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Entrancing musical falling block puzzler · By davemakes

Nature Themed Sound Pack Compilation!!!

A topic by Space Owl! created Aug 16, 2020 Views: 253 Replies: 2
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Hey all!  I tweeted about how I was working on a sound pack for Mixolumia that is inspired by a deep forest setting.  I've got a nice orchestral / electronic music track going and am playing with bird wings flapping and rock sounds for the move / drop sfx.   Maybe we can make a compilation of sound packs in the theme of Nature!  We can tweak the theme if people want, but I think it's a starting point!  To participate just show your interest in here!  Feel free to post your progress and we can get this thing rolling!  Not sure how it'll go but we have to start from somewhere.  

We can eventually set it up as a project in Itch that can be purchased and we can all share in the revenue too!

Thanks again to davemakes for being so open with this whole process. 

<3 Kurt (@spaceowlpro)


I love the nature theme! It gives me an excuse to dust off my Ronroco and make a musical sound pack that is inspired by nature.

The sound of the Ronroco reminds me rain so I will try to make something with those two elements!



it's funny, the first custom song I wanted make involved an old rain loop I made years ago. Mostly because I happened to have it around already. I'm planning on tracking down some good thunder sounds for the combos.