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Post games you are making here. Have fun.


I put this together this weekend, it's not really much of a game at the moment but I want to add more game elements. I wanted a tool to practice sight reading, and was interested in using the HTML5 MIDI api so I build this:

It's actually pretty fun to use, I'm looking forward to coding up a bunch of more random note generator things of varying difficulties. I also want to add a scrolling mode so it's like a rhythm game.

You can try out the current version here (Chrome only)
And it's open source:

I've actually been trying to make this project for quite some time now, I made an 8-bit looking prototype in Love2d a while back, but never got anywhere. You can see that progress here:

I was really surprised to see how smoothly this worked with my MIDI keyboard. Nice job!

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It's growing more features... maybe time to create a devlog

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Hey nuuup! Check out this game somewhat inspired by your many illustrious works! vooooiiiiidddd

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So a while ago, @bigsylvain, @geckojsc and me were supposed to make a music album (the sequel to Gods of Magellan) but we kinda made a game prototype instead:

I guess you could describe it as a mass dinosaur murder simulator? It was supposed to have a story of some sort, originally.

We promised ourselves we'd get back to it at some point but, erm, life. There's always next year!

I tried it, but couldn't get the crosshair to follow my mouse or respond to left-clicking. :/ Right clicking worked though. Oo

Ah, that's strange. What OS did you try it with?

Windows 10 64bit

Could having a PS4 controller plugged in cause it to want to use that by default and ignore the mouse? I've seen that happen sometimes *cough* fuck you Fallout 4 *cough*

Nah, I carefully made my input system so that you could use both at once if you wanted.

It wasn't tested really thoroughly though, so.. :)

This weekend, I was supposed to prepare a short gamedev related talk. I wanted to do copy the work of JW (vlambeer) on "The art of screenshake" and make something about juicyness and gamefeel. So I made a prototype. I thought it was pretty good so I just upload it on :


The shake is nice. If I don't move at all it looks like the enemies get stuck:

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making a space exploration game where all you do is scan all the creatures and flowers you can find, by exploring flatlands and tunnels underground and crypts underwater and various other weird places. you can upload the data to your home planet to get new upgrades to help you explore the world.

its inspired by space gardener, which is a simple but great game u should play

its suuuuper not finished but i thought id show it off :P


Ooooh this looks wonderful have you tried Daniel Linssens Planetarium. When I played that I imagined how cool it would be to explore the planets like your game seems to do. Also something about this idea makes me think of Earthtongue.


i did try planetarium and earthtongue, but i had the same reaction to both of them which was: these games look really nice and i like their ideas, but for one reason or another i didnt end up playing them very long. planetarium because it didnt have a ton of actual interaction, and earthtongue because i didnt really understand it properly and so i failed really bad and wasnt able to build up the nice ecosystem i wanted to. i liked space gardener because it was simple and gave me clear objectives, but also like those games was calm and serene and looked nice.

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This looks cool! I really like the concept, specifically how you progress through the game by finding flora and fauna. Also, I just love exploration games. I'll have to keep my eye out for this!


i started a devlog on it if you're interested!

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My own forever project called Portal Mortal! Deadly 2D platformer, which combines elements from Portal and SuperMeatBoy. Currently in Beta stage.

I like how this sounds! Playing it.

As a word of warning: If you open the menu while there's portals on the field, it will crash the game. Silly little bugger managed to sneak its way in!

hehe, i noticed that!


My current project is Cave Blast (web playable, Android & Windows versions available). Still no idea what the end game will look like, but at the moment it's an endless jetpack shmup with crazy weapons, items and random powerups.

Here's a potato-quality gameplay GIF of bunny character shooting a bacon blaster at potato mini-boss:


Open this page on two different phones, make sure GPS is on, then high five the two phones together. You earn a point! (if it works) It's called Wi5.

You can only Wi5 somebody once though. After that you have to find another victim.

Right now I'm working on a tabletop system (still trying to come up with a good name for it; naming things is always tough for me) that has 10 different races and 21 classes, and a wide variety of skills and abilities. Since there's a lot of unique races and ccharacter types, I'm making it with a d2 system to help keep things somewhat simple. All you need is the rulebook and some spare coins.

I actually had the idea on the backburner for a little while, but when I noticed we can actually put physical games on here, I decided to really start working hard on it. While I have a lot of the work done, I still need to finish formatting it to be more legible for people. One of the biggest challenges of this as opposed to video game design is the fact that I really have to explain formulas and every single detail so players don't get lost, but getting to work so heavily on design has been nice.


I've been working on a action/adventure/exploration game inspired heavily by specifically the first Zelda. I really like in the first Zelda how you're given a goal but not told where to go. I want to make a game with a sense of uninhibited exploration that Zelda 1 offered.

I've been working on it for a couple months now and I still have a ways to go. Here's a pretty recent screenshot:


i am a big fan of those trees

Thank you! Those were thrown together quickly early on, but they work! :D


Cute! Monochrome blue is awesome

Thank you! I've been really happy with the color palette for this one.


Any chance there will be procedural generation of the world? I have been looking for any Zelda-like games that have that.

The Screenshot looks great , I look foward to playing it once you have a playable version

When I started this project, I kind of wanted to try my hand at procedural generation. However, I ended up deciding against it for a number of reasons. You should check out Lenna's Inception though, because that is a procedurally generated Zelda-like. And thanks!

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Hello! I'm working on a turn based tactics game! It's in alpha but you can play it in your browser, sign up for the Android alpha or download it from the lovely :)

Alternatively you can just watch me talk through what I have here!

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Currently developing Armor Blitz! A game about... tank girls.

Here's our most recent reveal!

It's a mobile game that combines aspects of card collection and lane battle. The design is inspired a lot by eastern games (Japan and Korea), especially the theme. My team came up with the idea of tank girls and Kantai Collection and wondered why it hasn't been localized. So we've taken the burden upon ourselves to bring anthropomorphic girls to the West! Our art is super adorable, and we've been working with some top notch artists to make it happen! We've been working on building up a fanbase before release (probably in June 2016). I'm proud to be interacting with fans on our Facebook page before our game is even out! I just hope we can live up to their expectations.

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Hey there! We are making a FPS roguelite set in Egypt called Immortal Redneck.

The game key features are: randomly generated maps (the layouts, the rooms' designs are fixed), random abilities and weapon drops, lots of different types of enemies and a progression system based in gold you have to spend before each run because you lose it when you play again.

I know that's a lot of info to get a hold of, but it's very simple in the end. We have three pyramids, and inside them you shoot enemies, you earn gold, you find guns and skills and you get killed sooner or later. Upon death, you lose everything except your gold, that can be used outside the pyramids to buy new guns and to improve your character, to unlock new classes and to buy new skills. Once you're about to get inside one of the pyramids (you unlock a new one after beating the final boss inside the previous one), you offer the remaining gold as a tribute (in Rogue Legacy's fashion).

We want Immortal Redneck to be fun and wacky, hence the name or the setup. We're also working hard on lighting, atmosphere and monsters appeal, so we hope these screenshots and gifs show some of that.

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I'm actually working on two projects, but I'll share the one that I'm working on on my own that is a little further ahead in development. While my team is working on our bigger project, I'm working on Roses Will Rise, a strategy RPG visual novel where. You play 4 prisoners trying to break out of a dungeon, since you are limited with what you have at hand, the 4 characters are their own crafters, shop vendors and quest givers. Making you learn more about the characters, unlock new pathways and find items that help you to break out.

The game is still in its very early stages, but I've managed to find a workflow to get it update in small increments every few days. current artwork does not represent the game in its final stages.

Roses Will Rise is currently available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android with iOS being planned in the near future.

i'm working on....

HackDashShoot a short shmup based on the idea of hacking into Giant Pharma Corp, to retrieve hidden human experimentation files.


Right now i'm working on ironing out the levels because some of my testers can't make it out past level 3's boss and that's never fun.

The game is almost done, and will be sold here on

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We are working on...


Children of Liberty is a 2.5D kids' stealth game about the American Revolution. It's been in early access for a while, and we've been putting in tons of effort to clean up the style, the gameplay, the bugs, the story, everything. A lot of effort recently has been going into building out all the environments, getting them textured & lit. Progress is going really well and the world is really starting to come alive with a wonderful candlelit look.

Children of Liberty is currently available in Early Access on just Steam and IndieGameStand... for now. :D

We are also working on...


Mondrian is a 360-degree block breaking game inspired by various platforms and titles throughout videogame art history. This was a little jam project we started this year and took it to completion in just a few months. It is a procedurally generated puzzle game, with now over 48,000,000 possible level combinations, over an hour of great music (if you're into trip hop, j-pop, acid jazz, that kind of thing), and we're planning to continue to support it for a little while with gameplay improvements, content updates, more educational aspects, and bug fixes. We recently came out with our first content pack, which included levels based on the above Children of Liberty, as well as Neverending Nightmares with the blessing and help of Infinitap Games. It's 30% off for a few more hours (under $5!) so go pick this one up if you're looking for a relaxing game to help you take a breather after causing chaos in GTA.

And finally, I mentioned this in another thread, but if you're looking to add some color to your pages, we've come out with a pack of templates to help you do just that, which you can pick up here:

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Children of Liberty... That was the game with old cartoon aesthetic that had a steam green light page back when it was new, right?

Edit: oh! It is! I always thought that game was the coolest thing I saw on Steam green light alongside one other game, Routine I think it was called

Thank you! Yes, indeed it is, and since then we've added a voice cast that includes the likes of Ashly Burch and Sarah Elmaleh (actually come to think of it we might have had Sarah at the time); about 100 new animations to compensate for viewing characters from the front + back, not just the side; over 200 new still sprites + textures; and we're currently working on two soundtracks worth of music (one of old folk tunes, one of all original stuff). Plus, ya know, all the architectural work. This has got to be one of the most insane projects ever created on a family-funding-only budget (and by that I mean putting a roof over our heads, our families are nowhere close to trustfund families).


I wish the best of luck to you, I loved what I saw and would love to try it out some day!

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I'm working on a turn-based coffebreak strategy game. (

My main isnpiration is Civilization 5. It is a great game, but it is too long! So I want to make a shorter TBS x)

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I'm currently working on a game called Iron which I hope to release as an open beta (like I did with Project Plasma) mid-December. I'll also be releasing it with a game called Thallium which is a bonus game for those who pre-order it.

Iron Teaser Screenshot

Currently working on my new game Kirko. It's more of an interactive story/experience. I'm really trying to nail the ambience/atmosphere of the game! Give it a go!


Right now I'm working on a game called Mop's Tower, which is an exploration platformer "where you run, jump, glide and gradually lose all of your friends" as I call it.

I got the idea for the game in August and it's almost done. It's more or less my first game ever and I learned a lot in the process of making it. I actually used to distribute test versions of the game to some people to get feedback during development. I figured it was much easier to do it this way than to manually distribute those versions to each and everyone of them.

Right now all that is left to do is to implement the music and to add some more aditional polish. I'm pretty confident, that I can release it within the next two weeks or something.


I am making a game called Ghost Ranger. It is sort of like if Receiver was a 2D side scroller.


Looks cool. How did you set up that arm animation?

Separate movieclips. Player character is several movieclips on several frames


I am currently working on my new platform action retro game called NightmareZ. I will expand the game with some new features and levels. However, this game is currently available as Early Access:

 photo gif_small_nmz_7_zpsnz6fcpnv.gif

Thank you,

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I'm working on Armed with Wings Rearmed

It's a 2D hack 'n slash samurai game developed in Flash and AIR. It's like Smash Bros meets Limbo on samurai steroids!

@schmevie Your game looks interesting - The title and music are really nice. What framework are you using?


Ayyyyy Flash and Air represent


Are you using stage3D?

Nah just displaylist.

Same. I had a look at starling but it really doesn't allow you to just make games ay.


I'm not the only one still making Air work for me huh?

^^ Starling FTSuperW. Super-solid and well documented platform.

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I've wanted to make this game for a while and recently I decided to start putting together a prototype. So I'm not sure if anything will come of it but it's working well so far. It's called Basalt and it's a dwarf-fortress-like:

Surface view 1 Cutaway view 1 Cutaway view 2

So far you control a bunch of characters by creating tasks to do things like mine or build blocks. Everything they mine gets carried to a stockpile and when they build a block they fetch the resources from a stockpile and place them. You can build underground by scrolling to cut out terrain in the way. This is all built on top of Voxelmetric, my open source voxel framework for unity. All the block types, items and recipes are read at runtime as json so it's really easy to add new blocks and items.

This is how it plays so far:

Next I want to add workshops where you can assign workers to build items from other items like building stone blocks from the rocks you get from mining and items you can build from parts that can improve your workers. More in the future I want the workers to have their own automatic tasks like sleeping, eating drinking that they do when they need to and some mental states where they get happy/sad based on their surroundings and how their needs are met and that effects if they do tasks and how fast they work.

Right now I'm choosing between the player create groups of tasks and assigning workers to the group or just having all tasks delegated by type i.e. mining tasks are delegated to workers with the miner role.

I have been working on this I have a big update for it coming with level system, new animations and more. Darn UE4 being a butt to cook my project after updating :(

Well I only have one game up on at the mo and it's Honeycomb! (which requires Java 8), ironically a pet project I didn't intend to be a game.

Lots of messing about with hexagonal maths and creating a lot of basic 2D tech for my future projects, and I turned it into a simple clicker game somehow. Worth five minutes if you have the time :)

All of my projects feed back into my ideal game, one of Those Ones that you've always kinda wanted to make? Codenamed Phantasmagoria (I love that word) with something of an established universe behind it (it's something I've written about on and off for years), it'll be a 2D elemental RPG where dialogue and brains feature just as much as action (whatever you're into, basically). I've done a lot of the data layer for it already, Honeycomb! was my practise at a 2D graphics stack in Java. Working out pretty well so far!

(graphics and palette are all works-in-progress as I develop my art further)

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I'm making Oh My Godheads!

Oh My Godheads is the world's first capture-the-head action game for 1-4 players. Capture-the-head is like capture-the-flag, but the flag is an ancient head that's alive, angry, and after you! Players fight with friends to capture these furious, living heads and bring them back to their team's plinth...if they can.

Please find more info in our game's page:


The art is AMAZING!! Nice colors :)

Thank you very much!

That looks strange and fantastic. I've got to try it out. Are you guys going to try crowd funding development?

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Thanks AlexSTV.

Yes, we are planning a crowdfunding campaign sometime soon. Please stay tuned! Subscribe in our site, or follow us in Twitter / Steam to know when that happens!

here's some wip shots. been working on 2D action rpg. surreal/cyberpunk. it's getting bigger than anticipated.

it's the last days of the world. when it ends, the game starts over. stat growth remain. you can interact with the world differently each time for different results. eventually you'll be able to solve the mystery.

All these games look amazing, good job to y'all!

This is what I've been working on in my free time

It's basically inspired by the classic snake game but it's a mouse instead. You can move the mouse around with the.. well.. mouse and eat the yellow squares, when you hit the green ones you lose.

I recently began working on my second game, codenamed 'Project Red'. It is a puzzle-platformer in which there are two characters ('Red' and 'Blue'). However, they both share the same controls (WASD or arrow keys). The key mechanic is that only Red collides with red tiles and only Blue collides with blue tiles. You must navigate both characters to their respective end-zones.

A demo video can be found here:

I am looking for help with artwork and music, so please let me know if you'd like to help, and aside from that I'm welcoming feedback to shape the development of the game.


I was making this small survival game with Game Maker. It's sort of procedurally generated, and it is pretty nice so far. I haven't added any SFX or anything similar to this, though.

Basically I haven't added much stuff to this game, but I might eventually come back to making this some day.

For more stuff like this follow me on Twitter or whatever, it's kinda worth it.

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I'm not working on a major project right now. I'm making small things in the hope something sticks. I start a new thing every so often. So I might post in this thread frequently.

Right now it's two exploration games. One's 3D and set outdoors (aiming to be a sandbox with a loose plot, of sorts, Unnamed), and one's a sidescroller and set inside a tomb. (Locks n' keys and that sort of thing, called Brickpunk Necropolis). They probably won't get finished.

Hi everyone!
Here's the next game we're working on, a platforming roguelight in which you play a grandma crafting stories!

Here's our intro video !


My buddy @jdpalmerart and I have been working on The Cairn, a 2D, action RPG. Progress has been coming along, couple hiccups here and there, looking to have a playable demo come January.

I've been following progress on this for a while, I can't wait for the demo! How long is the demo?


We plan for it to go through a single "mini" level showing off all the different things the game will have to offer.

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HOVR | hover-boarding in spaace

Sweet, really. Nice, simple graphics; I think you should try to do as much as you can with the animation on the player character to eke out as much personality as you can out of him.

As for the gameplay mechanics, do you adhere to the surface? Is that why you turned to face the purple block?

Deleted 301 days ago

So much great stuff here, awesome variety.

Throwing my hat in the ring, just launched Eleminer after a dev process spanning a couple years and the birth of my son(!):

Inspired by classics like Asteroids, Galaga, and Snake, Eleminer returns to the classic roots of arcade gaming, but with a twist: the further you progress through the game, the more vulnerable you become. Each pod you collect extends your tail further into the asteroid field; pair careful maneuvering with tactical greed to make it through eight zones of increasing chaos.

Nothing special, focusing on work mostly.

Also working on a tiny game at the moment. It's a two-player splitscreen game endless runner-type game, currently I've been calling Time of our Lives. As you can imagine it's about recreating that famous pose from the original dirty dancing movie.The idea came from a completely random discussion one day that involved Patrick Swayze and VR games.

One player is a man who runs from one side of the map to the other, avoiding various obstacles in order to reach a specific point in the level where they must leap at the other player. The other player is a man-sized grackle and must run around trying to position themselves in order to catch the other player when they leap towards them. I's still in the early stages and I may make it in Gamemaker (my original plan was to make it in unity and somehow involve ragdolls for it to become some sort of QWOP/Surgeon Simulator type game). Here is a concept piece I made out of the assets I made for it:

I also want to add more rooms to Mystery House and get a randomly generation thing going so the rooms are different each time. It would let me tell more story in a smaller game and add replay value (I assume/hope).

Hey folks! I'm working on ProtoPsyche, a Zelda-like set in a Sci-Fi setting with some Metroidvania elements. It was featured on the front page a few months ago!

I've been working on it for almost two years now during my down-time. I usually post longer updates on the game on Tumblr and smaller updates (and more personal things) on Twitter. I'll be working on the game almost every day in the upcoming month, so check those out if you want to see more or keep up with the development!


i realllly love those character portraits


Hi, i built Apps & Games for Android.

here one of my Quizzes on Football Players Quiz Pro


We're just finishing up our 6th point and click game, this one is called A Short Tale. It was meant to be quite a short game ( both in gameplay and development time ) but as always, it's grown in both those aspects.

I am working on a little mobile thing for making CYOA games. It is modeled kinda on flickgame, which was made by the amazing increpare. I haven't put in the color links yet, but you can add a bunch of text options to link all the different scenes together.

When your done, the little upload button exports your game to a website that you can share around.


hey jonbro, this looks quite good!! how are you making this?

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I am doing it in unity, with just html for the webplayer. I have been forcing myself to get to the end of the prototype this week without swapping over to iOS native (obj-c or swift), because the UI tools in unity are pretty annoying to work with. On the upside it does mean that I will be able to release it for android without too much fuss though, so that is nice.

(also, thanks! I posted a screenshot on twitter yesterday and got crickets and it was pretty depressing)

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While I'm still waiting for the music on another game to be done, I started working on the next one. I have a pretty good idea on what's it going to be (more or less the "Endless-Attack" mode from Mega Man 9 extended to a whole game), but I still don't have a name for it.

I'll try to have a prototype ready for early January but progress over the last few days was rather slow.

At least I managed to make the first enemy:

Ooh, I love that colour scheme.

(1 edit)

thanks! I have no idea what I'm doing, so I hope it still looks consistent once I'm done with it.


Watt The Cluck is in development. No sound yet, but graphics all but finished:



Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 18.49.02

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 18.47.47

Me and my small indie dev company,(Me as the developer, and one of my best bubs as the designer.)QLGames, are working on a platformer called..."Snot-Man". This is our third game, but it is very secret! I can only show you this gif: Sorry about the bad quality.

(1 edit)

Well, once this gets greenlit:

I plan on finishing this, which has been in development for 8 years already. Not all in a row or anything- in fact I've completed 3 or 4 games since starting H2- but I think it'd be a collosal waste to basically be 95% done and never ever finish it. I really just have the end boss fight, the ending, and 2 cutscenes that need to be in there. That and most of the voiceovers. Those will take a while to do since there's so much dialogue in this

create a football manager combined with top eleven more perfect with 3d highlits with more options. more games with more graphics and playability


I'm working on Exodemon


It is a first person shooter for PC, Linux and Mac, where the player takes role of an scientist infected by demonic forces through chaotic instalations.

Highly inspired by classics like Doom, Hexen, Quake and Heretic, Exodemon brings the good old shooter spirit with a fresh new approach.

hope this doesn't count as necro-posting :D

this is my first game i've ever actually finished to a point of it being published to public domain. simple little shooter game, score as high as you can before you die.

known bugs: after you return to main menu from the game, some assets are invisible

i'd like to add a few more sounds and some music, but beyond that i'm fairly pleased with it and would cosidere moving on to my net project

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