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Get Neurotic!

A topic by Xxaion created May 27, 2017 Views: 227 Replies: 2
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This is a demo of my first game. It's currently in development, but I figured that it would be extremely helpful to get some feedback from others. I do tend to be my own worst critic, so I don't trust my own opinion on things that I create.

This game is a top-down, old-school style RPG that has lots of "immature"/dark humor and deliciously packed with profanity. There is a bit of lore already implemented but you have to seek it out, that way, you aren't faced with an exposition simulator and you don't need to be bothered by it if you don't particularly care. For those who do care about the lore and the real story going on, you have to seek it out in the game world.

Main things that set this game apart from most RPGs:

  • Your character is not "the chosen one". Your character is actually a nobody who can't remember anything before the moment that the game starts. *Queue lore search*
  • No main questline. I really wanted to go off the beaten path with this game as I thought it would be interesting to see how well an RPG could stand with only interesting and long "side quests". To clarify, there is no main quest and no quest log. Just a bunch of different little adventures you embark on while meeting some pretty interesting people. I felt that this would make the game a bit more realistic and not some overblown "chosen hero" crap.
  • The... *content*... of the dialogue. LOTS of profanity and "immature"/dark humor. That's my personal taste. Some may find it childish or obnoxious and some may absolutely love it! (I'm hoping it's the latter)
  • The difficulty. You are definitely NOT button mashing your way through this game. This game will beat you like a misbehaved potato if you don't use your team together and strategically.
  • *Interesting* characters. This game isn't called Neurotic for piss and giggles. You wanna taunt a psychotic hobo in the desert and see what happens? Knock yourself out. How about calming the spirit of an autistic skeleton? Yeah, we know you want to. And what about taking drugs and being transported to another dimension? Clean up the drool on your face, please.
  • You can really f*** things up. This game won't hold your hand. Your interactions with NPCs carry weight. If you piss off the wrong person and win the ensuing battle, that dude is GONE... along with any quest/reward/secret/service/or information they could have provided. Unless you play as an absolute pacifist, you could end up with many different outcomes. So, in a sense, I guess the game kind of encourages being a bit.... neurotic... Hah! See what I did there?
  • Secrets. Elaborate, mindf****ing secrets. I'm hiding sh** in this game like a christian hiding their dildo. Have fun finding it all! It's gonna take a reddit page and a couple years for you guys to figure it all out.

So, if any of this touched you in just the right way, come on over and have a little looksee:

If you enjoy it, want to give some feedback or if you just want to unleash the salt, leave some comments on the game page :D

Will you release Mac and Linux versions?

I plan to, yes. I'm developing on windows at the moment so it's much easier to deploy for windows. As the game gets closer to completion, I'll deploy for Mac and Linux.