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Dynasty Feud Demo

A topic by kaia_studios created Jun 02, 2017 Views: 213
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Hi, everyone!!

Dynasty Feud is a multiplayer brawler in which you will have to fight with your chosen dynasty of 5 members that work as your life bar. Most of the characters only have one life, so they are pretty squishy. Keeping them alive and taking advantage of their abilities is primordial.

Once a character dies you can choose the next to spawn, a completely different character with a completely different set of attacks and abilities. Mastering a whole dynasty means mastering all the 5 members.

3 to 4 player matches are complete hilarious mayhem, where you can't trust anyone or have a moment to breath. There is always someone plotting to kill you, a loose arrow falling from the sky, an accurate shot crossing from the other corner or a platform falling apart. Dynasty Feud is fast, funny and many times unpredictable.

If you are looking for a tight fight, 1 vs 1 once you know the in and outs of the characters become really nerve racking. A close fight, calculating every movement cautiously to surprise your opponent, without exposing too much your character. A fighting dance going back and forth until someone makes a deadly mistake.

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