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Hey! Just purchased the 5$ Pack, and i'm Loving it! Few Questions: (VR)

A topic by Stahzity created May 19, 2017 Views: 318 Replies: 5
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Few Questions:

1.) How am i able to change the view of where i'm seeing for the game?

For instance, i've got to turn around to see the game, is it possible to set it in front of me while playing? (VR)

2.) I'm able to play via OpenVR and not 'Oculus' I get an error, How do i go about sending the error?

Thanks for your time !

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Hi, the default view is in front of you, no?

- You can try pressing F4 to reset to the default view

- The app will crash in option Oculus with Rift CV1, i will fix it in the next release.

Hey, thank you very much for Responding back!

and oh my god, I did not know you can press F4 to Reset the default View, thank you for that !

I would always have to turn around to start playing the game haha!

As for the app crashing with Oculus Rift CV1, thanks for the heads up!

if you need my crash log, let me know

The crash log yes please and you should read the manual when you have time ^-^

Yeah, I honestly should of haha! Instead of just diving in. ;-)

and sending you the crash log

Here it is !