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SE Basic IV 4.2 Cordelia

A Classic BASIC interpreter for the Z80 instruction set. · By Source Solutions, Inc.

Release 200523 (Rachael) Locked

A topic by Source Solutions, Inc. created Jul 02, 2020 Views: 19
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This release fixes some minor bugs and includes these features:

  • Localization and code page support now works in the VM using the host file system.
  • Default code page is now set to Western European (for regression testing). Default language is now set to French (for regression testing).
  • Channels and streams subsystem update in anticipation of future BASIC file access support in the format OPEN #3,"O","/docs/output.txt".
  • HEX$ function to convert an integer decimal to a hexadecimal string. Example: H$=HEX$ 16384.
  • CAPS LOCK is now on by default. Very old BASIC programs written for systems with no lowercase character support fail if CAPS LOCK is off. SHIFT toggles the case of the character so that when CAPS LOCK is on it will produce lower case characters.
  • Updated start screen.
  • Cleaned up code comments and added new section headings.