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Ascendants: Power Rising (Now available on PC and Android!)

A topic by QueL Games created Jun 07, 2017 Views: 203
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Game's Page:

Hello everyone.

After 8 months of development, I'm finally releasing my first game, Ascendants: Power Rising.

I used RPG Maker MV and a lot of its RTP Assets. My focus in the game, is to build an amazing story/universe similar to that of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yup that's right, this is Ascendants "1" and more will come. I also focused more on the gameplay side. Every battle in the game is unique and requires strategy (less grinding). You will not just spam 1 powerful skill all the time and every monsters have unique skillset of their own as well. Each monsters have a "smart" A.I. so you will have to plan your every move carefully (never underestimate them, they can kill you if you don't pay attention). That's the 2 things I focused on, gameplay and story.

Story: Here's a 9 minute video that shows the intro.

Gameplay: Here are 2 images.

(more images can be found in the game's page: