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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Download info needed!

A topic by IsekaiGaming created 30 days ago Views: 114 Replies: 3
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Hello Pixelforest,

I bought this program 8 days ago for my new computer(that I don't want Any unnecessary apps/downloads installed on), and Still haven't gotten Any response on download details! Sorry if I sound rude, but I sent a support email 9 days(originally because there was a credit card issue), then when they responded the next day(just telling me they received my email about my cc issue...that was already fixed on my banks end), I updated it with the issue of not knowing which of the 2 unusual Windows downloads I needed to download. I also left a comment about my downloading questions in the most recent topic at the time(Development News), which likely wasn't the best place but I was Hoping for a quick response on a hot thread! Well that didn't happen! :(

I'm just concerned with the horror stories I've read about constant crashes, and Plenty of others commenting on not understanding your unusual downloads either(I'm not sure why the game page doesn't have more/better info!!). Aka what's with the bigger file having the earlier date(that's usually the other way around, right?)? Why have/need 2 downloads for the same OS in the first place, and if both aren't needed then which is actually needed? Will the download link in my purchase email automatically choose the right version or is that part of the problem people are having(or should I use the green "you own this game" download button on the top of the page?), and so on! I'm just trying to spare myself any issues by randomly clicking any links until I know exactly what I'm downloading!

Come to think of it I do have a new question about downloading too. Can we download FlowScape to a USB drive? In order to use it on the go(like during a long flight) on a laptop with limited memory, or on a second computer at work/school? 

P.s. I also didn't see a link Anywhere for joining your discord(there's likely more info there I'm sure). I might have overlooked it in my frustration, because I swear I saw one somewhere before! Well Thx Again for any info you can give me.


Hey Isekai

Theres the discord link stickied at the top of this forum

from there you can message me Pixel Forest#4545 with real time chat and we can sort out your issues

1.5 is the latest version, 1.4 is there as well just in case the latest is causing issues.

Using the itch launcher is recommended as that keeps you up to date as well as having resumable downloads.

Yes it does not have copy protection, so you can put it on a usb drive, it is quite demanding however, so a laptop running from a usb might be quite slow.

just message me on discord if you are having issues or chat in the discord in Q and A and someone would have likely responded to you pretty quickly as the community is very friendly :)

hope that helps

Thank you very much for the reply, and the information! I'm not sure how I missed the discord link when making my topic(It's been a Long Week)! I'll try the "you own this game" download button(top of my FlowScape page) and see what happens, then I'll look into the discord to try to find any more details I might need moving forward!

Even though what I've seen of the community(here in this forum) does seem friendly, I do usually still like to hear from the Official sources as often as possible though, because obviously "Trolls Are Everywhere!"(and they're usually a whole different handful of problems themselves)!

Thanks again for all the helpful info PixelForest! I can't wait to get started using FlowScape!


great, once you are up and running, check out the new tutorials i just posted ;)