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The Tower - Defend your wizardtowerlike a true wizard

A topic by Malevolent created May 26, 2017 Views: 126
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Link to current version of the game:

The Tower is a towerdefence game that focusses on defending your own tower, you can shoot magic, use strong skills, upgrade your tower , research new ways to kill enemies and build defences. 

 Shooting at enemies will be your main priority, there will be  a variety of monsters avialable some with weakneses you will have to exploit in order to kill them. 

Each night in the game will feature a boss, killing bosses wil be important to progress in the game .

About myself

Hello community, i'm new here on and this will be the first devlog i'm going to publish on here. I'm also new in development and this is the first Unity project i will be finishing . I'm studying IT in the netherlands and want to make a small protofolio of games/projects i have worked on and this seems like a perfect start to push myself into furthering my experience with programming.

The project

i will mostly be working on the mechanics & the programming of the game, i myself am no artist and lack knownledge in developing 3d topdown models/animations & music/soundFX. I tried some 2d stuff but i am nowhere near a good pixelartis :(. 

if you would like to help with the game in any of these areas i would love the support and you will be named in the credits.

Some screenshots ( Very basic )

Ingame :

Menu screenie :

What's left to do:

Research tree & system.

Building traps & creating a trapbuilding phase before a night. Traps will be made in the workshop and will last a set number of uses or can be destroyed. 

More enemies, introducing weaknesses to enemies via nia useable skills to break harnesses etc.


if you would like to contact me for additions to the project. Email me at :

Feedback is always welcome :)