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Cool Forts Prevail

Cool Forts Prevail is a tactical first person shooter that is all about forts. · By Philisophic Games

Tell me your impressions of the game! Sticky

A topic by Philisophic Games created Jun 17, 2017 Views: 428 Replies: 8
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If you try out Cool Forts Prevail, i would love to hear from you what you like and don't like. That type of information is invaluable for me as a gamedev!

Cool game!  Me and my friends keep playing it . We hope you will continue updating because it has a lot of potential, and we really enjoyed it. I think more people should know about it.


Thanks! I'll try to add some new cool stuff while i have some time over. 

Thanks man, i appreciate.

The best game ever.

It's a very good idea, but please add playstation 4 controller support


Thank you! :D I'm not sure if it is possible to add native Dualshock 4 support into the game, but I'd suggest using InputMapper or the built in Dualshock 4 support in steam, if you add the game to you steam library as an external game and launch it in Big Picture. Thanks again!

please update :(

Bro, any update please? passed 4 years and i still love this game :D


It makes me really happy to hear you're still enjoying it! I'm unsure if I still have the source code to the game, and I don't think I will do any more updates to this game specifically :(

It still means a lot to me though, and I've been thinking of the possibility of a sequel from time to time...