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Cursiva - Available on

A topic by TimelesStudios created May 20, 2017 Views: 138 Replies: 2
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We just released Cursiva, the  Brazilian game that aims to encourage children's reading habits.

Cursiva's an interactive story that mixes challenges, a funny narrative and a world filled with surprises. The game aims to encourage children's reading habits, creativity and logic.
Cursiva is still in development and this is the pre-alpha version of the first chapter. The story tells us Eroy's adventure: a regular boy the has the task of saving the king's daughter.
The game is easy to play: just use the mouse so that you can make dialogue choices and interact with the world. The game is separated in chapters and it's possible to pick the font (cursive or print writing) and the language (English or Portuguese),  fitting the children and parents needs and wishes.

Cursiva is intended to be launched at Google Play and AppStore, but we'd appreciate any kind of feedback and suggestions about this PC version, mainly by those who have children and can play with them.


PLAY IT: Click here


Hello, did you link the incorrect game by accident?

Ok, that was weird. It was really wrong for some reason...