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macOS download is bundled incorrectly.

A topic by bruvzg created Jul 13, 2020 Views: 93 Replies: 6
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macOS .app bundle is assembled from the wrong template, “” (which is incomplete, there is not executable path and other data in the .plist, it’s filled on export and intended only for export templates) instead of “” making it unusable.

Also, “libMoltenVK.dylib” is missing from the bundle (should be in “”, it can be taken form the Vulkan SDK distribution), without it app won’t run unless Vulkan SDK is installed system-wide (and almost no one will have it installed like this).


I will investigate the next time slot, hopefully this weekend.

For the reference, here’s a link to my macOS build:


I have the correct tools app template, but haven't worked on the “libMoltenVK.dylib” yet.


Where do I take from Vulkan SDK distribution and where do I put it?

Precompiled SDK is available at, or you can build it from source


Seems like I can take a cached version of moltenvk and move it to\Contents\Frameworks\libMoltenVK.dylib.