of the different states to make a game  and.  They are really good project here It's a good way of motivating exchanges ! Can see my fist work here :

J’ai un ami qui s’appelle Adrien et il est français, comme toi, il adore faire les jeux


Hello Guys I'm Zek i learn codes and codes I do study more than developing things

My Favourite Language

Java and JavaScript

Hay every one! Indie developer here! I study + job + unity hahah... I make 3d games using unity 3d engine. I recently uploaded my biggest project #AgainstLife game... 

I am Sarainia, Single, from Canada, Um I'm new to this site I think I signed up like yesterday or the day before so yeah very new, I just came to this site to upload and sell my game lols, other than that I am not much other than a game designer! I am working on getting more games up and eventually making them all free but I dunno how to make them free and still have food on my table lols I dunno if I want to add ads to my game as people find those a turn off in most cases! :) I am not a coder by any stretch the best I can do is Drag and Drop stuff like RPG Maker or BuildBox! I wish I knew how to program because then I can customize things even more :)

Hello to all from Colbert A Vision.  I have four games on now.  I am so excited.  I actually have a Degree in Game Design and Development, so I suggest you try out my games they really are alot of fun.  And, they are all still free.  yay.

Hi everyone, I'm Chukobyte.  I've been participating in game jams and making small prototypes with GameMaker and Godot for about 2 years now.  As of now I focus mainly on 2D pixel art games with Godot.  I also compose music as well (mainly chiptune).  I'm currently working on releasing a roguelike dungeon crawler.

I'm looking forward to participating in this community!  If you would like to learn more about me feel free to message me or check out my profile.  


Hi, all. My husband and I just joined to publish our first game, Sarah in the Sky. It's a simple maze game. We chose the simple format so I could learn the process as well as complete the project in timely manner. I wrote the stories and designed the levels while my husband did the rest. We really enjoyed the experience, so we want to continue developing games. In fact, we want to make a rpg next and have been brain storming a lot. Cheers, to all the hard working game developers out there!

Heyo, just call me Grayson I'm a highschool student who likes mechanics of the source engine and was wondering if anybody could recommend some games that use the source engine, or have air strafing and bhopping in them.

heloo i make awesome and brain games, check it, you will like it, already 200 download just 3 days

Hi My name is Campbell and i use GameMaker Studio

Right now im making a war game and i could really use some help if enyone knows how to make one it would help alot


Hey everyone. This is Kid Thunder Productions, which has been on for about a few months. KTP as of now, is a one-man indie game studio. I have released my first game, Kiberki, a turn-based RPG game which was done with RPG Maker. However, I am trying my best to learn additional engines like Unity since I have a solid interest in creating games of other genres, particularly shoot-em-ups. I am a pixel artist, 2D artist, and a sound engineer (particularly music production). My first game, Kiberki took years to make simply because of play-testing and buying a new PC JUST to continue working on my game as well since I started working on a computer that is years old. Also, there had to be some subtle revisions in the writing. I initially started the Kiberki project while I was attending school for game development and was partaking in other activities outside of working on my game. Sadly, Kiberki was in development hell, but in August 2015, I started back on this project and completed it within 2+ years.

As for industry standards, or simply being an indie developer, I am literally a generalist. However, I find myself a bit stronger in 2D art/pixel art as opposed to 3D, which the most I can do is vehicles and environments. As for my sound engineering capabilities, I am a chiptune musician and I mainly write 8-bit and 16-bit tunes.


Hey everyone! My name is Jenny and I'm one half of Woodsy Studio:

My partner and I were writers before we made video games, so we focus primarily on story and narrative integrity. Some of our releases include Serafina's Saga, Serafina's Crown, and Echoes of the Fey. 

Nice to meet everyone!

Nice to meet you Jenny! :)

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Been here for some time, never really used this app or played the only game I have downloaded on it.

Hi! I go by ReadyPlayer7. I love editing and writing. Cyberpunk, vapewave (no as in vape pens, but the vapewave aesthetic) is something I've loved ever since I was a kid, which was frowned upon because no 4 year old girl should love Batman movies with futuristing cities, or want to partake in the Matrix when a bit older.
If it has cyberpunk in it, I've most likely watched, played, heard, or dabled in editing music, visuals, scripts, etc on it. Currently working on some things related to that aesthetic.

I'm here because of a game that the developers suggested we download to play while they update (it's still a w.i.p, but it's come  a long way). Maybe some of you can guess from my username, most likely no one cares, and that's just as fine.

Anyways, I hope to make an army of friends someday in a pretty cool community. 

Yes.. it's feels amazing to have a army of team devs. That power of team work is amazing! Use this power for inspiration. Nice to meet you ReadyPlayer7.

Hey @everyone my name is Charles Isaac and I've been making games with Unity on and off for a while. I've recently gotten back into it and enjoy putting things together with code, but I do struggle with art. Drop me a line if you're good with pixel art or struggle with code, I'll be the yin to your yang.

I'm starting college this Fall as a Computer Science major and I've done lots of stuff with Java and C# (they're pretty similar!).

Enjoy some cool links to stuffI've made.

I even have a humble Twitter chock-full of funny retweets. If I can find someone to help me out with game art I might post a lot more game dev related things! I really want to grow my network and collab to make something positively stellar.


Hi Charles nice to meet you. Whatever you do finish college A.S.A.P. because the college debts are serous.  O _ o



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Hello Everyone!

My name is Amelea but you can call me Little Missy Otome or LMO for short :D

I am a Digital Artist and an Indie Game Developer for Visual Novels.

I'm currently working on my first non-commercial game which will be uploaded on 08/08/18

You can follow me on

My facebook page:


My Deviantart:

I look forward to working with some of you in the near future ^_^


Hello let me introduce myself. My name is David Campo and I'am from Campotech. I have been developing computer games for 20 years now and I think after making games in discs for so many years I thought it would be time to go digital. I really hope you play my games and you enjoy them as well. Mostly I like to do old school Atari or odyssey games. In fact I was thinking of doing Fairchild channel F type games if anyone is interested in that. I design games with GMS 1 and 2 and RPG Maker 2003 and MV. Just follow me or check with me once in a while. I'll be around if you have any questions or comments you like to share with me.

Hi, everyone! I'm so I found It's such a great site!

I just published my first game today. I've been a writer for years, but I'm just getting into making interactive fiction games. I'm using Twine to make the games.

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Hi, everyone! My name is Jun. I'm enjoying game development.

I made a simple racing game, mower race battle. I want everyone to play. 
Feel free to reply the impression of playing this game.


I have tried your game and it has cost me to stop playing. It is very funny, despite how simple it is in the graphic section. I am one of those who believe that the importance of a game is the gameplay and fun. I loved it.

Thank you for playing my game. I have same believe of you.

game play is important and keeps it simple.


Hi! I am Gene and here I am trying to sell things off of my store.

I am a Unity (game engine) developer and am an intermediate at it. I am trying to get good at pixel art too. I also have self-taught myself some Game Design and Quality Assurance.

I have 70 credits towards a B.S. in CS but might also get an A.A.S. in CIS soon.

At my store I sell (for a price or Name Your Price):

  • 3 graphic assets(all top-down, 2D, pixel art sprites)
  • 2 video games (one is a full game, one is a demo)
  • 1 ebook on game development

Please see my store!!


Hi I'm Martin. I develop software and games both in and outside of jams. So naturally I came across and decided to make an account. I have yet to put anything up in my store, as I still have to learn the ropes and configure everything.

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Hi Martine! Nice to meet you.

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Hello everyone.

My real name is Fernando (Fer). I'm from Spain, and I started to be interested in the creation of video games a few years ago. I do not do this professionally. I have worked in professions that have nothing to do with computer science, but I have always liked everything that was related to computers and games. One day I decided to make my own games and based on experimenting, trying and improving I got to finish a car racing game (I never published it). I recently finished my second game (the first one I publish), SBARPY, a game of survival in labyrinths that took 1 year to complete and of which I am very proud.
It was wonderful to discover, because here people like me have the opportunity to make their work visible.
My current goal is to get some download of my game (it's a really difficult task, hahaha) and then I'll start working on something new.
I am delighted to meet people who share my passion.
See you.


Hi Fernando. Good luck with your game dev projects. Have a blast in your hours of development.


Hi,  I'm Saman Chenaghchi  and 32 years old (one developer team) , I'm making a 2D platformer with retro style for smartphone called Into The Coffin .


Ohh nice! That's awesome to know! Have blast at it! :D 

If you would like to help me make a ROBLOX game just ask me.

Hi I'm g420©®™#0420 on discord app. and g420 here! I'm C.O.O. For the Cryptoinfo network and Info coin blockchain lead developer! Games and game development is an area of interest for me. Always looking for some new creative ways to use our blockchain in order to reach more community members join us in my discord group! We feature 2 tipbots and over 20 supported cryptocurrencys!

hey nate its wuzzerd from  - long time no see, i have something you might be interested in hope i can talk to someone.  thanks.

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Hi! I'm Orios. My username was originated from "Oreos" spelt wrong.

I develop scratch games and convert to swf for all you windows users out there,


Are you Bloxy_Cola on Scratch???

Yes BOII Don't u remembr me, we played together xd. im part of the Arrow OS group

Do you wanna make an Apple Store Tycoon? ill make the Studio and promote you!


Hello! I go by the username under solaarii here, but I usually use the alias "Ruki" when online! I'm mainly here to play and look for games, but one day, I'd like to make my own game with an engaging or thought provoking story.  It was just a thought, but now I'm currently working in two gamedev groups as a script writer and social relations/publicity. 

If possible, I'd like to interact more with the community in hopes of helping create games, learning of new ones, and befriend other creators! 

The games I'm currently working on is a rhythm game named Radiant Aeons, and a horror otome game called Welcome to The Clearing. I hope to garner interest for both of these games as my friends and I have worked hard for these passion projects!

Hello Everyone,

This is Sarah, from United States,

Hello there.

I am TheCrafters001. But you can just call me TheCrafters.

I am big into software/game development. I have made games in the past but nothing I would play. But I finally have something I play/make. I have knolage in VB.NET Codeing in VisualStudio. I also know a little bit of BATCH in windows, and I use RPG Maker XP for my most recent games. I plan to get RPG Maker 2003 because it has been features in the RPG Maker line. I got RPG Maker XP while it was on sale on Steam.

I hope to see you again soon!

- TheCrafters001

-- TheCrafters

Hello folks, I am Hayo, 35 years old. I started making games in 1996. Way back I made games like the Fishhead series and Bernard & Hank, games that looked pretty good but had boring gameplay. Eventually I got a bit better at game design and such. I sort of quit in 2009 to focus on my fulltime teaching job and educational material development.  I partly quit that job now so I ave time for game development again. Just finished my first game in 9 years (Roving in the dark) and am in the process of finishing another one (Fishhead 4). I use Clickteam Fusion for games (started with Klik&Play) and Construct 2 for educational material.

Hi. "Roving in the dark" has a style similar to the games of the 80s. I like that games of that style do not disappear. It brings back memories of old times. You have done well.


Hello to all! My name is Giovanni, i am from Italy and i am 36! :D I am programmer when i was 5 ^^.... I programmed with Commodore64, the first time :P I developed so many games but, after 2 years, i decided to propose to you all the my last game...Holy Warriors. I am here because i want became happy the players :P All my games have new ideas (i hate the world 'copy') :O 

I hope my ideas will enjoy you.... good game to all! :P

PS : Sorry for my bad english but i studied it to school only and i don't use google translator :P

Hi! I'm Josh Arnold, and I used to make small games in Gamemaker 8 when I was young. Since then, music has been my main passion. I'm in an alternative rock band, but mostly produce EDM. I'm in my last semester at MTSU about to earn my degree in Audio Production. I recently rediscovered my coding talents and have been spending a ton of time working on an epic side-scrolling rpg defender. It's the first large scale game I've ever worked on and its coming along promisingly! You can see and play it here:

Nice to meet you!

Hello, im new to 

My name is Felix i am currently 12 years old and i am working on a 1st person game called islander ( a survival game )

i am currently working in unity C# well i really dont know what else to  say so see ya 

You know C# at 12? Nice! It is good to start young! Kids are the future and if you start now you will have a big advantage later on!

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My name is Leo, I'm 18 and I'm struggling to figure out my future at all. I go to a professional highscho that focuses on programming, and I only went there because I was naive and thought game making was easy. It's not. 

But it's great to see so many good games be created every day, so good luck to all!

I love history and murder mysteries, and Warcraft 3 was the defining game of my childhood. I wish I could create a world so vivid one day.


Hi everyone My name is Davis I am a Unity3D Visual Novelist that focuses on camp, Romainglish , rock-solid Christianity, and endless expansion of Virtual Kingdoms. 

Having a game dev walk is to grow as a stronger game developer in the Indie gaming industry.

What about you new comer? I want to know more about you too guys and gals. To be welcomed in this indie family. We are all here to make what we all love to do for a living. To express the art we carry in this dev journey. 



Hey Davis, welcome to!

Thank you Chuko! I appreciate your response.  :') I am looking forward on everyone's Dev Walk.


Hello everyone.  My name's Ben, and I'm from the UK.  I'm a freelance classical Composer/Conductor/Orchestrator with nearly 20 years experience behind me.  I have been involved in music and Videogaming almost my entire life. I grew up with them and they became part of me. Being a musician and a music lover, the music/soundtrack of a game for me, can be the ultimate factor in a good or great gaming experience. The music always sticks out for me.  I saw the 2011 E3 event and was so taken in by the incredible Nintendo presentation that I knew that working in the Video Game Music world was my calling, one hundred percent. This is where I believe that my future lies.  I was contracted to compose/arrange for the Legend of Zelda "Symphony of the Goddesses" Concert;  co-writing the Skyward Sword Movement.

I am looking to promote my musical work and credentials, to develop my professional network in order to bring my work to as wide an audience as possible, and invest in a musical future with certainty.  I have a website, Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook profiles which contain examples of my music.  I would be very interested in becoming part of this community and linking win with everyone, and hopefully working with others to create music and good games!

Pleased to meet you all! :)


Nice to meet you Ben. That's wonderful to know.  Music is a gift.! Great to know your calling. :)

I know I have already made like 50 posts on here, but I wanted to rewrite my thing so...

Hello everyone,

My name is William, I usually go as Devil Minty online.

I am a Game Developer/Software Engineer who loves programming, writing, and drawing. I also love music and I make beats for fun that I will release and sell every so often. My soundcloud sucks rn, so I am not gonna mention it but anyways, I make games mainly for MoredGenis Games and release them. I am starting to work on 3D Unity Games and I will release some of those soon. If you want to contact me, hit me up on Discord, my username is William#0383 or join my discord server! Feel free to chat with me just for fun and for serious discussion.

I have some 2D games on my profile right now, so check them out if you can. I am not new to game development or Itch. I also hope I see you on my discord. I will do jams now and then. So you may see me on a jam. 

I also have a (WIP) website for my game company, it is pretty cool and has stuff like a forum, account profiles, and the new private messaging so check it out!



William // Devil Minty


Hi All, I'm Mohit I make music inspired digital art and animations. I just recently come across ,  some of my work is on Instagram - @facethemusicdude 

I am interested in collaborating  for game designing & development and comics.  

Hey guys I want to market the living out of my games and friends both Christian and Secular Indie studios. So!... What is Camping Grounds Game Studio? Camping Grounds  Created in Chicago Illinois owned by me Davis Don on a mission to create Unity3D Visual Novels. Background themes are camp, Romainglish, rock-solid Christianity, and endless Expansion of Virtual Kingdoms.

Please spread rumors about my studio and yours too! ^_^

Happy Developments!


Hey, i am Mikel and make 90 % German Rap Music with Heart but in the year 2018

i start with Let's Plays and other Gameplay Videos about Games from & Gamejolt ;)

you can check my latest uploads via my Youtube :)

legal !! Detalhes


I have programmed noncommercial computer games before and even significantly participated in the development of the multi-player online roleplaying game project Illarion until I passed over the development to a new team around 2003. Illarion is still actively developed by later generations of developers so you might
call it a success.

Right now I search for a second activity next to my technical software development job that comes with less bureaucratic burdens. So I decided to invest some of my available time in games development and see where it takes me.

In the beginning there will be small games that are created more to get used to some recent technology in graphics and sound, deployment to mobile platforms and trying out different computer language choices.

The scope of the games will be restricted to small games with hopefully nice ideas but no highly sophisticated graphics or sound (as I don't expect to have funding for artists). Likely products will be puzzle, educational or strategy games. For learning some recent techniques also clones of old computer games are possible.

A free game I have released on already is Crate pusher. The game is fully functional and equipped with levels for hundreds of hours of game play. I appreciate any comments.

I also have a website for Sandcastle Games which I use as brand for the games.

My skills currently are in the Java programming area with no specific knowledge about external libraries. In the past I tried to avoid external libraries and do everything on my own, but for the first game here I used OpenGL as well. There is another puzzle game in development with an original idea that I had for many years.

I have already seen that I will have problems promoting the games as I am a social media skeptic and don't use Facebook, Twitter etc. Maybe some networking here will help a little.

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Ahoy hoy,

I'm totally new to this 'making video games' theme, but I've always loved playing them, and making them's long been a sort of pipe dream I had. I started picking up Unity over the past year, and I finally released game for the first time! I'm happy to have accomplished such a task, and excited that I still have a long way to go.

Hello! I'm Jerry or Xpost2000 online. I'm pretty new to making video games and as of now I make them to learn how to make the next one a bit better. I'm not very great socially I suppose, and I think I may have made a bad first impression as a developer on my first released game. I wanted to be a game developer because I wanted to make my own experiences too , up until my first released game here I've never had anything I would really play myself but I figured if even I want to play it then that's a pretty good step in the right direction. Although I've got a very very long way to go!

I make games in C++ because I sort of fell into the C++ is the be all end all thing. I'm not a particularly good programmer but so far everything I've made works so that's good.

I also play video games on Steam if anyone wants to chat or play something ( I primarily play Dark Souls if that's cool ).

I am Sean, I am a magician, a cuber, a under-tale fan, a DND player and a weeabu! (So in other words I am just a massive nerd.

I like to make hilarious parody visual novel games like my new game The Story Of Maple which is really good at making fun of fan bases. The perfect game for nerds! I would love to hear some feedback on it!

Hi Tesselode! 
You have lots of talents, it's cool! 

I also game developer and now in process the game Wanted Raccoon, where raccoon escapes from the kennel to revenge with people. It's my first game and i will be glad for any advice or constructive critics from you)

How do you like the plot? The raccoon run to revenge with people who cut down the forest and find his divided family. It will be long way through several locations and different obstacles. Now three of them almost ready, and i believe it will like you and others who like games!



My Name is Leah and I am the creator of Oddyssey Studio.  A small independent brand creating Comics, Games, illustrations and Animations.

Currently working on a slew of projects, the most up coming is the first Issue of a comic series called Vale check out the free comic here:

Looking forwards to creating on here, checking out all the stuff, maybe even working with some of you in the future!



My nick name is Savior and real name is Dagusztin Robert.

I have Walking Parasitic Games  indie studio.

Im creating 2d and 3d games in Unity.

Fantasy is my favourite game style.

Check my games and follow me if its cool.


Hello everyone! I'm new to game development but not new to multimedia production.  Trying to make a good game so I can do less Lyft! I love simulators (x-plane) and fishing. I'm also a full time papa! ok bye bye.

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Hi guys, long-term adult artist working on my first proper game.
I was recommended here by a user on Twitter when I asked where I could get advice on my adult visual novel I'm working on.
Hope to find some critique & advice and discover some cool games~

Hey there everyone.

Goz and Dan here. We are startup let’s players, focusing  a lot of our work on itch games.

We have showcased many games from this site and love to support indie devs.

We hope to get some love back with subs and an interested audience.

Check out our vids and show us some love back here :)

Reach out here to have your game showcased

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Who We Are

We are Dibyro!

We are a St. Louis based video game services company.

At Dibyro, we focus on providing top quality content with the highest levels of satisfaction – we do everything we can to go beyond your expectations.

With many different options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied choosing us. Look around, and if you have comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Customer Service Number And Email

(314) 643-7976


What We Do

We create, market, and publish top quality games for hire.

CREATE - We will create a game for you! Our developers have many years of development experience. We use a signature design process making it easier than ever to bring your video game idea to life! Contact us now for your free consultation.

MARKET - We will market your video game! Our customers are very loyal and are always looking for new and exciting games to play. Let us help spread the word about your game!

PUBLISH - Want to take your game to the next level? Let us help! Dibyro is a licensed publisher and can get your game on Google Play, Itch, Amazon and more! Contact us to learn more!


What Does It mean

 Dibyro means a unit that can not be defined or broken. 

Dibyro, short for Divided By Zero, is an idea that a unit can not be divided or defined by others if it sticks to its core values. At Dibyro we value Family, Respect, Friendship, Quality and Co-operation. It's believed that with these 5 core values a unit can, and will, thrive.


Why Us

Choose us because we believe in top quality content, top quality developers, and top quality experiences

We are professionals when it comes to entertainment, and video games are something we take seriously. We know what it means to our customers to own quality games. We value our customers and what we can offer them. As the creators of "Bloqout", the addicting, hit puzzle game, we hope to create games that everyone can enjoy. Take a look around our website and see for yourself what we can offer you.


Marcus Flakes

"I founded DBZL because I believe top quality content comes from not only top quality developers, but also top quality customer service. I value Family, Friendship, Respect, Cooperation, and Quality."


Hey everyone I made a New Studio called "Simple Games: Chicago Edition". My first %98 completed game called "Zap! ver 1.0.3". It's a top down  space shooter. I used a few purchased and free assets to make this game more completed. My plan is to sell this game in every gaming market. I still have no clue how to make this game for mobile? And place ads for this game and make for free? Is their and help I can get?

Thank you.

Here's the link to my page.

My Page

My Game

I need some help of to sell my games? 

Can someone give me advice?

Hi guys


Hi  I'm waterrune.  I'm from Asia. I recently learned how to create games. I create games for hobbies. I have created 3 games to date. 

I have two games to recommend to you. Both are FREE TO PLAY! 

First of all,  if playing 2D rpg games with a twist of questions is the thing for you. You should really try out my game. It will test your knowledge on food.

Don't worry, they are general food and health questions so you can answer them! Looking for funny conversations and hidden treasure wells and power? Look no further. Download and try my game now!

Amerak  Rpg: The Food  Magician:

If you love Art, Music and Language, then you may want to want to learn and test your English skills at Emerak 2. With relaxing art and music, you will calm your mind and find fun working out the answers to English questions.  You can play this in the browser! 

Emerak 2:


Hi , I have two games to recommend to you. Both are FREE TO PLAY! DO SEND ME A LINK ONCE YOU HAVE DONE A VIDEO ON IT! 

Studio Name: Game Magician Name of Game:Amerak RPG: The Food Magician

Quick Bio of Game: If playing 2D rpg games with a twist of questions is the thing for you. You should really try out Amerak Rpg: The Food Magician! Questions are asking general food, nutrition and health questions. Discover hidden power ups and treasures in objects. 

Amerak  Rpg: The Food  Magician:


Studio Name: Game Magician Name of Game: Emerak 2: Test your English

If you love Art, Music and Language, then you may want to want to learn and test your English skills at Emerak 2. With relaxing art and music, you will calm your mind and find fun working out the answers to English questions.  You can play this in the browser! 

Emerak 2:

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete: The game was in development for a week and is complete. Games are generally short, 5-10minutes game. The purpose is to educate on the respective subjects.

Why you became a game developer in the first place: For a hobby. I always wanted to create games but didnt have the time. Finally i have time this year. And I created the games for education. 

Fala galera !! Detalhes chegando e as novidades

Hello everyone. My name is Jorden and I am part of the team PairofAces. My team and I are asking the community to go and check out our Kickstarter for Mission to Mars. We only have 12 days left before the run is over. I ask that you please check it out and spread the love of Mission to Mars to your family, friends, and everyone else. Thank you to all who support Mission to Mars. Link to Kickstarter:  


guess i signed up for the recent game jam

hi im heiho and i've been making pixel art for 5 years

ive been coding for 4 years

guess i have nothing to say


Yo, call me Ricky. I'm 20 and I mostly make fangames.


hi I'm Sidon ! Nice to meet you


Hi! I'm Dominic.

Currently finishing up my first real game. 

Got into game design during a burnout/depression when I finally started to get back some energy.

Got hooked and now readying up my first release (EPICALYPSE™ coming December 24th). 
Would love to get to know fellow game designers.


same here bro.. :)

Started game dev when my father left. Its cool when depressions turn to motivations :) Keep up the good work brother !


Thanks! You too man. Sorry to hear what you went through, but happy to hear you too turning depression into motivation.

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Hello, I'm Vexed.

I started making games once I was introduced to GameMaker -- I think version 6, though maybe 7 -- as a child.

Recently I came back to game development with the desire to finish and publish a project. Which I have managed to do!!!
It is called Parallel Universe and marks my first steps into developing on a more regular basis.

Also, I already have another smaller project in the works, which will hopefully be done in a month.

Note: Yes Parallel Universe is published on Itch (it is playable in browser).
Note2: All solo projects will be open sourced once I get around to it, feel free to pick them apart (Github on my page),

I am jarick I am new here just wondering if i can make a horror rpg here

hi my name is jjun4341.

i'm korean man.

I'm looking for someone to develop with me. e-mail:

thank you

Hi my name is Hansen. I dont know what to add here So, nice to meet you all guys

Hi nice to meet you, I interest in a coding and development.

Hi there, my name's David. I'm a web developer, and making games is my hobby. I've got some games on the Google Play store which I created in my spare time. I got lucky with one of them called BotSumo and it's been downloaded over 250,000 times in the last 2 years ( I bet I won't ever be able to repeat that!). I've loved making games since I was a kid, and made loads in Flash back when that was a thing. Now I'm using Unity which has been a steep learning curve but I'm really enjoying the flexibility it provides! 

Not sure what else to say about myself really. I'm probably a generalist. A bit good at art, a bit good at code, a bit good at ideas. But probably not excellent at either. Although I think a knowledge of everything really helps. 

Hello there! 

I am Cooper and I started Ivory Crow Games as a project to create a new game every month as I learn how to make games. I started making games about 12 years ago and have never really had much success and was tired of never shipping games because of this that or the other thing.. As I'm sure many of you have experienced. So this last year I decided to set a goal of making a new game every single month.

I started making games on and they really weren't that good but every month I would release them to my friends. About 5 months into it I had some friends come to me and really want to participate in my projects. Which is awesome because now our scope has gone up a ton. The two of us just released our 5th game which we are very proud of. It has over 100 views on itch so far which may not seem like much to most of you, but to us it's awesome.

Our main focus is 2d games for both web and mobile. We have yet to release to iPhone because of the startup cost, but hopefully that will happen in the near future.

We try to make a new style of game each month and our motto is "Never be Comfortable" which often results in late nights at the end of the month.

As someone who has no idea how to get the things I make out there I am really excited to join a community like this one.

I'm not sure what else to say, but if anyone has any questions, comments, or just wants to say hi feel free to shoot us a message.


Hi folks its Dan and Goz here from 2FOR1 Gamers, We are here to help review your games and publish them on YouTube and social media, to try and show the world your game. We are still fairly new to YouTube and want to know if you have a game that you want us to review message us on YouTube or here on itch to help us and help you get more viewers :) 

channel link:

Nice to meet everyone. I'm Mae. 27 years old and have been working with various game creation software for several years. I'm bad at self-introductions, but I'll be around.

Hello to everyone. I'm Feneric (or Eric, whichever) and have been making games for fun since I was a kid. Most aren't available anywhere, but Minima is here and a random old interactive fiction sample or two is likewise still available. I tinker with lots of different technologies and game design tools and target areas ranging from retro 8-bit pixel art sorts of pieces to classical interactive fiction to immersive VR games.

Hey this is Daye, currently in control of the login for DVNC Tech. We are a Philly based VR startup. Our debut title is Superhero In Training and the alpha is actually out right now! We would love some feedback and for y'all to go on this journey with us.

Our plans for the game are to make it a highly competitive online and local multiplayer experience. But of course we need the help of an excellent community.  Please give it a download, beat your own best time, and train to be the best superhero out there! Superhero In Training, coming soon to Steam, Oculus store, and your local VR Arcade.

And I'm back! (i came back under a new username because I changed my stage name a bit)

Anyway, please welcome me back!

Hi my name is James I am quite new to the game dev scene I always wanted to make a game and have decided that there is no time like the present. It has been less than a week but I have been spending all my time into learning and producing a single level asset flip of a demo.


Take as many time you want. have a feature that post about ur developing progress and u might interested to do that

I got a lot of video so I am going to have to utilize that!


Dont forget to set a goal, rest a bit after you have done to your goal. Thats my advice for you.

you really were just like me back then. its like i am seeing myself >.<

well Ill take tht as a compliment, I hear ya. I was laying in bed last night thinking of tht one button dev jam tht just stated and came up with three dif games all tugging on my heart to put on the back burner for later. I also noticed I felt like my brain was mush so I will take tht advice to heart.  

Yeah, doesnt that frustrate u? u know how the game works and u know how simple it is but, that thing will drain u after that. its kinda using double-edged sword

it used to when I was a junior after effects artist, I am still quite junior but have gotten quite confident in my FX to continuously improve projects and want to jump to others but after making that mistake one too many times in the past, i have  come to believe that, that only leads to disaster. 

but that disaster is the first step to be done and somebody will always do that even, if you have a good tutor that can teach you the game knowledge.

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indeed! Quick question! I cannot seem to find out how to begin a devlog is there a site tutorial available?  I was going to send this through PM but i guess i couldnt find out how to do tht either ha ha. 


Well currently, i still dont know about that but, read some post of that devlogs thread in community will might help i guess

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Hi, I'm Morthal aka PIG (Politically Incorrect Games), I deal with the Unreal Engine since 26th of May 2018, after a pause of 20 years regarding game development, raised four kids in the meantime and such. Formerly I collaborated with Reality Factory, who made an editor for Genesis3D, one of the few free engines in the nineties. Made some tutorials for them and for Milkshape3D under the name of Soulbox.

I'm a musician as well, so I love detailed sound design in my games. Joined here for submitting to Epic Mega Jam 2018, "Unreality - Chronicles of Shae", a very short but special Jump-and-Run-Adventure.

Game channel:

Extended Video:



   My name is Ribin R and we are a 3 man team with story writer, Sound engineer and i do the 3d modelling and engine stuff :) We are indeed beginners trying to get into the industry but we promise to deliver the best experiences as much as possible for us. We released our first game Temporary Space for the epic mega game jam :)


Hey Guys, I am john from Phantom Games,

I am an indie game developer. I love to play and make games.

If u have games that u want to recommend please don't hold back.

Welcome :)


Hi everyone. I'm the weird loser dork Matthew Lyles Hornbostel.  I'm an indie artist (here's some stuff I posted on Pinterest) and an eBay seller of handmade art and the like, with 320+ ratings on my eBay account, 100% of them positive so far. I make some indie videos which I write, direct, record, edit, do VFX and sound design on... etc. Pretty much I do everything except fill all the roles acting, because otherwise the projects I envision simply won't get made!

I also do indie game development, and a lot of traditional art (painting, sculpting, drawing with pencils and pastels, etc). I do a lot of 3D animation in my projects and love what can be done in 3D in my creative pipeline with modern hardware and software, but I also retain a soft spot, however irrational and impractical, for extensive use of miniatures and physical effects elements.

You may have noticed my recent [substantial] involvement in posting a bunch of different stuff on Itch.IO just in the last 3 months. In that time, I've expanded my roster of games and game assets here markedly, but some of the biggest stuff was in the work for years before making it to Itch.IO. I have been doing 3d stuff since I was a teenager, and now I'm over 30. So I have a decade of experience doing this crazy stuff - freelancing for below minimum wage or just doing creative work without salary, either to help others in my social circles [friends, family] who need my assistance, or often just  for the fun of it, because I have some cool idea I'd love to see realized. 

I'd like my creative work to someday result in a full time income so I can ditch everything else, all the gigs around the edges and just make games and art stuff all the time basically. And if it were really to take off... well, I like the idea of supporting a long list of other people and other causes, because there's so much desperate need in the world and I like to help people. And this is what I'm good at, so if I can someday leverage this stuff into some reasonable measure of success, i.e. annual income climbing to $16k or more per year, then it'd cover my basic costs personally and creatively with extra to spare, and then that extra would be given out to everyone in some manner to thank them for all the assistance everybody's been giving me that is helping in getting me to that point. But at the moment, I'm on disability, I have some mental disorders and other weaknesses, nobody will hire me to a normal job -  so I am stuck freelancing and selling stuff online and supplementing that with a bit of govt. disability cash which, I want to get off of soon by earning enough annually, over $12k/year, to get off of that entirely. And I'm not quite there yet. I do creative work for 14-15 hrs/day, average income a bit below $2/hour overall. I sometimes make $4/hr or so, and other tasks $2-3/hr, some less, and there's also a couple hours/day in there, on projects just for fun, on top of that, projects which have no real likelihood of paying off but which I'm passionate about.

So yeah. Gig economy lifestyle. If I made say, roughly $3.50 an hour on most of my work it'd get me to my target. But I don't have enough work yet that pays that well.

I am attempting some passive revenue by releasing sale items on Itch.IO but for 'passive income' it's an awful lot of work and I've averaged maybe 20 cents of income from every hour worked on the products being sold, and those items are the best cases.

So here are some notable failing [or should I say flailing? They seem to be going all over the place!] projects I've got displayed on Itch.IO (there are a few others, outside of Itch, but these ones are the most relevant to this community)

Miniature Multiverse

 This is a first-person puzzle/adventure game I began thinking about making in 2010, and which has been gaining momentum continually since then, with over two dozen substantial areas, realized with fairly realistic looking handcrafted miniatures, extended digitally. I basically captured panoramas inside O scale models built in my garage, TONS of models, you have no idea how much space this is taking, because much of it isn't yet posted due to spoilers or other reasons. But it's been a big time sink and the costs of developing it are pretty high for an indie with a low income. That said, I'm thinking it'll be out there by the end of February 2019 at the latest even if sales here on Itch.IO don't really materialize at all to cover the remaining $235 in costs. So yeah, I guess I could describe it as having an interface similar to Myst III/IV or Scratches, but higher visual resolution than either and art made primarily with miniatures and not digital 3d renders. It's being built using Unity 2018, PlayMaker (a visual scripting system that is great for rapidly assembling variations of a lot of the most common interactions) and a few postprocess shaders. And lots and lots of scale models photographed with a knockoff GoPro style little camera locked into a position inside the miniature environment, that shoots 20-megapixel stills, it's rotated around in 15-degree increments, then the stills for every required position in the miniature world are stitched together into 360-degree panoramic nodes with the roof of the garage replaced by a digital extension, generally some sort of sky matching my vision for the particular world. So that's kind of my process here. It is pretty involved and it has to be repeated carefully for 200+ different 360-degree nodes. Right now I'm missing the last fifth of the game; the final puzzle sequence and five different miniature sets that still need to be built, captured, integrated into the project. If I really push myself though it should be possible to do within 60 days, 90 if the assembly of the remaining models is pushed back a month due to limited funding.  I hope it somehow breaks even at least on the physical materials cost of making it but I'm a bit skeptical that it will. 

The 2018 Triumphant Artists Complete Collection

This started around 2013, when I was selling the earliest version on eBay as a DVD product I physically shipped to customers. But it's expanded threefold in scope since that point, and dropped dramatically in price too. We're talking about 1GB of texture and stock video elements. 1250+ texture image maps, and 100+ video elements designed to be compositable for motion graphics work (i.e. cutscene videos, or visual effects work) - It started off on Itch.IO for $3.99, quickly dropped to a baseline of $1.50, and [currently] is on sale from Nov. 20-30, for 87 cents. Great Black Friday fodder.

The Autumn 2018 bonus collection.

201 additional texture image files, 15 new pyrotechnic elements shot in 60fps high speed 1080p HD. Currently discounted to 58 cents.

3d nature model pack

My most recent asset collection includes more than a dozen 3d plants and objects, for use in your realistic looking outdoor landscapes for games, architectural previz, VFX, etc. detailed enough to look decent prerendered but low poly enough to be used by the hundreds in any good game engine. .FBX and .OBJ format, mostly .PNG or minimal-compression .JPG textures. It's available for 63 cents during the current Thanksgiving week sale. I'm planning to add some more models to this soon, as in a few days before the sale is over. (I currently expect to acheive incremental updates tomorrow and on Cyber Monday to this pack in particular, bringing the total included model count to around 30 at that time)

So... that's the main stuff available on Itch.IO at the moment. 

There's also a bit of other stuff though - one thing is a tiny freeware package of blood spray elements for use in action or horror videos/cutscenes... a mini adventure game project called 'Spiral Skies' in development, but kind of on the backburner until Miniature Multiverse launches... a Miniature Multiverse artbook, hint guide and 'extras pack' including a small game demo, and a last chance for people to see their names credited in game... that's showing up at the start of December 2018, roughly two months prior to estimated release of the full game. $1 batch of stuff aimed at enthusiasts.

Note that while all of these items have accumulated a ton of views, and although the attention directed towards my work here on Itch.IO has been snowballing seemingly exponentially the past week, sales volume remains weak due to absence of meaningful customer reviews or ratings. The closest I've gotten was one customer who posted an enthusiastic comment on one of my product pages. In hopes of generating some publicity and ideally provoking people to actually rate the asset packs, I posted 9 free download links on Black Friday. Still no reviews yet though. In fact, some of the free download keys still remain unclaimed at the moment.

It's also worth noting that the biggest bargain currently active is this one:

And there are additional perks for any bundle buyers, should the sale unexpectedly hit a list of sales targets, starting at $200 in total sales by end of Nov. 30.

Now, given that the sales volume across all my stuff on itch is still below $10 for the past 45 days, even this initial goal threshold seems highly unlikely to be met. But I suppose it's still possible. If the sales total hits $500 everybody who bought the bundle for $1.49 gets Miniature Multiverse for free at time of launch, along with the extras connected to it - which would, in total, add up to $6.10, not $3.60, of already arguably underpriced content for $1.49 if that actually occurred. 

Not holding my breath though at the rate things have gone so far, given the current climate of passive disinterest and weary wariness currently surrounding this sale. 

Still, a few of you have shown excitement about what I'm doing, and I really appreciate the positive responses when they do materialize.  It makes me think maybe I'm not utterly pathetic. ;/

It's encouraging, and helps keep me motivated to continue working hard, release of new games and game assets in 2019. If this starts to go at all well, somehow, either in November or later (Christmas sales? New Year's?) then I'll probably keep at it for as long as it shows some sort of potential.

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HI! Im smellfet and I make pretty cool games in my free time that r pretty cute so...


Never did make an introductory post, so I might as well. I'm DStecks. I can't stick to a project long enough to ship it so if I ever actually release anything it'll be a minor miracle. I'm working on an open-world driving game, a visual novel card game, and a secret project I'm not going to announce before I release it.

My name is yaniv   I'm a android developer 

and want to know more about games in android not in unity

If you want to know more about what I'm doing you can check out  this.

to open in new tag click here

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I'm Mario and creator of "LambdaRogue: The Book of Stars", a roguelike RPG (which I uploaded to yesterday, but the game is in fact much older (2006-2012)). Currently I'm working on a text adventure made in Twine (a crime/mystery story).

I also work in flight simulations (maybe you've heard of the X-Plane flight simulator, for which I co-develop airplane addons for vFlyteAir), and write essays and books about communication & society (all in German language).

Hello, I am Geetesh and we have given this project to create a variation of game HEX. We need feedback from people whether the game made is fun or not. It would mean alot if you could try it out and give feedback. If you are interested, please send an email to

why do u not post it in here? have a feature that limit someone who can view your game for feedback.

can  somebody review my apps

thank you for all:)

1. fasttranslate  this app 

2. supersms this app 

3. media to mp3  this app

Hey everyone!! I'm Aryo. I learned about this community the first time, when I was working on the design of Lingotopia. I am also a big board game and pixel-art enthusiast, and I would like to Introduce you guys to my latest project called Paper War. It's a papercraft based miniature wargame with miniatures that can actually shoot for real!  Please check it out, and I will be happy to hear your feedbacks and comments. Cheers ;)

I have always loved making games and...blah blah blah! Do you like tank trouble? Wish there was a game that improved the game drastically? Introducing the COMPLETELY FREE game Attack Beyond (Tank Trouble Re-imagined)! A game where 5 people can get together and play hard out. You can customize your controls to your desire, over 10 new game modes and weapons, more backgrounds, changing player-counts (2-5), AI TANKS, EXPLOSIONS AND MUCH MORE :D

Get it here:

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Hi, Im tormen. I just discovered itch so im new to the area. Ive been a programmer for over 40 years and finally now getting back to what got me so interested in computers and that was making games. Discovered the unreal engine last year and have been busy learning the workings of it and building my game world. 

You can occasionally find me streamin on

and a link to my much neglected website

new world horizon

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Hey everyone, we are Melon Gaming !

We are a game development company that aims to help anyone to easily and quickly develop games for the HTML5 platform. We offer our very own open source, HTML5-based game engine, called MelonJS that  is perfect for beginners in game development, as it is lightweight and compatible with a lot of third-party tools. We also provide training and services for you who are new to game development.

Nice to meet you all! :)


My name is Mike and I live in the USA near New York.  I'm a hobbyist programmer and just getting into game design using Gamemaker Studio.  I hope to post my current (and first) project on in the near future.  It's a physics puzzle game where you have to move barriers and objects around to guide a series of falling balls into a barrel.  The concept is not too exciting but I have some cool elements that I think make the game enjoyable.  Cheers!

Hello, I'm Airrissa. I just recently published a visual novel game called, "Spite Over Spirit". I don't know any coding and I tend to use drag and drop programs to make my games.


hello everyone, my name is Magher, I just joined the game design community 9 days ago, and I would really appreciate some feedback on my games to get better

I may be a bit of an unprofessional for now but I can make up fro that temporary shortcoming with my creativity

I mainly make 3D games but have been trying to get a hold of 2D games so I can make better quality games.


I am going to follow you and your work. : D

thank you kind sir

Bună, numele meu este Davis Don, eu sunt un dezvoltator de joc pentru viață. Vreau acțiune artistică adeventure laudă și cult jocuri.

Hello community!

My name's Michael and I'm a self-taught artist hailing from germany. I am a software developer by day, but around the age of 14 I fell in love with 3D art. I played around a lot with 3DS MAX and later even purchased a software called "Monzoom 3D" (if anyone knows this :D) for a whopping 200 €, which was quite a lot for me at that age. I tried to create some Half-Life 1 & 2 mods back then, but my ambitions were far greater than my skills at the time. After some years, my motivation dwindled as I had to focus on my studies and got more into programming.

Over a decade later I stumbled over Blender and my motivation has been rekindled. Today, stuff I was not able to figure out back then is easy as childs play (since I got stuck already at the easy stuff, haha). My main motivation is to create games in the Unreal Engine 4. To get something done I try to be as self-sufficient as I can, so I picked up Blender, the Substance Package and recently even ZBrush (benefits of having a salary :sunglasses: ). That does not mean I only work alone, though. I partnered up with an old friend of mine working together on some first, small games as our limited time permits. I'm doing the programming and some basic art, he's contributing the more awesome art. :mrgreen:

I'm not trying to break into the industry or anything, this is purely a self-realization/recreational hobby for me. So far it's been a lot of learning (only started sculpting a about a month ago, I'm more comfortable with Blender und UE4). I'm currently working on a puzzle game clone to get familiar with the whole process from start to finish while keeping the scope simple and small. After that I want to realize my own game ideas.

I registered here to keep up my motivation as well as to give and receive constructive criticism to improve. After all, there is nothing more valuable than sharing thoughts and opinions in a nice community, meeting like-minded people to help each other out. :)



Hello cool people!(and the not so cool people . I've got you covered)

I'm a programmer who's trying to get into game development as a whole. I'm a huge fan of mythological stuff(primarily greek because it's awesome) and cutesy stuff. Also scary stuff. The engine of my choice would be Godot. I really, really want to learn how to compose music and stuff. I am very much interested in RPGs, Action, Adventure, LNs,  etc.  Hope we can get along!


Heya! A game dev just like you :) I like playing games and also making 'em. It's a wonderful medium. Making a good game is hard as you know! That's why it's so intriguing. Great to share a space here with you all :)

Hello everyone !

My name is Bérenger and I am a french developer. I made small games as a hobby in the past but lately I am making a easy to use 3D game engine. With a visual editor, an asset library and the possibility to include your own 3D art and animations.

I will try as much of your games to figure out what I have to add to make my engine useful to you guys !

I am excited to join this community :)

Hey everybody, my name is Aaron, and I'm the sole developer from Asperity Games. I generally go by the screen name Artarda; you might see me on Discord or Reddit. I am currently working on a game for the Finally Finish Something 2019 Game Jam, a project called Delve that's been shelved for years. I do all my developing using MonoGame C#, and I use GIMP as my sprite/image editor.

I joined after determining using a game jam would be the perfect opportunity to motivate myself to finish a project! As a game lover myself, I hope once my game is uploaded that it's enjoyable to play!

Hello, I'm Michael, and I'm a novelist, podcast producer, and tabletop game designer who is edging into digital game dev. I've gone and uploaded the novels I've written as ebooks under the Books categories, the ttrpg pdfs under physical games, and I'll be uploading the computer games I'm working on as they're completed.

As far as digital game dev goes I tend to prefer to work on interactive fiction and life/managerial sims, but when an idea hits me just right I run with it. I'm currently working on games set in the world of the steampunk novels I've written.

HELLO I'm Caine and I'm an artist/writer working as a one man team on a visual novel called Sinfonia! I'm working with a Tyranobuilder and trying to learn it as I go, but thankfully I'm not going to do anything overly complicated. I also have some prior experience with renpy but decided to stick with tyrano because I found it quicker for this project in particular, even if it sometimes manages to create me unexpected obstacles haha. 

I'm from Finland and major in literature in a Finnish university, and my other interests include history, folklore, vintage manga (especially 70s), theater, urban exploring, classical literature & music and medical history. Outside of Sinfonia I'm also working on a bunch of oneshots and novellas with the hopes of completing at least some of them this year - I just tend to procrastinate on the illustrations. 

(1 edit)

Hi! My brother and I started making games a few years ago(Originally on scratch). We then moved to HTML, to Python, and then to making unity games. I am a now teenager and am currently developing a 3d RPG/Survivial game called Hasmon. I am currently trying to gets an enemy AI algorithm. We also use blender, although we have only published one model, a fire engine that my brother made.

I also enjoy doing electronics, and about 9 months ago I was trying to make a retro gaming console with Arduino, and my brother loves doing art and paintings!

I wrote a book about 2 years ago and my brother illustrated it, and we also could speed solve a Rubix cube(We haven't done it for a while, so we are a bit slow).

Our website is at

You used Scratch? so did I!


Hi I'm Jack,

I developed a puzzle game called Mind Dots with simple idea. But it will harder than you think after completing few levels. It having 100 levels. If you interested Please check it out and download. Also support me by giving feedback for my game to update. It'll help me a lot. 

Also If you interest please follow on Twitter @Nothing Box Games.

Hello everyone! I'm George A.K.A AnaxondA, and I am new here. For a while games development has been a dream of mine, and after taking a long, windy road through the worlds of story telling, music composition, and A LOT of blender I feel I'm beginning to near that dream. I now am looking into learning unity to tie  everything else together and to hopefully produce my very first game. This place has been recommended to me from a lovely group of devs on facebook, so I decided to have a look at what it's all about. Any help, tips or advice are welcome.


Brad Murray, owner operator of VSCA Publishing since 2008. Our first release was Diaspora, a very successful hard sf FATE game for tabletop play. Now our offerings are rather more diverse. I've brought our non-Fate offerings here.

My professional life revolves around securing safety-critical control systems. As me anything!


Hi my name is Davis Don. I am a game developer that wants to make fast pace adventure visual novels with praise and worship of Jesus. I have 4  games in my page. Please follow me as friend.

Andrew Chirgwin, a creator of all sorts of TTRPG and Analog Games. A few card games, an RPG system (Beta Maxx), and materials for use in other RPG systems. I'm planning to release more of my experimental works here, leaving things like the D&D products to remain on platforms where those communities buy more often.

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Hi everyone, So I just decided to talk a little about who I'm and how I started creating games and just how it all began for me here.

video :

I hope you enjoy watching and also I hope it helps anyone out there or even inspire anyone to just keep going for what you dream about, you can do it, I'm waiting to play your games :)

Have a great day everyone :)



I also love art, and I have a website:

I have been drawing and painting for the past few years.


Hi ChilliTech, really enjoyed your work, looks beautiful :)



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Flash Pool Game

8Ball & 9Ball Online Pool Game
My name is Brandon. I have been creating games for the past few decades. My latest projects including; Flash Pool ( and Flash Snooker (, which I built with one other (Tim Porter). You can try Flash Pool from or from our website. It's my hope that Flash Pool will become the leading online pool game someday.

Hi everyone, I'm a librarian looking to introduce narrative gaming/interactive fiction in libraries. Any suggestions or ideas welcome! :)

Hello, I'm Because Because, a one man indie developer and a one man band! I started off making a platform game, Bishi and the Alien Slime Invasion, which is on Steam, but I went back to my biggest passion, adventure games. I have a free adventure game on my page, and I have just recently released Trails and Traces as a commercial budget priced game.

Check out the video! 

Hello Everyone - I am a crazy software developer turned middle level manager turned wannabe video game developer.  I am also a mother of two girls.  I just published an alpha version of my first game here:  It likely has a lot of bugs and grammar issues, but it is a start to my journey as a video game developer.


Super mega wow! O . o A Game Dev Mom! I will totally follow you! I want my future kids to play your games.  >:')


Hello everyone, my name is Claudio. I am a Computer Science college student who will soon start a concentration in game development. I didn't want to wait until I started my concentration classes to start learning game development and so for this past year and a half, I have been trying to learn as much as I can on my own.  I have released two games so far and I'm currently working on improving both of them. My most recent game is Strikers & Defenders which can be seen in the trailer below. I still consider myself very new to the world of game development, but I hope to one day be able to create fun and exciting experiences for many people to enjoy.


Hi Claudio! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the Itch Community! We Devs r glad to see you! :)

Hello everyone

I am Boisius from Ironclad gaming. We are a newly established video game review blog and we wanted to focus most of our attention on upcoming indie games. You can read some of our reviews at the following link: . We want to review any and all games, so if you have a title you want some free promo for let us know. Message us and we will get back to you in a timely manner. We hope you have a great time, and farewell travelers. 

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Greetings, dear community of!

I am 21 yr old collage dropout  with very high ambition
for developing high quality games of diffrent sizes. 
I dropped out of college because it couldn't help me in achiving my goals.
After few months of dedicated learning process I got a job. But after a year, 
studio ran out of money and they had to let go half of people.
I have another job now.  But I don't enjoy it very much.
I want to show the world what kind of games I can create
especially if I can make some money to pay even more creative people .

I am so happy that there is a website like this for us developers
who want to start sharing their work to the world. 
Thank you, thank you community. 
You can expect activity from me! :D

PS. I apologize if there is any grammar issues in my english, its not my primary language.


Well, I think it's about for me as well to introduce myself.

I'm Soulrender and I'm 30 years old and I'm from Poland. I'm begginer Indy Game developer and I published demo of my first serious project I'm currently working on. There is nothing much to tell about me, maybe only that as every man I have a dream for better life and a job I really, REALLY hate... I decided to try my skills as Game dev to check that my ideas, imagination and determination will help me change my gray life into something better... My primary tool of making games is RPG Maker MV, but I like to make some stuff in Fusion 2.5, these both tools are very easy and complex to use so I can swiftly create with them something interesting.

I also love to programming applications, especialy for windows (with Delphi XE) and web applications (PHP/MySQL/CSS) but recently I put PHP aside for RPG Maker.

Hey guys! I'm Pavle, a 36-year-old game developer from Croatia with +13 years of experience. I used to work in Unity, and now my engine of choice is Unreal 4. I've set out to revive old-school and couch-play games from the 80's and 90's. 

Currently, I'm developing an arcade racing game - Superbike Xtreme.

Hi, I'm Plasma306, and I love open-world, adventure, action games. I'm also into suspense. I'm a super noob at this site, and I've only made 1 game. :-) Any advice is welcome and much appreciated :-)

I'm Lil Em Are, I like to rap, I love music, I like to watch vines and memes and i like to watch tv, rap, and eat jalapeno cheddar cheetos. Thats basically me life. Also I am a middle schooler I am writing this the first day I've been on here and I'm kinda confused. Any help navigating this game would help. That's it, thanks for actually caring to read this. 


Hello! I am Parthajeet Sarmah. I am from India. I make games for fun but sometimes I get too serious making them. Well, its a passion.

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 Welcome to the community! 


Hello, my name is Sierra though my username is Toxic Ramen. I'm an artist who loves to draw cartoons & comics but I also love playing video games such as platformers (Super Mario Bros), Metroidvania (Metroid Fusion & Castlevaina: Aria of Sorrow), RPGs (Final Fantasy VI), indie games (Undertale), and mobile iOS app games (Downwell and Tomb of the Mask).

I develop an interest in creating games when I was in middle school when I tried to write out ideas for an RPG and messed around with RPG Maker for the Playstation but to no avail. but I lost interest and focus on drawing cartoons & comics, but it resurfaced when I took a couple of iOS development classes and found out that I could create iOS game apps through coding via Objective-C.

I have a lot of ideas that I want to use to create games with but I do want to create an RPG, and a game that has old school pixel style.

Nice! keep working and learning you will get there!

(+1)  Im lee  a humble youtuber who posts all things Indie and Switch/PS4 related  I play PC games that will excite or interest gamers like me ….

I'm Jimmy.

I love games.

I make games.

I show people how to make games on YouTube.

Hi fellow developers.

Im Martin Eriksson from Sweden and i love 8 and 16-bit games. I try yo keep the spirit of an old game i like and make a new game around it. SpaceWipe was from the start a combination of Jetpack, Turrican and Megaman. At the moment im trying to make a game with quality enough to put up at steam, itch and other big marketplaces.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello everybody,

I am new here, my name is Francesco and I am an Italo-Venezuelan comic artist/animator/pixel artist currently living in a small village in Italy.

I love creating stuff and making stories.

As of now, I am working as a freelancer and on a graphic novel (personal project) I would love to publish soon.

My dream is to make a game with a group of motivated people that I am hoping to meet here.

this is my stuff:

Nice to meet you all!

Looks cool man! Welcome


hi hi. I'm andrue but I'll rather be known as "Mr.beara". I'm 23 and I want to develop video games for the rest of my life. At the rate I'm constantly thinking new ideas, I think I would like to become a indie developer through and through. I found myself in video games and I will continue to as the years go by. 

But what do I do? Well I'm a narrative designer. I'm probably better off saying I'm screwed since all I know is narrative design. Like my core revolves around that. I've been experimenting with art and coding and other various skills necessary for making a game. But I'm the person that focuses on the feelings. So it's a bit hard to convey in my own works especially with minimal skills all round. So that's why I need you (yes you). No matter how well thought or how whimsical your ideas are, they can work. Never be so quick to shut down your ideas once you've hit a bump. It can be finished, there is so much grandeur and beauty in our craft and we gravitate towards projects we personally love, narrative design is more than just our heroes journey into the unknown to come back renewed. It's our own journey through our own lives to come back to this, making video games with newer angles to a massive world of worlds 

So who am I? 

I'm the person that puts the heart in a video game. A narrative designer called "Mr. Beara"


To me that sounds pretty importent. Maybe focus on making games for children?


I certainly have those games in mind. I'm a person that loves to consider everything. Even the hardest subjects. I'm writing something that is quite the bold statement to make for my first game, or a game I would like to eventually make. It's going to upset everyone if I dont consider everything and I mean everything so I'm covering ever track now. The hope for this game is to make a extremely meaningful statement and ideally change someone's life. So I'm gonna write it out and try to build a team off this idea. 

Hi there, my name is Simone Bevilacqua, but what you see here is "RETREAM" because that's my games label.

I started programming at age 9 on a Commodore 64, and today I make games for... the Commodore 64! But I also love to make games for the Amiga ;) Moreover, I've made a few game for various PC systems - in retro style, of course.

My games are very different from one another and, well, from anything else out there. If you're curious, just head over to the RETREAM page here on and have a look.


Hi, I'm Archie. I have been developing games with a few of my freinds for a few years. I have specilised in more of a pixel-art theme, with some nice sound effects. I have very few folowers, but I have very big ideas for some games.

Hi, I'm Beastcarving and we make Visual Novels/ Otome games/ Indie games/ dating simulation games here:

(1 edit)

I Like your games please play my games also I need and Senior game developer to test me games that will overcome my mistakes

(2 edits) (+1)

Please check my game download it and play it and please review its desire. Please Please

Click Here:

please play my games and review them I am junior solo developer need your support...please

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Me new game is out now!!!Please check it out!


Heyyyaaaaa just a girl who wants to play games, signed up because she saw some 100% off games 0w0


Hi everyone! My name is Dotti and Runemark Studio is our tiny family business with my husband. I enjoy action adventure games (Rayman was my first, but Tomb Raider is my all time favorite) and old school city building such as Caesar 3 and Pharaoh. I am self taught 3D artist and make game assets with Blender. My husband does C# coding and handy tools for game devs who use Unity. He is also available as freelancer and tutor (PeoplePerHour). I love to create 3D environments and props for games, let it be cheery cartoon or a more realistic setting. You can find my portfolio here: Artstation. We worked on game prototypes as freelancers, and made a few small games together earlier (Mad Wizard , Clouds, BlobNinja) to test our skills. Mad Wizard was Adam's individual project for a Game Dev challenge, it is a top-down fantasy RPG about a wizard who wants to find out the source of strange events in his village. Clouds was my idea, a 2D casual game where your task is to eliminate weeds and grow flowers in your garden by controlling the weather.

I joined in hope that I can have a better connection to other game developers, offer help and gain inspiration and courage to create our own games. I can feel that the community here is very friendly, and I hope I can be a part of it!

Hey there! welcome. I am a 3D artist and an amatuer coder too ! loved your artstation works you have got there. My artstation if you are interested


Thank you! I checked it out your works, and my favorite was the abandoned railway station. Especially that you used photoscanning, I find it a very interesting technique. Would you like to chat about it later?

(1 edit)

Thanks! yes sure!


Hi! I'm Max. I've only been developing games for a few months but I heard about and decided to make an account and post my projects. Right now I'm making a text based adventure game about a family going missing from a village over winter. I'm not good at art so hopefully the player has a solid imagination! Does anyone have any story, mechanic, character, or setting ideas they really want to see in a 'choose your own adventure' game?


A wise decision! Welcome to the community :)


Hello Everybody.
I'm Bruno Leni / AKA @Kombi
I'm an over all 2D/3D generalist who always dreamt with doing video games. Even tho I've worked on few featured games like (Dragon Quest Heroes II or Disney kinect Xbox360 games) I want to start making my own creations. 

Feel free to check my content at:


At the moment I'm looking for some experienced programmer who would like to make a fast paced / Nintendo like / arcade game.
I'm always playing your games at they are awesome


Hi, my nickname is TNR. I'm mainly just hobbyist/freelance illustrator, but hoping to make a progress with Visual Novel lately. 

My first visual novel project is made with Ren'Py software. There are still a lot to learn so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Here is my first VN published here, ALLBLACK Ch.1 (genre: action, psychological, sci-fi. length: 10k words)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello :) I'm Bex. I'm from Croatia. I love anime, games and of course visual novels, my favourite type are otome games among the VN. I have played a lot of otome games with the help of translator aggregator in the past since my Japanesse is only level A1. Last year I decided to work on a VN project with my artist friend, delirijumbaklave, we've did make some progress and released a demo. She read lots of shoujo manga and I played lots of otome  games. We decided to make our own little contribution to the community. Our game is called A tale of other worlds and demons. I've made an accout to share our game and become a proper member of the VN community as a creator and also as a player.

Hi Check My Games Buddy;;;;


Hi Guys and Girls,

im Dennis and i am "developer" as far as i can say.

I really like puzzle games, so thats what im doing.

I can only develop 1 a 2 hour a day so it would never be a masterpiece bud its so mutch fun, to create your fantasie!.

I have created a horror Escape room now. u really must take a look!



Howdydiddlydoodle all! :D

My name's Andy and I've recently started to get back into game designing over the past few months :) I graduated from the Newport university of South Wales back in 2011 with a BA(hons) degree in computer games design, though since then life has happened and I am rusty hehe :P I am a really resourceful guy ready and good at learning new tricks as well as determined hehe ;P

It is grand to be here!

Hello, we are Brawl Studios (formerly known as MoredGenis Games) and we have a goal to make games that people will enjoy.

We code our games in Unreal Engine, Unity, App Inventor, and sometimes Scratch (MIT)!!

We have a game called FAKENITE that started as a joke but has gotten 1K+ players and we have now added it to Itch (and GameJolt).

 We also have a game called Sticky 2 that has gotten 500+ downloads and has been played by YouTubers like EyeDisconnected.

We are working on a new online multiplayer game in Unreal Engine, that we will probably announce probably in like 8 months, but the game is gonna be really cool.

Check out our Itch profile if you can!!

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Welcome to Omkar Engineers, We are highly appreciated by industrial units, are known as the dealers and Suppliers for Motor, Reduction gear box & Spares couplings for providing best in class precision-engineered Gear Fabrication Services. We established our Business on 1-11-2017.Our Focus is Customer Retention and to do so we are reckoning the advantageous traits that are provided by our offered array of products.We are capable of handling an expanded product selection that incorporates next-generation material handling products this includes: Hydraulic Motor, Control Valves,and Axial Piston Motors. Just in a span of year, we have acquired trust and emerged as a pioneering enterprise by executing numerous substances of modification in our production capacities. The credit completely goes to the dedicated methods and vast industrial expertise of our leader and mentorship.Omkar Engineers Company, is one of the most reputed and preferred dealers of a diverse range of premium quality Industrial Gearbox Supplier in Maharashtra and also known for compact electric geared motor Suppliers. Products manufactured by our Proficient experts are compact in design, space saving & exhibit better functionality. We standout for Industrial Motor Supplies in Maharashtra, Gearbox Repair and Services in Maharashtra, Gearbox Spares & Oil Seal Supplies and Services in Maharashtra,Industrial Gearbox Supplies in Maharashtra.

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I am a highly proficient independent writer, composer, hardware & software engineer with +10 years of experience working as a developer, publisher, student and designer. I have expert knowledge of server infrastructure,  management practices and techniques through extensive experience and training, as well as scripting and cloud based services allowing me to grow efficiently. Feel free to contact me at anytime. 

Oh, right, before I forget again.

Hi, I'm Ry. I can't remember exactly how I found Itch, except maybe through a link or two. I'm right now a hobbyist working on a couple of games. Main skill and strength is in writing when I focus on it. 


hello, and my name is Juan, Juan Reina! It's nice to meet you all! Well, I am sixteen years old, I love all kinds of games, as long as there accessible, either it be an audio game, a fighting game such as mortal kombat or street fighter, anything so long as it makes me able to play the game and it's accessible enough! I love chiptunes and chipmusic, anime and vocaloids, and mortal kombat! I'm a big, no huge, MORTAL KOMBAT FAN! I use a screen reader called NVDA to navigate this website, I live in Belize city, and I am blind. I wanted to come to this website to help indy developers get a little clocer to accessibility in there games when making them. I have never made an indy game, but as a long time gamer and someone who was blind from birth, I'm confident that I can help meny indy devs push forward towards accessibility in there games! I haven't gotten use to the layout of this website yet,, so if i'm posting someware I shouldn't be, or replying to something I shouldn't be replying to, or i'm lost someware in the website, I would like to ask for your help if i'm lost and don't know what to do. Kindly take note when giving me help or advice. 1. I don't use the mouse, as i'm blind and the mouse is too complicated for us blindys. So keyboard I use. 2. Please don't tell me press the icon next to the, no. I can't see icons, so if the icon has a lable next to it, please kindly report what the lable is and if it is a button, link, etc. For example. if there is a button called mute on the site, and I don't know where it is, I would ask. Where is the mute button located on the site and on which page can I find it? Person or admin ancers. Juan Reina or Juan, the mute button is located on the homepage of the website, at the bottom of the surch button. If the button or what ever doesn't have any lable, the person will have to know where the item is in order for them to tell me. For example. if the button is called mute and doesn't have a lable, Juan. What does this button do at the bottom of the surch button on the homepage? Person or admin. Juan Reina or Juan, that button is the mute button, it controles weather we hear your voice or not. For now, it's unlabled. I thank you for your help in advance, and I really, really hope I can make some games accessible to the blind comunity!

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Hey there! My name is Caleb (aka LebbyFoxx) and currently I have made 2D games/prototypes in Game Maker Studio 2 for game jams. My plans are to study games design and then to go into the games industry. I am currently playing around with/learning C++ and a small bit of blender, while reading and learning how Unreal Engine works/how to use it. Outside of games design I love history, drawing, writing (sometimes), the outdoors (like fields, gardens, forestry etc. fresh air is always nice!) and computers in general. My passion for games and games development should help me on my quest, so that I can work with others on ideas and create fun and engaging experiences. I wish you all good luck with your aspirations and if you are reading this have a splendid day! I'm looking forward to seeing what we'll all create!

- Caleb (LebbyFoxx)


Hello. I'm a guy who has been here for months, yet I only just realized we have forums:3 I primarily dabble in RPG Maker-esque horror, point-and-clicks, metroidvanias, RPGs, non-dating VNs, and just anything that has a good story. My motto is: If it doesn't have a GOOD story, don't make it. (Or generally, enjoy it)

My current project is unnamed as of yet, but it follows the adventures of a naive, bigheaded dark elf aristocrat, and another character (two or three ideas so far). Basically, they both have faults, they're not perfect heroes, but they form a friendship born of those weaknesses and go on an epic quest.

My favorite games are probably Iconoclasts, Time Hollow, and To The Moon. If you know of any good games in the above genres, or like these three, please comment below.

Hello, I'm gamesbyfar and I recently ended my first Windows game, after some Android Projects. The game is NPVAC, an original platformer action adventure, with hard difficult. It's my most ambicious project until now, I made it on Godot and it offers over 20 hours of gameplay. Ah, and it's free.


Welcome to gamesbyfar! Godot looks like a very good open source tool, I'm not using it because couldn't put the HTML5 export option to work correctly, something related to a WebGL2 context.


Hi my name is Ryan but I created this Gamers Therapy thing because well, I am a gamer who was in therapy and still needs to be. I'm 32 years old, single dad, hate my job, diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. I want to do something that I enjoy and gaming is what I really enjoy. I guess I prefer writing as i I have no experience coding. 

I have an overactive imagination which have led to hallucinations before I went on meds and I am currently using Twine to talk about these nightmares and get them out. I know what games I would like to create and what themes I would like to explore. I can see the gameplay in my head but don't know how to get it out. So I guess I'm hoping to be part of a team where I can tell a story and others can hopefully understand what I'm trying to do. 

I'm hoping this will become a therapy thing for me but also open doors into game development or being part of a team that does game development either indie or otherwise. 

I'm just really sad at the moment and I want to prove to my daughter that anything is possible.

I have already upload a very short interactive story called No More. My first foray into this world of development which you can find on my profile page. 

Anyway, that's me right now. 

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Hello! I am new to game development in general but h I have been tinkering with various engines for a while. Im mainly an artist. Been looking for months for a programmer to help me get going. Every time I post on a forum though, the post asking for help is usually deleted and in things like discord im usually just ignored so...

Hi I'm Ellie and I like anime , play guitar , ukulele and piano .  My favorite anime is My Hero Acidemia . I hope you all have a nice day xxxxxxxx


Hello my name is benjar700 and I in the industry of game , and I didn't know where start, who can help me?


Ahoy there peeps! 

I am Misu. I created this account long ago but never used it at all. Now I decided to join along this community and express myself in various weird ways.

I create video games but nothing to share atm. I can paint and do comics but I rarely do so. I love writing stories but the most you'll ever get out of me is my posts. 

Bottom line, I love creativity. When I was a kid, I loved making board games and comics but now game development became a profound passion and hobby after painting. 

Hopefully I could share some great stuff and ideas eventually in this forum and hopefully make lots of friends. 


Deleted post

excuse me, what does it mean that do you've  specked here now ? I like tesselode question, but I not've understood last user.

Hello, I really enjoyed all the work you guys put into games and comics keep up the good work. I'm a 48 year old brony fan of my little pony friendship is magic I dressed up as rainbowdash  7  years at conventions  so why I'm  I here I want to show the world my adult furry humor magical sex comic for a long time I've been trying to get my comic published for several years no success but I never give up on my dreams !  Any furry fans and gamers out there have tried your hardest out there to get a comic published and failed several times just keep rainboomin the clouds high and in your heart you'll succeed  !

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I'm a novel, novella, short story, and poetry writer. I tried making games in the past, and might someday like to get back into it. Back then I used to use a very specific RPG engine that made everything easy, without having to worry about coding. Kind of weird looking back on it. I cancelled the project at the time, which later reincarnated as a short story.

When I'm not writing, I like building simple artificial intelligence. Especially chatbots, which is sort of like Visual Novels, but inside the terminal, and with a lot of applications beyond video games. I'm also a huge fan of spicy food (crazy spicy food), and French Press coffee at the local coffee shop.

Oh and while I have ventured in Science Fiction, I prefer Magical Realism.

Hello everyone,

My name is Vivi, I currently study chemical engineering at my local university but my hobbies include various stuff, mostly creative activities such as drawing, painting, sewing, etc. But I generally enjoy everything game-related too, be it board games, video games, or anything really. I've had some coding experience (C# mainly) from high school, and I have recently started taking an interest in not only playing games, but developing my own ones! :)

I've been fiddling with Unity quite a bit, but only recently have I started working on a project I actually plan on finishing and publishing later on. There's not yet much I can tell about it, other than it being a story based(-ish?) platformer, but you'll hopefully see once it is finished!

Hi, Mario Matalla here. I'm always busy doing some creative stuff, writting, music, movies, etc. Half a year ago I started doing things with Ren'Py. Although I had enjoyed several VN, I felt there were almost none that fully fit my tastes. I'm trying to create some interactive fiction for grownups (not necessarily with naughty stuff), more influenced by cinema, literature or comics than actual VNs. I'm aware that what I'm trying to do will have a very small audience (if any), but I'll keep doing it as long as it amuses me. I just registered to publish my first game.

Hi, My name is Simon, Si for short.

About me.

I have always been a creative kid. Loved drawing, making stuff with paper and glue and playing music. I play guitar and Plano and always enjoyed games.

I would make games on my Spectrum and commodore computers. If you remember them, then you are probably my age. Born in the 70's, and was a 80's teenager and still to this day living it young.

I don't  rush to compete projects. I take my time on something to get as close as I can to my vision. What has always driven me is just my passion. Not money or fame but the best thing about making games is knowing you or someone out there is having fun playing them.

My History:

I started making digital games in 2012. I quickly learnt to use stencyl and Flash AS3 and made games for Kongrate and the long lost Mochi-Media. I leant from others on you-tube and now I use Unity3D for most of my digital games.

Thanks for reading this far down. Keep up the good work. This site has some really nice games to play and its good to be around other creative people. Send me a message or something. It be nice to know more people on here.

Cheers for now.

My cube icon box is something I made in under 10 mins with MS image composer. It is my digital box and I just like the look of it :) 


I"m 16 years old and I want to create games. I start with this if you want to try.....Good look and support me if you want!

Hello all,

My name is Miguel @migcreatesgames (Twitter). My favorite game of all time is The Adventure of Link in the NES classic. I really enjoy 2D games, and mobile games over the high end graphics games as long as it has a great story line or a hook. It has always been an idea of mine to make a 2D game of my own that anyone can play. I have a computer programming background education mostly working with businesses and databases so when I heard about Unity3D, I decided it was time to make some 2D games.
My idea is to make small demo game (mini games) so that I can get a some backer to support a longer and better version. I mostly work solo, but I like asking my friends and random starters about game ideas. Weekly game jams I have to say are my favorite now. It gives me short time to crunch my ideas quick. I have a few games so far.  


Greetings gamemakers! My name is Aron and I produce electronic music for video games. I like melodic beat-based tunes with techy sounds and live instrumentation samples. Like this: 

Soundtrack for my friend’s turn-based cyberpunk JRPG

I’m looking for people who would like to collaborate and allow me to soundtrack their projects! Game jams sound like a fun way to get experience and I hope to meet and join jammers with whom we share mutual respect for eachother’s work :) 

do you have a soundcloud or bandcamp or something like that? I also make music and i'm kinda curious how yours sounds

I decided to make this introduction because I am already obsessed with the community! I have have been on all of thirty minutes.  My in g game toon/username has always been Siddeous because I have always used it as my name in game, regardless of game. I tried to be Sidious as in Darth Sidious in Diablo 1; however,  it was already  taken so I could myself Siddeous and still do 20 some odd years later. I also thoroughly enjoyed playing Magic: the Gathering  my entire life, now 36, years young, and Urza has always been one of my favorite characters. I especially love when he fought his brother MIshra during, "The Brothers' War." I have always loved the Diablo games or anything Blizzard created, Magic, Zelda. You name an RPG or ARPG and I'm addicted. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone more as the time passes. Let me know if I can be of any assistance!


Hey guys i'm luke and i don't make games i just play them

i do make music (bleeps and blopps)  though

Hi! I'm Eric Robbins and I'm a composer that plays a bunch of instruments and sings! I just got my degree in music and production and I have a full studio at home to work with. I'd love to connect with some people who need music and I want to try my hand at sound design as well!


Hello! You can call me JJ. 

Games have always been my thing, really, but I've only gotten into developing them very recently. After teaming up with two friends of mine for three Ludum Dare jams (so far), we decided to start a larger project. I have also toyed with the idea of going solo for some smaller projects.

You can find all of our LD jam games on on my page here (work in progress). I also have a brand new Twitter account which will see some action if I ever get followers.

I'm glad to join the community!

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