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Fossil Hunters

An action-adventure game about digging for fossils and building your own dinosaurs! · By Reptoid Games

it's pretty but

A topic by HaydenPlus created Jun 21, 2020 Views: 1,151 Replies: 5
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the controls are actually the worst controls, i feel like im playing qwop.
why is z the main button? have you ever played any game ever where E isnt the interact button


I didn't really have a problem with Z as much as the fact that Enter is "Cancel" in the main menu! That's sooooooo backwards, haha. Still this is a really fun game overall.

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Yeaaah I'll be the first to admit the game's keyboard controls aren't very good! That's why we threw up the big "playing with a gamepad is highly recommended" message before the game starts. I am sorry about that! We're still working out new solutions for controls, including one that includes Mouse+Keyboard together (which is looking promising). In the meantime, maybe you can scrounge up an Xbox controller?

I'm not sure of to whom you were referring, but I do have an Xbox controller (which my SO uses). It's just imperative IMO in general game design for all menus to use arrow keys, Enter, and Escape, regardless of the actual player controls.

This game could totally use Overcooked's method for two players on keyboard! It uses WASD + Left Control/Shift/Alt, and arrow keys + Right Control/Shift/Alt, along with a couple of other keys.


the game is beautiful 

Aww ♥ Thank you very much!