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Consortium Master of Legion

A topic by Cheater2017 created May 16, 2017 Views: 140
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Consortium Master of Legion


You are a programmer in a big korsorcium.

You are responsible for any leakage of information.

You are working in the future in 2021 as a time guard.

You must fight corruption and evil. In these times, hackers steal the most information and move it in time to sell it.

You have to prevent such a situation standing on the strieg of the future and the history of the whole world.

Just like 007 and you and your superiors revere the national security of the world.

Without you, this world would be an illusion and it would be over. Fading into the chaos of ever increasing destruction.

You will perform missions for MMA and VIA 6 are new agencies in the future to prevent the change and anomaly that they have created by traveling in tie.