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Yearning: A Gay Story

Come out in college! Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend? · By bobcgames

Re: Elliot

A topic by nixthewade created 4 days ago Views: 24 Replies: 2
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On Friday, Aug 25th, when you visit the frat house for the first time, Elliot and Steve make some really dodgy comments about having other plans.

What are they doing??? It's not a Q&A meet because Elliot has only met James once (which makes me assume he's been to one at the most), but it's also not a Saturday, and at some point Steve says that Elliot hasn't come out to him -- so what is going on?? I'm dying to know. What have I missed? Is this obvious for anyone else?

Thanks in advance :)


So wayyy back when I was first writing YAGS, Elliot was straight, and I think the "other plans" was supposed to be a double date.

You can imagine they're doing whatever else you want as best friends. Like maybe they have dinner plans somewhere or were going to office hours or had arranged to go to the movies together or something.

It's not supposed to be a particularly deep or interesting thing. :)

Thank you! This scratched an itch.