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Lonely Adventure - first person space adventure to help humans survive as a species

A topic by ingraw created Jun 14, 2017 Views: 366 Replies: 3
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I am working on a game where player will take a lonely journey to the edge of the Solar system in a slightly irritating company and will try to discover the source of an anomaly suspected of causing an appalling asteroids activity close to Earth.
Until then he will have to survive deep space dangers and learn the true meaning of inertia :)

I believe that games should not be played passively. So instead of watching the story unfolding before your eyes take an action and make a change.

Lastly I've added new device to ship - to control asteroids and other objects in space. It works like this:




Genre: Adventure, Action, ??? (difficult to say)
Platforms: Windows
Language: English

This sounds like it will be really awesome and innovative


I hope You are right :)

Almost finished first major point of interest. To not make any spoilers I will show this picture only.

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