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Glitch that makes me fly away

A topic by awaremolten created Jun 14, 2017 Views: 114 Replies: 2
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As the title suggests, I found a glitch that made my fly really far into the sky.

I was playing one of those "Troll Enemy-Spam Levels". I finally beat it, and I wanted to get a screen shot of me beating it.

I was excited when I finished, but when I exited photo mode, something strange happened. I couldn't move, and my character was stuck in the pose you see in the picture. I figured he was stuck in his animation, so I tried to trigger another animation by kicking (because nothing else would work). This launched me into the air, and I flew out of the arena. The only way I would stop flying away was to exit the level, which  made me loose all of my hard-earned progress on this nearly impossible level.


Hello and thanks for the report!

I have run across similar physics behavior before, but decided to take a look a this issue specifically this morning. Some findings so far that I didn't know; when stuck on the power attack animation, switching to bow and then kicking can allow you to move freely again. Flying out of the arena I was not able to reproduce this time, but it's certainly happened to me before, and continues to happen to Spidertrons given the right conditions.

I'll make some notes on our bug tracker based on all of this. Thanks again for the awesome report!


I tried to get a video clip, but as you said, it was really difficult to recreate.