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All Walls Must Fall

A Tech-Noir Tactics game set in Berlin 2089, where the Cold War never ended. · By inbetweengames

stomt messages

A topic by katux created May 18, 2017 Views: 122 Replies: 3
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i have written some, but im not sure wether you receive it or its just for devs

Hey there Katux!

The messages go to the AWMF Stomt page, you can also check that out here:

Are your messages there? Missing anything? Let us know!

You can also add new messages on that page or comment on messages. We're still pretty new to using this ourselves. Some of the things we would like to add to those Stomts over time would be some better easy to add context for us like screenshots and log files.

We will also have to figure out over time how to best group the Stomts to identify issues that are most pressing or experienced by most players.

Every Stomt message you write will help us figuring that out, so please do keep them coming! :)


ahhh ok thx, yeah all the messages are there, i was going to send a first thoughts to the forum and then found the stomt and decided to use it
thx for the game, right now this chapter is a little too short and straightforward maybe it needs secondary objetives in discos, or bonus points for full exploration and maybe some missions where you have to use your powers in an specific order to achieve goal

by the way i have discovered that you can equip the same weapon in the 3 slots, dont know if its intended but running around with 3 rifles ready to shoot can make things quite easy, oh and another thing.... could enemies spread their shot to adjacent tiles? right now it looks like they only shoot to the tile you are on making avoiding bullets quite easy, in 2 full playthroughs i ve only been cornered twice
im really excited about this game but it needs more boooom, punch, oooohhh, ahhhhhh, wtf!!!
thx again :D

Thanks for your feedback! :)