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About The Modeler's " Fiskehoved " Post

A topic by Alaa Nasro created Jun 16, 2017 Views: 199 Replies: 3
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So, I hired up,  Fiskehoved to help us on our game, He joined us normally,started working (didn't finish first task even) Ah, He left the Discord server, blocked me right away after asking "Whats going on mate?" And, what I'm pretty much afraid of? Getting my game information leaked,some files are attached to the server, I'm pretty much in panic now,so please don't trust this guy, Fiskehoved

I repeat,don't do that! 


OR maybe he just found a better project to work on.

Leaving without a note,is obviously not a good thing,though,so stop defending him.


The example models he linked  from imgur in this post seem to be free models from trading sites... although one of those models are also listed for a high price on other sites?

  • This site here specifically lists all the same sword renders in that imgur post, with no author attached, while another page  does mention the source, which can be found at this profile for 3Dniator. He shared the same model for free and features the gun model that also shows up in the renders from imgur -- Maybe Fiskehoved is that person as well? It seems to be a fresh profile... (It could be best to contact them for closure.)
    • 3Dniator has a blog/portfolio... the associated email is not the one Fiskehoved shared, but it's not unusual for someone to have multiple emails. It just doesn't make sense he'd share that one instead.
    • I don't think it's a stretch for someone who lives in India to be able to speak fluent Danish and English, but in this case, it's suspicious. (Unless 3Dniator goes to school in Denmark now and forgot to update his location.)
  • This one, however,  has the sword listed for $219 from a completely different user.  No sign of the gun. Just thought I'd note that. You might have to start checking post dates to get a clear idea of who did what first. (except this site doesn't have any listed OTL)
  • BTW The gun came up with a few more hits than the sword.
  • Um, if I'm not being too nosy... here's a youtube page likely associated with the email Fiskhoved dropped btw... (found it via G+. I say likely cuz i can't double check the email of this YT, but the names and icon line up.) You can try contacting this person, too...

I originally wasn't gonna say much of anything but the initial post in his thread personally tipped me off as a little strange...  IDK if he was misguided in his pitch by showcasing "the big names" that use Maya -- an industry standard tool --  instead of his own work... he said he was new to the 3D artist scene, so it's possible... (however really odd. The more research I do the more slimy it seems tbh.) I'd rather not jump to calling a newbie a fraud...  but... something seems fishy. (Nevermind what images come up when you try to google Fiskehoved this is not the time to be punny.)

I really hope you can get into contact with someone so you can work with some peace of mind again!! Also, I hope everyone will do a little research on future team mates who don't link something along the lines of a legitimate portfolio or personal blog. Y'know.... Something with some personal identity that you don't have to google... They may not have completely finished work, but if they can at least share WIPs, that'll be better than nothing. If they're dishing out quality, they should have a track record somewhere.