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Update (15.06.2017)

A topic by MOKKA created Jun 15, 2017 Views: 430
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Today's update is a bit weird, because it mostly affects the secret levels, or parts of them. My apologies, if the notes seem to be a bit lacking because of that.


  • If you managed to complete two secret stages within a run, the game might give you a hint on the third stage's location. You still have to figure out the exact location, as well as how to get there yourself.
  • Fixed a bug with the level sequencing, that affected the levels that have secret level entrances in them. Basically, if you have completed a secret level, the chance of getting a level that has an entrance to one that you haven't completed yet, increases for your next loop (and drops off, if you don't visit it). This wasn't completely working as intended, but it should be fixed now.
  • Added two things to stuff that I can't talk about openly, because of spoilers.
  • The description of Hyper mode and the leveling system now reflects the most recent changes to said system.


As always, thank you very much for your support and please let me know, if you have any questions or suggestions.