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A 2D sandbox adventure from two Fable devs. · By PixelCount Studios

Question regarding romance/progression

A topic by SpecterCody created May 25, 2017 Views: 624 Replies: 4
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Hello there, I like the planned ideas and style of the game so far. I have a couple questions regarding how you will handle the lineage/children/romance in the game.

It seems that your character will eventually die and leave behind a child... How will this child manifest? Is a relationship necessary to have a child? Does that mean we are forced to have a relationship if so?

Will you allow same-sex relationships in the game? I hope you guys will allow this freedom for the player to play how they wish.

Thank you.

I asked the same question and yes they said the intended to allow same-sex relationships in the full game :D



Yes it's our intention to have same-sex relationships in the full game.  In this case (and in the case of not having a child) adoption will be an option available to continue the game.



Thank you for the reply! I look forward to finding out more as your game develops and wish you luck with it.


Very kind of you!