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Make little games, worlds, and stories! · By Adam Le Doux

Theme suggestions!

A topic by Adam Le Doux created Jun 01, 2017 Views: 1,828 Replies: 62
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Hey if you want to suggest a theme for one of the monthly jams, please post here! :)

For inspiration, here are the jam themes that have been suggested so far:

  • Alien abduction

  • Surrealism

  • ... and we never looked back

  • Poetry

  • Repetition, repetition, repetition

  • Meta

  • oddly unremarkable

  • alter ego

  • rhubarb

  • experiment

  • infection

  • the DMV

  • Very Important.

  • wrestling

  • radio silence

  • snack run

  • giant

  • preformance

  • memory

  • what I had for breakfast

  • a secret

  • pen pals

  • if on a winter's night a traveler (interesting title of an italo calvino book)

  • labyrinth

  • mirrors

  • riding in the back seat of a car

  • daydream on a hot day

  • high five


small world


Well, it's me again. I had to vanish when school swallowed me whole, but it's great to see so many nice games coming out of the jam!

I suggest...

  • Kleptomania
  • 11:11
  • Forgetting something
  • Remembering something
  • Another lazy summer
  • Lunchtime
  • Flight
  • Ocean/water

I love the idea Kleptomania!

welcome back Chusday! great theme suggestions :D I like "forgetting something" and "another lazy summer" in particular

Great ideas folks! keep em coming :)


Heyo, got a few ideas

  • Dreams of leaving
  • Feeling of being watched
  • What's for lunch?
  • The train home
  • A moth flew out
  • B-movies
  • The master thief
  • Do you have any gum?
  • The lights go out
  • Dreamwalkers

From Nathan Altice:

  • Flea market
  • Garage sale





- truth

nice! keep em coming :)


- Escape

- Home

- Space

- Discovery

- Moving on

- Finding a Better Ending

good ones!

- bric-a-brac

  • tour of your mind / inside your mind
  • trains
  • wind
  • boats
  • trinkets
  • hats
  • doodle

- Song: The game! (make a bitsy game based on a song)

-Game: The game! (make a bitsy game based on a different game)

It would be intresting to see what people come up with.

You could also do this with other things. (TV show, movie, ect)

good ideas! :) I think the song one would be particularly interesting


Concept: "The Sequel" jam. Build a second game as a tie-in to another one of your games, bitsy or otherwise. Or, for bonus community points, build a sequel off of someone else's game (after asking permission, of course :^) ) 

I think someone in the moth jam made a game that was a tie-in to another one of their games and it was super rad, that's what gave me this idea originally.


- Fear

- Grave/ Grave Digger/ Undertaker

- Public Transportation 

- Translation 

- Life after Highschool or Post- Secondary School


- synchronicity

- nostalgia

- birthdays

thanks so much for the suggestions folks! I put up a new theme poll on twitter if you want to vote:

(btw if I didn't use yours this time, I'll still probably use it for a future poll)


More suggestions from me.  I figure I'll come up with more every time I do a game in Bitsy.

  • museum
  • telescope
  • microscope
  • walk on the beach
  • statues
  • emojis
  • puzzle
  • hero
  • campout

oooh these are great! thanks so much for taking the time to come up with them :O

I especially love telescope, campout, and statues

No need to thank me. I love Bitsy so much that these ideas just come out naturally as I doodle and make games. The program is just so darn conducive to making these small ideas.


"Lost" would be a good theme as it is very open ended leaving tons of room for creativity! It would also be cool to see how people interpret it!

good idea! thanks for the suggestion :)



good idea! thanks :)


-Music inspired


-Box Art



Hey for the holidays in December we could do a jam where we each make a game addressed to another bitsy developer as a sort of tiny present. 

oh that's a fun idea!

I like this idea too!

so sweet

Deleted 117 days ago

nope! :) I'm open to suggestions

Deleted 117 days ago

Classic children tales? (oh, well, I'm working on a little piece in Bitsy that recreates Little Ridding Hood) ;)


birth / regeneration / growth



  • Bedtime
  • Midnight
  • Fire

Those are what I could think of.


great ideas! I included "midnight" in the options for this month's jam


if you havent already it might be cool to do a poll of all the runner up themes from previous polls

ohhhhh this is a really good idea!


I think I'll do this for the 12th bitsy jam to celebrate a year of these :)

  • Flicker
  • Noise
  • Missing
  • Tell me again
  • Another time
  • One dimensional
  • Three dimensional
  • Four dimensional
  • The tables have turned and also the chair

these are fun! thanks james :D

no problem! Thanks for picking noise ^_^


I feel like a theme of "oh no" would yield some fun results.

hahaha I love it

reminds me of this webcomic

  • Broken
  • Distance
  • Sunflower / Flowers
  • Windy Days
  • By Any Other Name
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Ocean / Across the Sea 
  • Mirror
  • Precious
  • Grease

thanks! these are cool :)


Hello. I have some more suggestions.

  • Time lapse
  • Matrix
  • Star
  • Mistake



Hi. I mentioned on Twitter a while ago that I'm running Gothic Novel Jam in July & I plan to create something in Bitsy for it. But if you're planning on running another Bitsy jam in July too, & if the Bitsy community is interested, then maybe there could be a gothic themed Bitsy jam too?!? :-) Just a thought.

The Gothic novel jam sounds fun! I'll put gothic as one of the poll options for july :)

Thanks Adam. :-)


bitsy First person

people have to make first person viewed games.


Just here to notify that it is already done.

In honor of Anthony Bordain, how about a kitchen theme?

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just one of those days

(edit: this is my theme)


Any way to contact you , email or discord?

Lemons. Unicorns. 666. 13. Guinea pigs. Things that rhyme with "Bitsy".

I'm rather new to the community but if I could suggest something, I think I'd like to see a theme with some comedy potential to it, perhaps like: A Custard Pie, or "In Bitsy, Banana Peels Slip On YOU", or maybe Clownfish Capers, or a good old fashioned "Why did the Cat cross the road?"