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Direct Assignment using doesn't work but, y) do.

A topic by HardWomen created 19 days ago Views: 21 Replies: 2
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Direct Assignment using doesn't work but, y) do. = 0 doesn't work. = 0 doesn't work., 0)
So the question now and a read-only parameter ?

Developer (2 edits)

TL;DR: nope, but use and instead.

is and a read-only parameter ?

No, they are not, but they are supposed to be used with and (and that’s what and use). and are current coordinates, but each frame the camera tries to get to and These four were crated for smooth transitions between coordinates. If equals to 0 (the default value), it may appear read-only as the camera jumps to targetX and targetY instantly. If it is different from 0, you will see that the camera does shift, yet flies towards and

So should we use:

or = whatever and then = whatever ?