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Part 2-The Heroic Save (Clone Drone Story)

A topic by ThatFlamingDragonLord01 created 130 days ago Views: 130 Replies: 6
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I leaped onto Drako's back as he bent his head down and raised  his back like a pouncing cat, then he darted forward and took
flight, my heart raced, the wind felt like a thousand arrows dashing through the sky.Deep inside, the sorrows grew darker
and darker, my mind wouldn't stop thinking of them...


"Drako, we're running low on food, we could look for some since we're already in the sky, also, I guess you encountered them already?" trying to get the words out my mouth 
I shouted as the strong wind flew past me...
suddenly, the wind grew weaker, I looked down only to discover the worst-

"Drako, wake up, are you okay!?"I screamed as he began to tilt forward....the wind must've hit him hard on the head, he's
probably to young to fly....no matter he was so friendly,"Drako, we're gonna land in the water, wake up, buddy!"
I closed my eyes and held my breath-
Then, I felt a strong pain on my back, I opened my eyes saw something dart above us...it was a dragon 2 times Drako, at least
3 times Drako's size....It was black in color, 6 horns on its head, it had 2 legs and it's arms were 
attached to it's wings...it was scaly and wore a set of spikes on it's back...why was it here?...
It flew under Drako and grabbed his front legs with the terrifying claws on it's feet, then when we arrived to land it threw
us off and disappeared into the clouds....why did it help us...how are they so much dragons....what happened to the world I knew....
After I recovered a little I decided to look for food for Drako and me...however food wasn't all I encountered

Part 2 of the Clone Drone Story

sorry if this one is a little boring...little hint=[Clones=3] 

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Part 1 = part 1 of Clone Drone Story

The story is cool so far!

thanks btw...I only decided to make it after I saw you're story,you're soooooooooo good

I love this story! youre a great writer!!

thank you :D

Part 3 = Part 3 of Clone Drone Story