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Remember Remember

A psychological drama that will test your morals with a painful truth... · By Michaela Laws, Ethan Nakashima


A topic by PumpkinScout created May 17, 2017 Views: 563 Replies: 1
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From what I've played so far, I love this game! The voice acting is incredible, I love the sprites, and I'm really into the story!

However, I was wondering if there was a way to skip the mazes/minigames, or if there is perhaps an easier setting? Because while I love how it's done, and how fitting the high pressure is, my anxiety is awful and the One Wrong Move and you've Lost is an absolute nightmare, especially coupled with slight lag (which my computer has been hating me lately and, through fault of my own machine I can easily admit, the lag is sometimes so severe that it can make it absolutely unplayable)

But I honestly do enjoy this game, and would love to be able to replay it if just to discover all the dialog, however at this rate I am unfortunately unsure as to how eager I'll be when it comes to having to redo each maze. Sorry to be a bother, thank you for a great game!!

TLDR; wondering if there's an easier alternative for people who don't do well under pressure/are in it for the narrative

It's not your computer, half of people are having this issue. Just look at the steam community. There's a horrible lag and it hasn't been fixed.  :/ It's disappointing because people keep complaining and they don't seem to care at all. No responses whatsoever.