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SE Basic IV 4.2 Cordelia

A Classic BASIC interpreter for the Z80 instruction set. · By Source Solutions, Inc.

Release 200612 (Zhora) Locked

A topic by Source Solutions, Inc. created Jul 02, 2020 Views: 22
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This release fixes some minor bugs and includes these features and enhancements:

  • Changed timestamp message for intermediate builds.
  • Removed double spacing after certain tokens. 
  • Restored setting background color on NEW.
  • Moved channel code in preparation for extension.
  • Fixed ASCIIZ message printing to ensure no tokens are printed.
  • Fixed DEF FN bug (incorrect token prevented function discovery).
  • Added two new calculator literals (unused at present).
  • Faster random number generation.
  • Functions can now be called recursively [10 DEF FN a(x,y)=x+y : PRINT FN a(2,FN a(1,1))=4].  
  • Fixed division bug [IF 1/4<> 0.25 THEN PRINT "BUG"].
  • Fixed exponentiation [(-10)^5].
  • Now passes Daniel Nagy's calculator test suite.
  • Fixed note table (Zeus truncates so constants are hard coded again).
  • Added vector table for frequently called routines.
  • Added printing codes for cursor up and down.
  • Minor optimizations to the file handling code.
  • All editing keys can now be read.
  • F-keys can now be read from BASIC (experimental).
  • Combined table of operators and priorities.
  • Updated copyright date.
  • Source cleanup.
  • Added Baltic (CP1257) and Vietnamese (CP1258) code pages.
  • New HELP.CP code page with Serif, Italic and Bold.