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Among Authors - Emotionally evoking sad, lonely music from Seattle-based indie alt-rock band

A topic by Among Authors created May 22, 2017 Views: 186
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Hey guys I'm Ian.  I write and record sad, lonely sounding indie alt-rock music with my band Among Authors.  We are always looking for new projects and avenues to get our music to other listeners, and being an avid gamer myself, the games industry is a no brainer.  Having worked at multiple game studios as a game tester as well, I am very familiar with the industry and development cycles.  We write emotional soundtrack-esque music that we feel would be great in emotional story-driven video games.  We also love to and have written project-specific music, one project being the music to an indie PS4 and Xbox One game trailer called "On A Roll".   I've linked below an official music video we made for one of our songs off our new album.  I've also linked the official "On A Roll" game trailer we wrote and recorded music for, along with a link to our full length album which you can stream on bandcamp to get a feel for the type of music my band makes.  Please let us know if you'd be interested in using a song off our album "I AM BECOME" or if you'd like to hire us to write music specifically for your current or future project! 

Stream the album on bandcamp below: