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We released Cublast HD on! If you enjoy games like Super Meat Boy and N+ you should totally check this out!

A topic by ThinkFast Studio created Jun 01, 2017 Views: 112
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Hey IndieGame Lovers!  

Quickly explained what Cublast HD is, you navigate through levels collecting points and solving puzzles while trying to finish them as fast as possible. Your fastest times will be submitted into a world-wide leaderboard where you and other people are able to see each others runs (replay). There's about 100+ levels consisting of single player, co-op and versus levels that will keep you going for many hours and to make it clear, it's HARD. To add the cherry on top you can create your own levels and submit these to the community, for everybody to play and rate!

Cublast HD on


Gameplay footage

Hope some of you puzzle/fast-paced platformer fans appreciate this one.