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Excuse me.

A topic by Gitrow created May 30, 2017 Views: 236
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Why are you asking for pre-order money for Echoes when, as of 30MAY2017, you have not only NOT completed MD:SOA, but have now TWICE delayed the release of Hikaru's route?
Per THIS link, you were able to raise $13,062 while needing $20,200 to make Echoes. Does this mean you are trying to make up the $7,138 difference up via pre orders, while also trying to collect money on your BTS VN via gofundme?
I am genuinely curious to know HOW such a small team such as yourselves (three or four last I checked) are going to be able to manage the TIME and MONEY for all of these projects, considering your team is frequently updating on how stressed, tired and overwhelmed they are with all the projects you have to complete. Yet you have no problem asking for the money to fund these said projects, while not providing updates to those who HAVE already funded your previous projects,  nor ANY form of engagement. You have now used Kickstarter,, AND Gofundme to try and get money for your projects. It is becoming increasingly suspicious that you cannot stick to just ONE form of crowd funding.