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Gamedev Experiments

A collection of gamedev experiments cut down to small digestible projects · By Pigdev

Bundle everything in a single .zip?

A topic by Pigdev created Jul 30, 2020 Views: 144 Replies: 4
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Hey there, I think I’ve been doing these experiments files in a weird way…

As for now, each one is an individual file with its own Godot project.

What do you think about bundling them all together?

I have some options in mind:

  1. A single Godot project with folders for each experiment (might cause some issues regarding the project structure, especially if I want to re-use assets across experiments)
  2. A single .zip with a folder for each experiment, which would be each an individual Godot project (quite inconvenient, but maintains a better structure)
  3. Keep it as it is (inconvenient since if you want more than 1 file you need to download, save, extract and import each .zip)

Would you rather 1 or 2 or 3?



It's less messy and better to learn.

(But only if the final .zip file isn't too big)



In our discord server we’ve been debating other alternatives. What do you think about:

Having one bundle with all experiments each being its own Godot Project each on their exclusive folder and having each experiment available individually for download

That would be even better!

Awesome! Thanks a lot for the feedback :D