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Something Doborog showed off on his stream...

A topic by Lucifious created Jun 04, 2017 Views: 285 Replies: 6
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In case you missed it.

year how when does this happen

What in the...? Is that a new version of Spidertron? Oh, and the weird velociraptor too.

actually that's the old version of spidertron, which I call the tripod-turtle, which as you can see spawns mk 1 sword robots. the dinosaur will be the fire-breathing enemy added into the game 


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hehe, yes, that's the green guy was my first attempt at a non-humanoid enemy. 
The limbs were far too thick though, so I decided to cut it. 

The enemy spawning was kinda interesting, so might bring that back in some form in the future!

And the other guys are the Fire Raptors, coming next update! :)

Pleas bring it back, that looks awesome!

I would love an enemy that spawns mark 1 sword robots and stuff. Endless massacre! :D