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mapping joystick or gamepad in settings

A topic by christian.coler created Jun 12, 2017 Views: 122 Replies: 3
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Hi, just started using PV8 and I'm having trouble figuring out if the joystick (assuming joystick means gamepad and not just an actual analog joystick) controller settings are unimplemented so far or if I'm just an idiot..Wanted to test stuff with a generic USB NES style controller while developing, but under the controller settings, joystick mapping is greyed out. Wasn't sure if that is because it doesn't exist yet, or if PV8 wasn't detecting my controller for whatever reason. I've got no problem using joy2key, was just curious!

I ran into the same issue as you, and I concluded that the joystick stuff is disabled at this time. I also confirmed my pad worked in Windows 10.

Yes, it's disabled for now. It's on the list to add in full controller support in a future build.