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Metal hands with guns (2D beat them all/physics based platformer)

A topic by Eyon created May 14, 2017 Views: 458 Replies: 17
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Hello everyone! So I'm working on a game for several months during my spare time. I'm out of school since September, I got my bachelor in digital arts. It is not my first game, but it's the first time I go that far in the development.
I work on this game alone.

Concept of the game:
So there is a war between two sides that last forever and the main character is the chosen one that can end it. The main character knows that he is playing a video game so his goal is just to enjoy it, but the more he plays the more the NPC's he talks to seem real. He will have the choice between play the story mode of the game or find secrets levels and try to figure out why the characters seem so real and who made this game.

Screenshots :

level 1

View of level 6

Some destructions on level 2

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I'm working on level 7 !

Level Seven

Actually I decided it was best to work on the graphics! =) Now I'm looking into particles and trail renderers

Now I'm working on the next gameplay vidéo !

The video is done! =D Now I'm gonna focus on the sound design and continue the work on the graphics


The death animation of the new soldier !


Okay so I worked on some minor things this morning and last friday:

- I got better particles on the "attract-any-object-power" of the character. 

-  The second type of soldier is ready to go ! I have all the animations and  the code works (ish but it's enough for now). 

- I changed the gameplay with the turret. They used to be able to shoot down one another because friendlyfire. Now they can't ! It was a huge problem 'cause it meant I wasn't able t place two turrest facing eachother without aving them destroying themselves

-Finally I added comme sounds and I got them to be in 3D ! I wanted to spacialise the sounds for a long time now. It feels good !

I'm gonna keep up this work and then finish the level 7. 


The build 3.0 is out ! =)) The game should be more challenging now. Here is a picture of level 7. The lines represent the different possible paths

Working on this new character. She's been on my mind for months now. I don't have a name for her yet but she's close to the KingQueen. We could say she's her only "friend" (if a queen can have friends among her servants).

When the player meets another player...

Updates build 3.1:

- Scenario related dialogue at the beginning of level 5

- We can now attract objects without having to push them away right after releasing them

- Better Graphics on most character's pictures during dialogues

- Two more levels

- Introduction of a new character at the end of level 8

- The soldiers have 1/5 less life

- Introduction of level 2 soldiers

- You will have to find bullets across the level instead of gaining them by slaying ennemies

I updated unity and all the sorting layers and layers of my game are gone (p_q). So it's totally broken for now... It'll be solved in 3 or 4 hours but still it sucks ><.

Keep you posted!

So after a short break I'm getting back on the game ! I'm gonna start with some videos and art, got to work that comm !

I'm currently working on retesting all levels and write down every problem I encounter. For now I have mostly problems about sorting layers, they are all messed up ! I got a lot of objects that are not visible because they are behind the sky for exemple.

I'm working on the level where we can select a level! It'll look like this (screenshot). The background will look like the galaxy with many little stars. The big circles we can see on the screenshot will be levels that we can click on.

Keep you updated!

The new build is coming very soon =D !

A lot of improvements have happened, can't wait to show you and have your feedbacks !!

Yeah the build 3.3 is out ! It contains a lot of new features :

- I solved some bugs

- improved the damages system

- Added a parallax effect

- Improved the camera position

-  Improved the level design of level 4, level 6 and the tutorial level

You can play it in the browser here :

You can feel up a form so I can have feedbacks and improve the game here :

Thanks for playing =D

Hey guys =) ! So I recently got a long feedback on my game, and to cut a long story short, I got to rethink the level design and the character controller...

So that's what I'm doing! =) I'm back in programming the character's physics now. In the meantime I wrote an article on the link between concept art, design and coherence. Feel free to have a look ;)