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A 2D sandbox adventure from two Fable devs. · By PixelCount Studios

Can't start the game

A topic by Allurapre created May 18, 2017 Views: 309 Replies: 4
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I click to start and it immediately crashes. I tried running it with admin permissions but same thing happens.



Sorry to hear about the crash... Could I take a few details to help work out what it might be:

What version of windows do you have (7/8/10/etc)?

Do you know what graphics card you are using and whether it is on the latest drivers?

Do you happen to be running fraps in the background? (we've had one reported case where doing so caused the game to crash. We're looking into why this might be and how to fix it, but in the short term if you are and can close it that might fix it for now...)

Is there a file called error.txt in the main folder? If so could you copy what is inside to this thread to get a better understanding?

Finally if there's no error.txt, could you run the game, have it crash and then look in event viewer (it's a windows tool, found in control panel as 'view event logs' in windows 10 or if you type in 'event viewer' into the windows search it should come up as a program there). When you run that, if you look under windows log->application you should see an error message with kynseed as source, if you could copy the details of that here it would get an understanding of the problem.



I downloaded the itch app and the game started just fine. I didn't realize you needed the app to make it run.


Ah, thanks for the info! The itch app shouldn't be required, but perhaps there was some problem with the original download (guessing that you redownloaded from the itch app?)?

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I think the game crash because it missing libraries that are neccessary for the game executable file to run and in your case is .NET Framework 4.5.

It happen with all applications that is build using C# or .NET technology including SharpDX which Kynseed is using.