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General Feedback Sticky

A topic by mminit created May 18, 2017 Views: 8,204 Replies: 88
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Developer (1 edit)

The comment section was getting really large and unwieldy so I think this will be easier to read. Unfortunately treats comments and boards differently so all previous comments are hidden.

You can leave general feedback here, thanks.

Btw, after playing recently, I think that durability perk bug  I reported before is perhaps not really a bug but just the perk working extremely well. The first time I noticed it, I thought it was locking the durability with certain stances being used, but I think that was just circumstantial and I just happened to start loosing durability when I changed stances. I've been paying more attention to the durability of weapons with another playthrough and noticed the stance doesn't seem to really affect the chance of no durability loss, though it does seem like weapons can last for a pretty long time. RNG seems to be playing a big role here and the possible outcomes are very odd ends of the spectrum: in one fight with the perk, I can equip and fully use up a weapon before the same fight ends, and in other scenarios, it can take several consecutive fights totaling dozens of attacks before I loose just one point. So I'm not actually sure if durability is actually getting "stuck" at all.


Thanks a lot for the clarification. From what you describe it certainly sounds like the RNG is all over the place, I'll look into it.

First off - love your game.  I have a spot for lewd RPGs and yours hit the spot.  Plenty of depth and lewd things.

The only issue I've encountered with your latest version is that in one place, after walking in range of a tentacle trap, after it let me go, I walked back into the trap tile manually and couldn't walk out of it in any direction.  Was stuck in one spot.  If you need the specific location, I can go back and try to replicate the issue.

Thanks for your hard work!


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

As for the bug, yeah, some kind of screenshot of the location would be a big help if it's not too much trouble. Same goes for if you can replicate the issue. I'll try to get it to happen on my own as well.

I managed to replicate it in the same spot as before, unsure if this can be done anywhere else.  If I hold down the directional key to walk back into the tentacle trap tile manually, occasionally the player character will walk into that panel and will become stuck.

Bug Screenshot


Thanks a ton for taking the time to do this, I'll look into fixing it!

No problem at all.  One other minor thing I just noticed was a small typo.

When you encounter these monsters, the text displayed is "The enemy approaches you calmyand I imagine it is supposed to be "calmly".

Again, very minor.  Just wanted to point it out.  Take care.



Very well done, I am honestly surprised at the detailed mechanics and 'feel' of it.

My only 'complaint' was that it felt a bit easy, each encounter from the second 'area' and onwards were solvable within two turns, exception bosses. At the end of the current build (v4) I have

  • 43 Strength
  • 52 Defence
  • 43 Lewdness
  • 19593 XP unspent

Possibly due to having 'High' encounters and running around until I'd mapped each area 100%.

Not saying it's bad, just letting you know that with 'high' encounter rate, the game quickly becomes very easy.

Suggestion: Rename the topic of this thread to 'General Feedback' instead of 'Switch to discussion board' and pin it, so it's obvious where to go post General Feedback.



The difficulty is a work in progress, many people find it either too easy or too hard so I’m trying stuff out in order to address it. Do you mind if I ask what your total playtime was (just a guess is fine, I know there’s no in game timer)?

Good idea on the topic name.

(2 edits)

I think it took me 3½ hours to play through everything. Not sure, logs can lie, and I spent a fair bit of time running around trying to intentionally loose to all the different enemies, just to see who had defeat-scenes done and how.

Was surprised to see so many 'cute' scenes. Was expecting only/mainly porn. Definitely approve of that.
(Example, the 'calm' enemy in the ice area, or the naga, out of the top of my head.)

It's a good idea to try low the drop rate from dullaham with the stregth fruit ,the octopus with  lewd paper and the ice girl with the defese leaf,with the ability to increase the drop and the second clothe you easily cam get those stats too high that you kill amoust every enemy one hit except bosses end take a damage smaller than the recovery ability heals you and the lust ability recovery so many LP the you can heal your self any time you need in 3 hours i was able to reach 50 in each status .

But the game is too good so far keep with the good work

Deleted post

Hey again,

-I’m currently playing around with difficulty settings, though I’d prefer one set experience. They may or may not make it into the game.

-XP system won’t change, but I will be changing the +1HP from every enemy, once you’re much stronger than a monster it will no longer give you HP, so it should be more balanced.

-Managing LP is a main part of the game, it’s not something you should be forgetting about. I think a third resource will be confusing to most.

-There’s a save point on almost every floor, for a dungeon crawler this one is actually very forgiving when it comes to saving. In my current version there’s an easy mode that allows for saving anywhere, but like I said I’m not sure if difficulty modes will stay in the game

-I’ll try to add some flavour text for story and such, but since this is a one person project some stuff is going to have to sacrificed, I’m not a very good story teller either.

-There will be 5 costumes in total.

Thanks for the feedback!

Deleted post
Deleted post

Hey, thank you very much.

-Being able to counter while naked is intentional just like in offensive and normal stance.

-Do you mean continue the game even after you lose? It’s something I can consider if I keep an easy mode in the game.

-I’ll look into this, but there will be eventually be a gallery that will let you view them when you want.

-She has 5 costumes so sadly there won’t be multiple levels of clothing damage, it would be too many sprites to edit.

Thanks for taking the time to post.

Hi! I normally don't make accounts on sites, but I loved this game so much I just had to give my feedback!

Gameplay-wise, I think it's super fun. It's an easy game to pick up, and it doesn't feel like I have to grind for EXP, which I really like. I know there's been a bit of discussion about the difficulty, which I'd like to talk about, too.  I've found the game easy with zero grinding regardless of encounter rate, but my boyfriend has found it a bit difficult. I noticed that the difference between our playstyles was his lack of the defensive stance. I think the defensive stance is really powerful with the double regeneration and defense bonuses. I tended to heal back more damage than I took, and I could farm LP to use to heal.

The traps, especially the ones near the end that give a lot of LP, also make it super easy to heal up. Maybe there could be a downside to them, or limit the uses of heal similarly to lust? LP in general is a mechanic I think has more potential, and I really like the innovative idea of LP management. I also find that late-game, the in-battle removal of clothes helps as well, since it lets you spend 30 LP without using up a turn.

About stances: I primarily use the defensive stance, using the offensive stance when I'm at high HP. I haven't found much use for the default or lewd stance, especially in boss battles. Because of the variety of stat-changing moves (Yell, Uppercut, Taunt), the defensive stance is a necessity. I tend to play in a specialist-style in games, so I imagine the default stance will be nice for people who are generalists, but I can't imagine much uses for the lewd stance.

About the moves: this might be a bit long, so I'll split this part up.

  • First Aid - a must-have for early-game, when you don't yet have regen, and useful in boss battles too; I think it's well-balanced
  • Yell - I love to use this for boss battles, and while I'm not quite sure if the defense drop is actually worth it after a bit of testing, I like it anyways. Strangely, it doesn't seem to suffer an attack penalty from the sticky debuff, while heavy kick drops to half damage.
  • Uppercut - about the same as Yell, but requiring HP instead of LP is a nice twist to make it more risky
  • Taunt - I like how Taunt doesn't do any damage, which I think helps balance it in a game where you can out-last about anything with defensive stance and regen; feels well-balanced
  • Heavy Kick - this is my go-to attack for offensive stance, since I have a bad habit of really disliking using consumables like weapons
  • Heat - I think this, along with Taunt, are quite powerful for a possibly unintended reason: late-game, the enemies give so much LP that it might become a problem, but these two moves make it a minor concern; with how LP currently is, I feel like they should be weaker, but that might not be the right way to solve the problem
  • Tackle - after only one turn, Tackle seems to do more damage than Heavy Kick, but because Tackle only resets the continuous damage rather than stacking over it, I think it's balanced

About the music and art: I was fairly neutral to the battle music until I stopped to listen to it fully, and heard the fast piano a few minutes in. I think that part is super nice, and I wish there was more background music in the game. The art is super cute, and I love cute things! I hope there are going to be some cute outfits in the future, too.

The last thing I wanted to add was some personal ideas for the issues I addressed. To make traps a detriment rather than a help, I think they should have a longer-term debuff, similar to what you've added. However, it isn't much of a concern for the player to clean themselves up with LP, so you could -possibly- limit that to using Water? That might make things a bit difficult, though. Another option could be for Dress to take up a turn, and be the only option for clothing rather than using Heal.

A potential buff for the lewd stance is causing it to increase the enemy LP slightly too, but I'm not sure how big of an effect that has, and it loses its value after the player gains Taunt. If you feel like buffing the offensive stance, I think later enemies should increase their stats occasionally, similar to the crystal enemy. It really encourages ending the battle quickly before they can gain too much buffs.

Sorry for writing so much, but again, this is one of my most favorite games ever! Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to make this game. ^-^


Wow, thank you so much.

The game really does need for you to use all the tools you have available, especially early on. I can see why not using defensive stance would cause trouble, but yes it is a little strong now and may get nerfed somewhat, at least it’s damage reduction.

Heal use to only be a 1 time use after every battle, right now there’s no real penalty for walking into traps but that will change so they will be more threatening.

It’s sounds like you were using the stances as they were intended. Lewd stance can be helpful against enemies that won’t give you LP and more of them will be put in the game, you’re not meant to stay in it, just get your LP and get out kind of thing.

Your thoughts on the skills are helpful, and yes the sticky debuff will only have an effect on physical based skills, so yell will still be useful. I agree that heat is way too strong at the moment, the LP cost will likely be increased so it will act as an emergency move more than anything.

She’s going to get 2 more outfits in the final game that appear later on, you’ll also be able to upgrade them.

I’m really glad you like it so much.

Oh, you're right about the lewd stance; I don't know how I forgot about the enemies that don't give LP. My memory is super bad, but I think there was a boss that gave little to no LP, which I -did- use the lewd stance for.

I really like the idea of being able to upgrade outfits! I love different option for clothes in games, but it's not too common because of the amount of work it takes.

Thanks for the quick reply, and good luck with the next version of the game! I'll be looking forward to it. ^-^

I really love the game and it was fun making it to the (current) end, I do enjoy the lewd traps and always explored every tile even if it was trapped just to get the 100% before going into the next area, one thing I think could be improved on is allowing exhibitionist to work while nude, I'm one of the players that liked walking around naked and using LP against the enemy (including their own) so keeping defense is nice, I also think nude could also be expanded on (Maybe making it its own outfit?/giving it something special?) I also like that the LP miss chance doesn't happen when naked so I can keep my LP capped and use those abilities to debuff enemy attacks to make playing nude easier.

But I ramble on, looking forward to the next release, stay awesome.



You don’t need to step on every tile to map 100%, you can press X to use wait which will map the tiles next to you. I do have plans to expand on being nude through upgrades in the future.

(1 edit)

Hey Dude, I just wanted to say I love this game and I'm glad you are continuing to work on it after the lewd jam. Just one question, why don't you start a patreon? I know you told someone before that most people opt out of paying for the game, but that's because you give them the option to. I think you should start a patreon and just give people V4 as a demo since it's already free right now. I would definitely support you on patreon. It's also a good platform for feedback and updating people on progress. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to play the finished game. Either way, if you don't start a patreon, I'll throw you some cash when it's finished.


Thanks, that means a lot. Few reasons for not being on patreon:

-The game is already pretty far into development and it probably wouldn’t be used for very long if I made one, people may also see it as sleazy to suddenly make one since everything up until now hasn’t been paywalled.

-I’m one person and can’t guarantee consistency in terms of releases, I’d have to use per update which isn’t much different than here. It’s just that people have the option to opt out on itch. You’re right that patreon would be better for feedback, since anyone contributing probably cares to do so, but again I’d expect a pretty huge backlash if I only released any further updates to people paying.

-I don’t have anything to offer in terms of rewards other than updates, which again I’ve been giving out as a pay what you want.

I’m not opposed to it but with how this game started as a small project that I didn’t expect to get this big, and with how I’ve handled development up to this point, I’ve backed myself into a corner considering patreon.

Fair enough, and I respect your stance but I don't really think you'd get much backlash. Most small team/one man games like this aren't even as good as your game and are making mad bucks on patreon. You don't need rewards per say and you have the option to have public updates VS paid ones so you could continue to give people info updates for free but anyone wanting a newer version of the game would have to pay maybe $5 or something, I don't think many people would mind personally but that's just me. I just don't think you're getting the credit you deserve for your work and because people have the option to get it for free, I don't see many people like me willing to pay when they don't have to. Maybe run a poll or something and see what the majority feel, if everyone says no, then there's your answer. Either way, keep up the good work.


Thank you, it's something I'll take into consideration.


Was looking for a game to catch my interest for awhile, and ended up getting more than I bargained for!

Truly a game that I hope sees a final version! (Hope the 10 dollar donation helps!)

Despite the gameplay being interesting and fun to play, as many may or may not have already said, the game difficulty, unfortunately, is a little too easy. I've read this topic for quite a bit, and have noticed that people have made some suggestions here and there, but for the most part, the number 1 indicator that shows why the game is too easy is that turning encounters to high makes it so that everything you need to do to succeed in the game will be laid out in front of you so long as you participate in every battle. With the only exception of the very beginning posing a bit of a threat, the rest pretty much plays itself out because all the exp required to succeed in boss battles will be obtain along the path to the boss. No tracing back needed, and so long as you level up your skills when possible, you'll always have the tools necessary to succeed.

So what part of the game makes this game so easy? :

- Stances. This is easily the most powerful tool at the player's disposal, and the fact that it doesn't require a turn to change stances makes it way too overpowered IMO. After the stances are maxed out, it's way too easy to sway a losing battle in your favor. For example, just for fun, I made my character start the current final boss battle with 1 hp, no clothes on, no items, and with only enough LP for the initial first aid use. Ended up finishing the battle fully clothed with max hp. The stances themselves also have too much benefits with not enough penalties. That ends up making sense towards the end with all the leveling up and exp, but even at the beginning, the stances are too powerful to ignore.Defensive stance ensures that battles are never lost, and offensive stance ensures all non-boss battles are won in 1 to 3 hits. If there is going to be a challenge in this game, these stances need quite a bit of balancing.

- The 2nd most powerful tool in this game probably has to go to regen. A passive that automatically turns on and stacks with defensive stance's hp regen means that all the healing you'll ever need will be granted passively, rather than needing to use hp items or first aid to heal yourself. As long as the player doesn't mind a lengthy battle, defensive stance with regen ensures that the player will always outlast any enemy in a fight. 

- The last powerful tool in this game are items themselves. The fact that they require no turns to use is powerful enough, but with the clothes you get later on that allows you to increase your chances of picking up items basically means you will always be stocked and ready to go for any battle. 

What about the monsters themselves though? What can be done to balance them out? :

- Increase hp on the mobs in the middle of the game and at the later portion of the game. Right now, the easiest part about farming in this game is that offensive stance turns monsters into butter. Unless if the player has farmed considerably, this type of farming shouldn't be so easily accessible. (Unless if that's what you're aiming for in the game)

- More status effects. The poison, sleep, and confusion status effects were great! But I feel like more monsters should have access to those status effects. Especially since the upgrade for first aid becomes available later on, that cures status effects.

- Possibly multi-monsters? I feel like another way to step up the difficulty in this game is to make it so that multiple monsters have a chance of attacking you at once. This also has the added benefit of providing gangbang scenes in this game. (If you're into that, which I know I am. :P)

I feel like another big way to balance this whole ordeal is to make it so that certain skills are not accessible during certain stances. (This kind of suggestion would really only work out if changing stances took up turns) For instance, the fact that the player has access to all of these buffs and debuffs (Like yell, taunt, and uppercut) while using defensive stance means that they can ensure that any tough battle can be endured while applying the necessary buffs/debuffs to win. Basically, there ends up being near 0 risk for applying all yells/taunts/uppercuts because defensive stance's increased defense, hp regen, and defensive stance's hp regen makes it all safe.

- (Similar to above, this suggestion only works if changing stances would take up turns) Make it so that offensive stance have access to all major offensive abilities (Strike, heavy kick, uppercut, heat, tackle). Defensive stance would get all the debuff and heal skills (strike,first aid, taunt, yell). Normal stance would have access to ALL skills, and Lewd Stance would only have access to LP skills. Although, I'm just throwing out suggestions here. Balance it however way you like in this particular situation.

Another thing I noticed in this game is that all the boss monster in this game do not have grapples. (Either that, or I'm extremely lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it)) I feel like bosses should have unique grapples in this game, such as making it impossible to re-equip your clothes, or cause the player to become more lewd, preventing them from performing actions. Plus, it would have the additional benefit of providing more eye candy for the players. :D

Finally, I think, despite the popular opinion (I think it's the popular opinion) of +1 HP max being overpowered per battle, I think that particular characteristic of the game is fine as is. I feel like all hentai games need some pathway in order for all players to enjoy the game, and if something is inaccessible due to difficulty, this offsets that by giving the player the option to fight more battles to proceed forward into the game. 

Well, with gameplay out of the way, lets move onto the next topic, the grapple scenes. (This will mostly have my personal tastes thrown into this)

Overall, I'm very pleased with how a lot of these grapples played out throughout the game, my favorite being the living vine's attacks. All the traps in the game also provided some nice scenes for the game. I guess if I had one question to ask here, it would be how explicit/lewd do you plan on making these grapples/scenes in the future?

The reason why I"m asking is because I've noticed that there are a lot of "potential" grapples not being used. For instance, I noticed the spider lady doesn't really do anything during her grapple, but an easy way to spice that up is either give her a strap-on, or make her a futa. (Either decision would work) I've noticed the stone and ice golems have no grapples, so possibly give them stone/ice dildos to work with. (How you position the player during those grapples is up to you)

As mentioned earlier, I feel like some multi-monster action would give this game another step-up as well, and also mentioned earlier, boss grapples are always a nice addition, no matter what hentai game you play. Since this game is still not finished, I'm sure you have a lot of ideas up your sleeves, so I won't make any specific suggestions here. (Unless if you want suggestions for those)

Despite all the criticism and suggestions I've written here, whether you implement any of them or ignore all of them, I'm pretty positive I'll still be able to enjoy the final product regardless. With that being said, I plan on doing a normal-stance-only run and seeing if I can reach the end. Thanks for the amazing game so far!


that's some good feedback, I don't agree with everything but there's some good suggestions here.


Hey! Thank you very much for the support and feedback.

Yes I’m still working on the difficulty, just as many find it easy there are also those that found the game too difficult, so I need to find a balance.

-I agree that defensive stance is way too strong right now, if the player levels up enough and chooses to stay in it they will be able to breeze through the game. I’m considering a reduction in the healing it gives you, same for the healing from regen. I also want to try testing regen only activating when in defensive stance, but that’s for later balance testing.

-Funny enough I considered making items even more abundant, but the adventure outfit seems to do that as is. The drop rates are high because of the little amount of items you are able to carry, that way the player is often faced with decisions on what to use or save. Perhaps some items are too strong so this is something I’ll consider changing.

-There will be more status effects!

-Some monsters will appear in groups, but they will still be considered one enemy. To have multiple targets and play with gangbang scenes would be a massive amount of work that is way out of scope.

-Instead of limiting the players options depending on the stance they’re in, I’ll look into reducing/enhancing the effectiveness of certain moves depending on stances, for example making it so uppercut only increases strength if in offensive stance and so on.

-I’m still working on the bosses, there will likely be more to them in later versions.

-The increase to max HP after every battle will probably be adjusted, I’m going to try tapering it off as you get much stronger than an enemy to prevent such easy grinding.

How explicit things will get? Can’t say for sure, I decide to keep more “hardcore” stuff towards the end but I kind of like the level of lewdness.

Thanks again!

(2 edits)

Glad to see balance changes for stances are on your to-do list.

Huh, I guess you are right in terms of how items are working out. I guess I never took into consideration about the 5 item limit for balancing, but since items were almost always appearing after I got the adventure outfit, it never crossed my mind.

It's good to know that status effects will be more abundant.

Oh! That's basically what I meant when I talked about multiple monsters showing up at once. The way you did it with the worms was the general idea I was thinking about. Basically just add more enemies that show up in pairs/groups. I guess my wording was confusing. Sorry about that!

Actually, if you plan on holding off the more hardcore scenes for later on into the game, that's perfectly fine by me. Gives the players more of an incentive to finish the game, and makes it that much sweeter.

BTW: Love the detailed patch notes. Keep it up!

(1 edit)

What's the general time line you're working under to complete this?  It looks like the download hasn't seen action since I tried it for the first time some time last winter.  Not saying "go quicker" either (not discouraging it but that's not the point).  You do you.  Just wondering what time line you're imagining for yourself.


Hey, the game has seen two updates since last winter and version 4 was released in May. It’s hard to say when it will be done, content wise I pretty much have about 80% of what I need, but the game hasn’t even seen a polish pass yet or anything like that. It will also need a beta test of sorts once it’s playable from start to finish. I’m working towards the beta version and I’m close, so I’ll have a better idea then.

where can we send pizza and red bull?


lol just lots of tea please.

if you set up a P.O. I'll send you tea.

My mistake then!  I hadn't noticed the new content, or maybe my memory of when I first played this is off.  Then again, winter is half the year here.  Either way, I was curious because it's a great game and I am eager to see where it goes.  You've done an awesome job.


I think I remember you from the ULMF thread so you may have played the latest version, guess it's just been a while. Sorry it's taking so long, and thank you.

Sorry if this isn't were you post bugs, I'm new at this and just want to let you know about this. After I got the chest, I walked into the wall somehow, and I can't get out.


Hey, thanks! Yeah that's a bug in V4, it's possible to walk through walls although it's hard to do. I've fixed it in my development version. Unfortunately I think you may have to start at your previous save for now , sorry about that!

I did go back to my save, but that was ok. I wasn't too far. Glad to hear it got fixed! Continue the great work, and take your time!


Has the next version tests already started?


Yes, I'm making good progress.

Does that mean the next update is almost here?!?!

I've only just found your game, and love it. I saw on the "Just Suggestions" that there won't be any other characters, but I am putting forward a suggestion of looking into shaders, to give us a little customization on the girl for hair/eye/skin color. If that's not in the plan, then that's how it is. :) I haven't beaten it yet, but find it entertaining to play.


The game is really far along at this point and I won't be adding any big features, but there are different costumes for customization. Glad you like it, full version should be coming soon!

I'm not sure if I found some bugs, or if they're actually design choices, but it seems weird that grapples and poison never reduce health to zero.
Also, being naked seems to remove the chance that attacks might backfire due to excessive LP.


Yes those are intentional, poison and grapples can only bring you to 1 HP. Once naked, you no longer become overwhelmed by lewdness.

(1 edit)

i found a whit V5 a bug in the level-up window the EXP whont go upafter reach 100 XP. no matter how many i kill i get in screen i earned exp but not getting past 100 and i know there are a lot of skills that are way above 100xpoints


Are you playing the demo version?

The description on the page mentions the following:

"Please try the demo version found below if you have any concerns regarding compatibility with your system. The demo version goes up to the third floor and has a 100 XP cap."

(2 edits)

that could be. i just bought the game where can i dl the full version.
through humbble bundle

hmm is still DL'ing the demo although i have payed for it now


When you buy the game through humble you will be sent an email with download links, is just for the demo.

Did you use a valid email address when you purchased? If not email me and I'll help you.

(4 edits)

NVM i just got it befor you replied.
lol its the same size as the demo that's realy odd.
another thing whats whit the crystal orb at the first map
in the demo it whas disabled
its even disabled on full version


Those are warp points, they become available once you start beating the bosses (second boss to be exact).

ok so that's a new feature under stand that

oh, that's what the orbs are for?

Thanks XD

Repairing clothes seems to have changed a lot since version 4, as its now a consumable resource that has to be refreshed at save points.  Is there any way beyond Heal Kits to mitigate this?  It's kind of irritating, but in a very minor way.

Regardless, thank you mminit for the great game, and the -years- it took to finish it.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Heal is the only way to get your clothing back. It's a resource now but compared to V4 you can use it as many times as you are able in battle. You can replenish one by using the Water item. With a capacity of 6 (or 7 if you just came from a fountain and have Water), you should have enough if you're managing them and using them in the right situations until you reach the next save (but there's also RNG as well).

Ah so you've further balanced it as a game mechanic, understood.  Had no idea about the water item replenishing a charge, as well.  Thank you much  for the reply, and explaining the mechanics such that I wouldn't wonder if I was missing something.

I just bought it.  There so much more depth than before!  I love it.  Thanks for making a great game.

Ah! Finally, the full version is out! Bought the full version, with the same tip I gave during V4. Many thanks, Mminit!

Would it be possible to put the full version on itch? I know it's possible to make it so if you donate a certain amount you get different downloads on itch. I think I'll probably buy it anyways, but it'd be a lot easier if I could pay through itch and use the app instead of having a separate folder just for this. 


Unfortunately not at this time, but I hope to in the future.

I beat the game, and I love it! Worth the $9! You did really good on it!


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Just finished the game. I really liked it. I followed development ever since you started and the game has gone a long way. It was amazing to see it finally come to fruition. if i were to give any criticisms, the clothes i felt like should have come with upgrades already, or maybe unlocked after using them. but that's about it. combat felt balanced and after a while you could just fight everyone naked.  Thanks for making this game, it was a real treat


I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for sticking with me since the beginning.

where is the Mac version?

Developer (1 edit)

The demo is available right on the page next to the windows version. Full one is available too upon purchase.

oh thanks

Is nice i wish is head more movement on the cg not just static img but its better then nothing i hope you make more in a future.

wow this game changed so much

Hey, Thank you so much for making this game. One of my favorites and most anticipated.  I am enjoying it a lot and I look forward to any future updates with end game CG  or expansions.  No pressure though and im loving this fun and charming game. Cant wait for next one :)

I'm 90% sure that monsters had their own game over screens in past versions of the game, and I just want to make sure that you didn't take art assets out of the game that were already there. Other than that, just finished it, and it was pretty good. Little grindy at some points, so maybe lower some of the ability costs, but it wasn't too bad. And the art style was amazing, so you have that going for you.

Would be nice if there was a difficulty where grabs/traps could finish you and maybe some defeat CGs but apart from that I appreciate how fleshed out it is compared to some other titles. Gud work.

I wonder if the future build will have Mud, tar and/or Mud/tar Monsters, I'd love to the main character get her clothes dirty with mud. (apoligies if I already made this in a topic...)

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This is a very good game, quite polished, but if there is any further updates there needs to be a rebalance on the stripping mechanic, specifically monster attacks stripping you happening too often. Past the first few floors, I ended up just fighting naked by default because there was no point in even attempting to repair my clothes. Monsters often would do a minimum of 2 stripping attacks each battle, sometimes I would get more than 6 in a single battle.

A couple suggestions for a fix would be to either give First Aid have a chance of repairing clothes as a counter to in-battle stripping but having no effect on trap stripping, or to adjust the monsters so they telegraph their stripping attack in some way, letting you defend and block the attack strategically.

As a side note, I have also noticed that when fighting naked there are far fewer lewd attacks from mobs, which really should be the opposite result.

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If you're getting stripped that often it's very likely that you don't manage your LP appropriately, you could be letting it pile up. The chance of being grabbed depends on the amount of LP held and the length of a battle (there's also a 2 turn cooldown before a grab can happen again so that the player can recover). Later in the game this becomes important due to the amount of LP enemies give you, raising your lewdness stat will make you resilient against the LP given by those attacks. However, it could also be a case of unlucky RNG.

As for being naked having fewer lewd attacks from enemies, this is intentional since those attacks are LP based and being naked basically generates it constantly. In that state the enemies just want to finish you off. It may be kind of immersion breaking, but it would have made playing naked be overpowered.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, that'd be my issue I guess. I keep my LP high, usually maxed, because of the boost to damage it gives. 100 LP on a Yell does more than my strike can, plus it's the resource for healing and debuffing enemies. I've actually died a few times because of not having enough LP for First Aid when trying to keep it low.

I got the perks that mitigate the defense debuffs and now I just use LP like it's mana, high is good, low means no heals or debuffs.

i was wondering if theres a way to transfer the progress from the demo to the full game



Yes, copy the save file and config file to the folder of the full version (same place as the exe)

i did but i cant open the file in game from the continue screen?


Do you have the game inside a hidden folder or in a drive where you can't read/write files?

If you are on Windows, are you sure the save and config file were put in the right place? They should go into the 'Lewdest Labyrinth' folder where the exe,  data folder and read me file are.

If you are on Mac, you need to put the save and config files in: ~/Library/Application Support/mminit/Lewdest Labyrinth 

i got it to work the other day, thanks!

Very impressive that you've essentially solved the problem of poor combat in erogames. Will be looking forward to future projects of yours. Heck, I'd even be willing to pay for more content in this game. Some people want it, but I can see how it wouldn't be worth your time if you don't get anything more for working on it. Final boss is, uh... Shockingly porn-lite. Same goes for a few other enemies as well. Whatever you actually do from here on out, though, I'll be paying attention and probably cash as well. Seriously, shut up and take my money.

Just bought the game--it's so cool 2 see how much deeper the mechanics have gotten, & i'm looking forward to continuing beyond the demo's end! That being said (and sorry 4 bringing up a similar topic to an earlier comment) but I'm struggling to load a save from the demo version in the main game- the folder/files aren't hidden etc & i've tried alternating between copying/not copying the config.sav as well... nothing changes th fact that when i try 2 load the save file from the main menu nothing happens- it shows 'continue', but when i select it it just sits there doing nothing. in some ways im looking forward 2 replaying it, but it'd also be nice to have a head start as well haha/

congratulations on the final release! it's cute & polished & honstly just a wonderfl example of a smut game done really, really well♥


Hey, make sure that the save file is in the same place as the exe and the data folder.

If you are on a Mac you need to put the files here: : ~/Library/Application Support/mminit/Lewdest Labyrinth 

In addition, make sure the game files are in a location where the game can read/write to a file, sometimes people have it in a drive where Windows will restrict it. Try placing the game on your Desktop or another common place.


Im afraid moving it 2 the desktop didn't fix it, and little things like running as admin didn't change anything either-- I'm running Windows 10 and the save is coming from V4 of the demo if that helps in any way =) at the end of the day I don't mind at all if I have to start afresh


Oh ok, yeah the V4 saves are not compatible with the final version, that was one of the alpha builds.

The demo of the full version has compatible saves.

Keep getting the same battered and bruised game over card since getting the full version.

Is there some mechanical factor that determines what game over graphic is shown?

I thought the demo had ones based on what enemy got you.


Both the demo and the full version only have unique game over screens for the bosses. In very early versions of the game when there were fewer enemies there was more, but most of those were turned into regular attacks.