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Part 1-Hell Is Here... (Clone Drone Story)

A topic by ThatFlamingDragonLord01 created 130 days ago Views: 177 Replies: 3
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For 10 years now, warriors were murdered as the beasts of the universe sent wrath upon earth, everything became absolute

It was time to end the war...they watched as people perished before their metallic feet...

Here I was laying on the ground with a sword to my neck...it's the end----
I remember when I was an innocent kid, knew nothing, just there, had no idea how cruel life was...

"woooow a space ship, isn't that cool da-" the golden laser preyed upon us, grabbing us one by one,smoke shot up,"DAD,MOM?"I shouted,but
it was too late,I turned around,my parents soulless...they're bodies laying there,no heartbeat,nothing.I sworn to get revenge...
I searched for a whole year for a place to train,from the oceans to caves,even volcanoes,then I saw it.
Located on an island lost in sea,with the tallest mountain I had even seen...what laid on top was unbelievable
A fierce dragon,scales covering it's body,a tail with a small wing at the end,it had 2 horns on it's head,teeth as sharp as knifes,
claws like razor blades,it was red in color....how could it exist?Where was it hiding...
The creature looked fierce but didn't attack,then,it gave off a raging roar,it had a flaming sword stuck in...who did it?
After helping him, we became best friends though the following years, I gave him the name "Drako"
Where, next, Drako helped me perfect my fighting skills, how many more humans were alive?
Then the same scene replayed in my mind, my parents, how could I be so helpless...my soul was broken, hatred grew inside of me
I'll never let them survive, those robots shall pay...but...I still don't know why they kidnappe-no, if I start to think of that-
..."Drako, let's practice flying"
With the flaming sword in my hand, hatred within me, Drako by myside, I knew I was ready to face the killers of my family, ectI'll make
them regret everything

Please tell me if you want Part 2 or Part etc. ...I enjoy making stories but I still need a lot of practice...my stories aren't good yet....but if you enjoy it...part 2 soon? (EDIT:I love dragons...sorry...xD)

This story's cool!

thank you :)

Part 2= Part 2 Clone Drone Story