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Part 3-The Monsterous Encounter (Clone Drone Story)

A topic by ThatFlamingDragonLord01 created 123 days ago Views: 122 Replies: 7
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Scratches were on every section of my body, sorrow was in the air, but, that didn't stop me, Drako and I  had
lives' ahead of us and that's all that mattered, I dragged through the bushes and trees in search of 
food, slaying every leaf in my way with the scorched blade in my hand.I couldn't let Drako down...

Then, I saw it, a whole field of chickens...my eyes glimmered in happiness, finally, a little mercy was given, we had
a shimmer of hope...I took a great leap and darted forward...I made a grave mistake...how could I let my guard
down this much...

*ssshhhh* I looked up in horror..." is that what I think it is?...no...it couldn't be...I...They're...they found me..
The thrusters of the giant spaceship lowered...then, 5 robots with jetpacks and hammers jumped down...there was no escape"Rooooaaaarrr!!" Drako and the other dragon came bolting forward, Drako held me in his jaws and protected me, in the grasp
of death, he still protects me...the other dragon, as fast as lightning slaughtered every robot in our way.

Drako threw me onto his back, I held the sword firmly and stood on Drako's back with a grip of a monkey,in an instant, he flew to the top of the flying object
and dropped me...the tables were turned...we weren't the ones getting surprised...

I melted a circle on top of the device and hopped in,10 security bots rushed in, 2 with special lazer guns and the rest with tasers and lazer swords...
I clinched my fist and cut the robots in half with one strike, then...I felt the pain of melting skin on my arm, a robot with a lazer sword jumped and slashed against
me...pain overcame me...My eyes turned green, veins appeared....I struck the monster 9 times in the chest within a second, I threw the sword and decapitate the beast...

Suddenly a large pain was thrown against my back, an unarmed jetpack bot flew towards me and trapped my hands...was this the end?
How would I possibly escape...I was going to die...What would happen to Drako and the other dragon...I couldn't believe my life would end this way

Part 4 tomorrow :D

Part 2 = Part 2 of Clone Drone Story

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Part 4 Completed

Hint:The robot uses fire and starts with R (and no...the r does not stand for robot)

*cough* unreleased robot *cough*

the question is, what will be RIDING the fire raptor? O.o :3

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good point, (I kinda...forgot that part and had to redo half of part 4...my bad xD...)

edit:obviously the chickens :o



Part 4 =Part 4 of Clone Drone Story