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Version 1.1 Details Sticky

A topic by Heavy Diesel Softworks created 136 days ago Views: 427 Replies: 17
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We hope to have 1.1 out by the end of July.

- Add the ability to jump and fall if desired (better, more robust ground detection logic)
- Split inventory (note this does not mean holsters) into its own object that can be saved and loaded on its own.
- Misc object holster
- actual holster meshes (not just boxes  )
- Bug fixes
- Oculus Rift button mappings

- Orient the hand when grabbing a slide or charging handle for more immersion

-Ability to switch weapon between hands

BP_VRCharacterInventory (NEW)
- Class that handles all inventory logic 
- Load and save inventory values
- UI changes to make life easier
- This class will eventually handle the "Backpack" logic in 1.2

- Option for Simple or Advance Magazines
- Simple Magazines work like they do currently
- Advanced magazines load physical bullets into arrays that allow you to have different types of bullets, of the same caliber, in the same magazine (EX. Hollow point and FMJ). Bullets can be fully visible (meaning all bullets have a mesh in the mag), or only top 2 visible (performance mode).
- Version 1.0 of stripper clips will be added. They will attach and then an animation will play for loading the bullets before detaching.
- Option to grab magazines instead of auto eject (ex. MP5 mag handling)

- Both beginning and ending rotating bolt logic for bolt action rifles and guns like the MP5/G3.
- clean up of bolt logic to remove extraneous bool values (less chance for errors). 
- 2 new attachment points (GripAttachments, BarrelAttachments)
- Recoil Improvements
- stats effected by attachments

- Add modes system for more arcade like guns (think space pirate trainer
- 2 new attachment points (Same as above)
- Recoil improvements
- stats effected by attachments

- Expansion of bow logic
- ability to fire different types of arrows (fire, normal, explosive, etc)
- additional options for rumble and sound
- additional sounds

Attachments 2.0

- complete rework of the scope attachments so that they actually look, and function like real scopes
- hopefully the addition of parallax to force accurate head placement (less like a camera)
- Zeroing
- Multiple zoom levels
- Addition of red dot and holographic 1x sights

BP_GripAttachment (New)
- Foregrip attachments that increase stability 

- Working Bipod that functions like the inverse of 2 handed firearm gripping
- attaches to viable surfaces that are not too sloped, and detaches if the main hand gets too far away from the weapon grip.
- will attach to the grip attachment socket just like the Grip Attachments and launcher attachments.
- activated by trigger interaction.

BP_LauncherAttachment (New)
- Grenade Launcher that attaches to the grip area.
- Both stabilizes and allows firing of a single grenade before needing to reload.

- Addition of laser attachment
- Expansion of light attachment

- Zeroing logic
- Addition of Canted Red Dot as an "Ironsight" (for use with scopes).

BP_BarrelAttachment (New)
- Barrel Attachments can effect sound and weapon stats
- Suppressors that work correctly (need subsonic ammo to be silenced but will still suppress supersonic ammo)
- Will set the type of muzzle flash and fire sound.

New Weapons

MP5 (Premium Weapon Example)
Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (stripper clip fed)
Modular SciFi Gun (Basic Firearm example gun)

Note: The MP5 is meant to be an example of the quality of guns that will come in our future weapon packs that will be sold separately from Weapon Master.

End of July? Can't wait! Just bought 1.0.2... Very Great Job. Thanks and keep up on your good work! 

PS : When your asset will be available on the  UE Marketplace, could I see it in my Vault/library?


Epic hasn't been returning emails so I have no information about the MP release at this moment. Will keep everyone informed though.

Awesome! I'm so excited to see each update. Quick question. Have you tried swapping the hands in the project with "Hands for Vr SciFi" from the Marketplace? I tried using the Mechanized gloves, but the grip variable auto changes to "Byte to Enum GripEnum." Here's a link with screenshots.


I figured it out. We need to follow the Basic Hands for VR tutorial, and then add some extra logic that's in the documentation for the Sci Fi hands. 

Developer (Edited 1 time)

You need to make sure you are using the correct animBP. I have fixed this before with that asset. Basically since the Anim_BP that comes with Hands for VR SciFi has the same name as the epic one, if you point to the wrong one in your skeletal mesh properties then you get the issue you describe.

Glad you were able to figure this out.


Is 1.1 still on track for the end of July?

just anxious for the 1.1 release hope its still on track for release this month... :)


It is still on track for next week but testing may see some bugs that need squashing. I will know more this weekend.

Any news on Oculus touch support... can't wait for the update


Hey everyone we have an Oculus Rift and Touch ordered and on its way. We will be waiting until after we receive this, and do proper testing with it,  to release 1.1. Due to high demand during their current sale Oculus is behind on orders so this will likely delay 1.1 at least a week or more (We have been waiting for our order for over two weeks now and it hasn't shipped). I just wanted to give everyone a heads up in this thread.

Hello, good job on the oculus integration. How close are we to 1.1?


I want to get the beta out in the next two weeks. Then likely a week after it will be fully released.

Hello, any news about beta?


Still working towards it. Work stuff has been taking away from some of my dev time this week. I will keep yall informed!

Hi! I think a beta for us to check out over the weekend would be much appreciated. :) itch gives you the chance to find bugs quickly and swap it out when you go final.

still no love? :/


Beta 1 of 1.1 is coming out this friday!