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Update Log Sticky

A topic by Snake94 created 143 days ago Views: 36 Replies: 1
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Developer (Edited 2 times)

V_1.0 Launch Specification

  • 105 different maps to explore.
  • 6 different expertise (classes) to choose from.
  • Quest Journal.
  • 26 Books to read and collect.
  • 143 Unique Items
  • 128 Unique Weapons
  • 95 Unique Armour
  • 21 Unique Resources and Ingredients
  • 24 Unique Achievements
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- When the player enters their own house (in Butrinin Hamlet) they are positioned too close to the door to exit without walking up then down. This is no longer needed.
- Shields could be equipped by Knights and Warriors. This is corrected to only allow Warriors to use shields.
- Shield descriptions changed from Heavy Armour to Large Shield.
- Shields now available in the weapons shops and no longer in the armour shops.

- Website updated with Large Shield category added to weapons section and removed from heavy armour section.
- New Weapons and Armour pieces added to website.

New Weapons:

- Shield of Veles (UC)
- Defender Longsword (C)
- Betrayer Wand (C)

New Armour Pieces:

- Fortune Armour (C)
- Protector Robes (C)
- Warrior Armour (C)